posted on November 28, 2009 at 3:30 pm

steve kilbey finds himself in a very shabby motel room
have just played in brisbane where it was 40 degrees inside gig
it was almost sold out
we were good
i had some problems
i put superglue on my finger to protect a blister
and the superglue came off
leaving blister sticky n unprotected
but band played well
thru the heat
the stifling sweaty humid heat
a lively audience
a good show
i musta sweated 2 buckets of ink
now i in this shabbee room
what a lousy shabbie room
everything as cheap as possible
outdoor furniture indoors!
the city palms its called
we call it the sweaty palms
oh well
i aint in it for the glamma
n lucky for me n steve kilbey
i run away from the zoo as soon as im able
i weave my way thru
the ultra drunk youth out everywhere in droves
ultra drunk
ultra no fashion
just a bizarre mix of everything all too small
i lot of em look real stupid i sorry to say
real real stupid
but what would a oldtimer like me know
about street cred on the streets of brizbin
man but they were drunk tho
falling stumbling retching drunk
i find i cant review my own gig
how could i?
we were pretty good tho…. ok …?

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    CSTCoach | 28 November 2009 at 4:00 pm #

    LOL @ the sweaty palms. well, it can't possibly be worse than Hamilton – there's that at least. you've got the low bar to compare everything else to, and it can only be better…

    sounds like you guys really rocked out the show 🙂

    and yeah, they do look stupider and stupider.

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    Kokky | 28 November 2009 at 4:30 pm #

    Someone posted the setlist from Byron. That person obviously felt the same like I do so often during a Church concert.. that total sensation of life being at its absolute best.
    Happy to know Theatre is back in the setlist, thus representing Forget Yourself. And, wow.. The Church covering the Pumpkins with Disarm, you better still play it next time I'm in the audience again. What are the encores this time?
    I realize I'm among the most fortunate of Church fans, but it still bothers me I am missing out this time around.
    Hi's to the other honchos + the crew from me XX

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    mr. ricky | 28 November 2009 at 4:30 pm #

    wish I coulda been there

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    restaurant mark | 28 November 2009 at 5:41 pm #

    hello steve…everyone…sorry for my much too long absence professor kilbey. got a good bit of reading to catch up on. been so busy with work, recording…and of course the two kids and already six month old beauty. very gregarious child she is…not a shy bone in her. sometimes i look at her and wish she could tell me what she's thinking…she tries. in her eyes…you can tell she's deep in thought about something. but anyway…glad your show went well…sorry about the crappy hotel room.

    take care

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    bc | 28 November 2009 at 5:45 pm #



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    Freddie | 28 November 2009 at 6:46 pm #

    It's a real bummer about the heat and the super glue, the hotel, etc. but HH posted a really good review of one of the shows and I'm soooo jealous it's just aweful.

    Love you lots,

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    Brien Comerford | 28 November 2009 at 8:14 pm #

    I have faith in Hellbound Heart's opinion. The concert must have been vintage. The set list was sterling.

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    theseashallnothavethem | 28 November 2009 at 8:40 pm #


    I was at the Byron Bay show, and I'll second Hellbound Heart's review here.

    Glorious gig – I, too, feel like I am seeing them in their prime right now (not way back when).

    I roped a couple of friends into coming. One, a very avid music fan and Church fan from yesteryear, was not up to speed with what the band had been doing the last 10 years or so, so I have had to school him and bring him "up to speed" with the current material. He was completely blown out by Fri night's gig.

    A common reaction you seem to get from people when you tell them you are going to see the Church is somewhere along the lines of… "oh yeah… I love The Church… yeah, Under the Milky Way…. are they still together…?"

    If only these people knew…..

    I said to someone on Fri night, I think we are very fortunate to see a band of this calibre playing venues like the Great Northern, but I really feel its a national embarrassment this band is not bigger, and they should, at the very least, be selling out theatre sized venues a few times over.

    I said the same thing the morning after the gig to my 13 year old son – his very dry reply was "Maybe Kevin Rudd should say sorry…"

    Kid has a point… 😉

    Thanks to the band for such a wonderful evening of music.

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    fantasticandy | 28 November 2009 at 8:40 pm #

    heaven knows i'm miserable now!

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    cazziem | 28 November 2009 at 9:23 pm #

    OUCH!!! Sounds really painful? Just hope that blister's dried out and hardened up for next Friday.

    The youth of today eh! We look at em and shake our heads and think how stupid they are, yet weren't our parents and grand-parents saying the same about us?

    Glad to hear things went well the last couple of days and I'm sure they'll be even better next weekend.

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    linjo | 28 November 2009 at 9:34 pm #

    Sounds like you probably lost a few kgs last night Steve.
    Its a worry having a kid up there amongst the rabble. He rings me yesterday, ma, I have arrived but I need your credit card number in case we damage the room! WTF? $3000 for a week between them and $200 bond each and they still want more!
    Hope there is respite from the heat for you soon Steve. We need rain desperately. Linda

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    davem | 28 November 2009 at 10:09 pm #

    didn't the smashing pumpkins cover reptile recently?
    can i therefore suggest you play something 'orrible by u2?? You never know where it might lead…

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    melissa | 28 November 2009 at 11:24 pm #

    really, REALLY can't wait for next week now in Melby …. I'm soooooo pleased to see on the weather forecast on the telly that Saturday is due to be 'round the 19 degree mark … phew!!!! I'm kinda glad that I wasn't stuck there in the 40 deg heat … ugggh!!!

    HH's review was just amazing, thankyou 😉

    and thanks fantasticandy, everything is getting better 🙂

    sweaty palms motel, lol!


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    Anonymous | 29 November 2009 at 12:02 am #

    Awesome gig!

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    Louisa | 29 November 2009 at 12:25 am #

    Good Morning Mr Kilbey, Was a great night last night at The Zoo, thank you very much. Hot… humid… omg my clothes were wet from sweat, spent $20 on water alone, gotta love our weather in Brissy… but not the drunk youth… definitely not. Scary when I have a 15yr old daughter who will be wanting to head out in a year or two. Try The Inchcolm Boutique Hotel next time you are in Brisbane, we were back there 10mins after the gig had finished, nice place. Oh, felt a bit like we were part of a music video last night, the fans blowing your hair and Peter's hair back off your face, was funny… and of course we can't forget Professor Willson-Piper now can we. Thanks again for a great night, Louisa xo

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    GNunn | 29 November 2009 at 2:38 am #


    last night is up there with the best chruch gigs i have ever experienced. the heat, taking everything to another level. glad you had a quick escape through the human horror that is brunswick st at 1am.

    talk soon,


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    Anonymous | 29 November 2009 at 3:49 am #

    oh yes, you most certainly did excel yourselves last night! Thankyou for putting me back in that place described above where "everything is good in the world"…I actually did have that thought myself at one point. Yes, it was hot,yes it was humid and foul but what a show. I loved every minute of it…so worth waiting for! I think we must have walked the same path out of the zoo…saw all the wretching unfortunates. The Valley on a Saturday night really isn't a comfy place for anyone over 25 anymore…but in The Zoo…it was heaven! thank you boys

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    michael | 29 November 2009 at 4:10 am #

    suberb show! 10 of 10 plus bonus points for still giving it your all in that heat. Been watching you guys for 20 odd years and it was incredible to witness the energy you guys can generate – the yoga is clearly working man! Highlights were too many to number, Operetta was majestic, nice to hear Month of Sundays, and you guys did indeed ROCK…

    just bought Shriek and operetta ep off to catch some zzz's in this heat. love this band, thank-you so much, it's really inspiring to see..

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    iseult | 29 November 2009 at 5:05 am #


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    Anonymous | 29 November 2009 at 5:49 am #

    Great Show Steve! I sweated it out there with ya….man it was hot!!!
    You guys nailed the setlist. Good mix of the old and new. Disarm was briliant.

    Thank You Thank You. One of the great shows!

    Danny J Frost

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    princey | 29 November 2009 at 9:47 am #

    It's so great to hear that so many Brisbanites left last nights gig on such a high from the best band in the universe!….sending a smile over to yoooooooo:)))

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    Hellbound Heart | 29 November 2009 at 10:46 am #

    did my comment come through just then or did the internet just chew it up? d'uh!

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    Anonymous | 29 November 2009 at 1:26 pm #

    Have your comments dropped off since not publishing the nasty ones?

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    So different yet completely the same | 29 November 2009 at 8:45 pm #

    If you buy a favourite church song on itunes and then look at "Listeners also bought…" you see a list of
    obscure stuff you love.
    It's cool, but kinda freaky.

    It is strange. Having always been secretly proud of my alternative music alienation, now even a computer program can accurately
    predict my obscure tastes.
    "The collective mind reader."

    Yup. There's something going on.
    I think it's good,
    and The Time Being is part of it…

    I notice hardly any songs in the set list from The Church Greatest hits. Did the band get to choose the songs on Deep in the Shallows?

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    Right Fender blister | 29 November 2009 at 9:00 pm #

    It is an eternal fascination
    whether the girl and her friends
    in month of sundays were real.

    I don't look at car crashes,
    I have the power not to read text advertising, yet I can't help
    being intrigued be that!

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    Anonymous | 29 November 2009 at 9:01 pm #

    my whole family worships at the shrine which is the church live.


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    veleska1970 | 30 November 2009 at 12:04 am #

    sorry about the horrible room and the heat. but it sounds like you had a good show. wish i could be there!!

    stay cool.

    lotza love….

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    lily was here | 30 November 2009 at 12:40 am #

    U were sizzling hot in byron bay and i feel SO lucky

    love Sue

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    Anonymous | 30 November 2009 at 10:37 am #

    Saturday night in Brisbane was indeed hot and The Church was brilliant again. Thanks for the cheerio to my son Sean from his Danish sweetheart – very gracious. He left for Copenhagen Sunday morning with the dying notes of Hotel Womb still ringing in his ears.


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