posted on November 3, 2012 at 9:02 pm


people say to me

whats it like to be a visionary?

well if thats what i am this is what its like:

as i move through the world today

each place foists its vague memories on me

in a series of blurry vignettes n  echoey whispers

a million things are implied in my mind

i hear names

i see inside the houses

i remember things

mostly good things

mostly lovely warm feelings of contentment

like eating breakfast on a sunny day

or lying in bed sleeping with somebody on a cold stormy night

or reading a book by the fire

in days before power

a million lives drip into my mind

every street calls me

every window i see the faces of the past

i contain sorrow and joy

and their friction inculcates my openess

i cant concentrate

the children all talk to me

i say huh……?

i am a tuner scanning the frequencies

i pick up the chatter of the ages

i hear the bygone days through the gauze

i feel the impression of their feelings

left on times fabric

scars in its hide

everything flows through me then

a sleepy dreamy feeling

like a whale feeding on tiny tons of plank

i dont know what any of this information is

it all just blows through me as it were

i am deficient of the shield that seems to keep it out for others

god and the world are in and around me

no judgement no agenda no ulterior motive

my life is a film gone haywire

all these other actors all these other parts

no one knows where we are going

no one is driving this world through the darkness of space

something good at the end of the journey

something warm and calm like a bath and a cuppa tea

a narnia for sinners who want to go home

a lovely sensible and very english result

choose your own heaven n go in for the prize

acres in dreamland just for a song ….just a song…!

the spirit is a sea we all swimming through

so real so palpable

this liquid invisible prana

this golden chi power

god what are we waiting for …?

maya with its sex n drugs n rocknroll

fine print in the sand

an opera recorded in a sea shell

a painting of the wind

a pattern in a wave

fleeting arc of orgasmick  surge

fragments of shake in a bag

the nights of beltane

murmurings from assyria i still listen somehow

my teenage lovelives in their simple naivete

the western gates of this city in ruins

under enormous strains from the witch who reigns

the complexity and brilliance of nature yes of course

the vegetals listen they are talking to you

coca leaf and poppy and the vine and the bark

the mushroom which grows by itself in the dark

oh its all becoming quite clear  to me now

how the pummelling sea beats the shore in the night

how the angel watches over his ward so unseen

how the devil is stupidity dripping with cunning

but nothing they offer you is worth even a look

where is it all coming from where is it going

where is the bait n where is the hook

we are the broth who are the cooks

i was a little trout in a tiny brook

my zone is unmarked

you can wander off the road here

in this hazy fog of my life

shapes coming out of the mist

i mighta guessed

god not on the guest list

(someone hissed)



31 Responses to “nondescript gentle grey day”

  1. Kraig
    Kraig | 3 November 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    Damn Bro!!!! You don’t know HOW HARD it is for me NOT TO SMOKE THAT with you, since i can’t smoke the joke anymore bcause of my freakin job!? Daaaaaammmmmmnnnn…i wanta TOKE TOO! Just goes to show you our society is messed up where mara-ja-ja is not tolerated here? Get 40 to life for Majaja but 10 for moreday? So Stoo-PID! When i retire 20+ from now, i’m gonna get all the weed in the world and listen to all the church and sk kk albums in a row with one BIG TOKE Guar-awn-tweed!

    • avatar
      BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 3 November 2012 at 11:59 pm #

      …I’ll spark one up for you Kraig-
      sadly- a life with restrictions causes one
      to stop living at all. But I understand about the
      ‘job’…here is to hoping legalization happens across the
      states…so we all can enjoy everything a little bit more…


  2. avatar
    Kohl Ette | 3 November 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    People, days, words, ideas, sights, sensations, emotions, actions, tunes, they are shaken like shells on a shore and ground and ground down not downtrodden, but at sea well rounded well rounded well rounded and amassed like the sand of a dune. Carried off then like a whisper on a breeze flying and resting with ease wherever it pleases. Seeing what it is shown and what light refracting seeks sometimes dazzling sometimes meek a small part of a whole hole and speaks squeaky clean or cuts through or grates like gravel each a unique freak.

  3. avatar
    BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 3 November 2012 at 11:55 pm #

    A visionary ??? A traveler ???

    You are both and more…

    I like to describe you to others as a ‘guide’ .
    You take people to places that they have never been
    to before. You describe in meticulous detail the everything
    that inhabits and prohibits. A journey with melody and
    perfect scripture. For each person who enjoys your words –
    be it within song or floating up off simple pages, something
    for everyone, everywhere, everything. I can never thank you
    enough for just your inspiration alone. I will repeat myself one
    million times + 1 more…

    I , as we all are, am forever grateful for just knowing you.

    Have a grand day Killer !!!

    I think I will paint today while listening to a beautiful song…


  4. avatar
    Anonymous | 4 November 2012 at 12:32 am #

    You forgot to explain the white light… That pretty part when entered as everything aligns… That’s the part when people look at you oddly sometimes but mostly they just feel happy being in it with you for the momment . What they forget is that its like looking into a bright flame… It illuminates everything but it is after …when you’ve looked away that everythig becomes clear

  5. avatar
    InCoRecT polIticaLy ¦~[ | 4 November 2012 at 7:40 am #


    There is a power whose delicate care___
    ___teaches thy way along that pathless coast.
    the desert and illimitable air___
    lone wandering , but not lost.

    All day the fluttering wings hav fann’d
    ___Her, the night within cold thin atmosphere
    -yet be weary not, come to the welcome land___
    though the darkest night draws nearer.

    For thou’rt not gone yet, you upon the abyss and she heavens.
    You swallowed up the many forms feeling for my lonely heart.
    Together the way must not be treaded for one to never to depart.
    My apologies for not being there at your final breath.

    You, my fairest Isabel___
    ___ grow tenderer with each pleasant touch.
    For both of us to share in the general award of
    love, the wickedness anguished with true arrows
    fired from the cliff containing neither you or I___
    My dearest Izabella___

    IP :'{

    • avatar
      IP... | 4 November 2012 at 2:04 pm #

      ___I never was there to say goodbye___

      IP :,(

  6. avatar
    matthew | 4 November 2012 at 9:14 am #

    Steve, God will always be *not only* on the guest list, but a big part of the rider.

    Also, I have been praying for you for years. Take care man.

  7. avatar
    DavidP | 4 November 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    “You are a paradox to me, a contradiction…”

    I think you quite rightly describe that stuff you’re smoking as Maya.

    So then, what is it one really wants?…

    To see all one ever wanted to see or for it all to remain invisible, seeing illusion only?

    I dis illusion, I’m a dis-illusionist.

    Each to their own understanding, to make choices.

    What true freedom do we have if locked into a program of impulses and desires…

  8. avatar
    Straightlaced | 4 November 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    Die, druggies, die!

    • avatar
      DavidP | 4 November 2012 at 6:04 pm #

      ha ha, maybe I can guess who wrote this, maybe not…
      you mean die, impulse/desire, die

    • avatar
      BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 5 November 2012 at 12:07 am #

      Inhale, StraiGhtLaceD, INHALE !

    • avatar
      Alister Thomas | 5 November 2012 at 2:26 am #


  9. avatar
    Anonymous | 5 November 2012 at 2:46 pm #

    Breathing in deeply

  10. avatar
    Kohl Ette | 5 November 2012 at 4:29 pm #

    like grit like mother of pearl like pearl like oyster like shell like… stop liking! Too many likes!

  11. avatar
    linjo | 5 November 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    haha sometimes I wonder dear Steve whether those who have had a one dimensional life, eg one job, one partner, one home are the lucky ones! I sometimes wonder what it would be like. No dreams of past experiences mixing up with other past experiences getting all confused.
    Little fishies in the big sea. One primary school in WA has banned kiddies from hugging each other (in case of bruising). I cried when I read that. Humanity may become cyborgs xxx

  12. avatar
    david | 6 November 2012 at 12:48 am #

    the life without impulse and desire …no thanks …..(words are power , use carefully.) we have all the time in the universe “not want”.. “polish your window …dont block out your view”

  13. avatar
    david | 6 November 2012 at 1:00 am #

    ill be a potted palm in the next……….even Christ ‘desired’ prayer at gethsemane….had the ‘impulse’ to pray….i want to feel the pebble in my sandal and the consequences of my actions “train ” my self to feel as little as i can , youre doing the times crossword with a pen my friend.

    as with all enlightened dis-claimer…..Each to their own understanding, to make choices.

  14. avatar
    david | 6 November 2012 at 1:15 am #

    ….no offense David.P. just a thought. lastly….. you percieve yourself or , for all of us , to be “locked “into some program, largely of your own construct….on the contrary ,with all my feelers of impulse and desire stretched to their “infinite limit ” < ( good one huh?) im already where you seem to be trying to get to….as always ..each to his own blah blah …on a lighter note …nobody needs a sptirtual baby sitter or a roadmap ,trust me on this one .there are Universal truths even the most polished snake oil salesmen cant distort…..remember grain of salt and all that .:)

    • avatar
      DavidP | 11 November 2012 at 2:00 pm #

      I’m talking about the 7 deadly sins, they are a part of the program of nature, you can seem them in action in the animal kingdom in a basic form but its much more complex with us humans because of the mind. What good has indulging these things done for the world? How much suffering is there because of them?

      If I’m learning to drive a car I reckon it is going to be beneficial to have some guidance from an experienced driver. Whether what they say is correct is to be discovered from direct experience, not blind belief, but certainly need to be wary of the snake oil men and there’s lots of them.

  15. avatar
    hippy | 6 November 2012 at 4:06 am #

    Speaking of visionaries:

    Steve, do your older daughters like the Swedish duo “First Aid Kit”? Just picked up their album “The Lion’s Roar”, it is quite amazing. These girls are like 19 and 21, and wise beyond their years.

  16. avatar
    Life is to be endured as a joyless grind, not for pleasure or enlightenment | 6 November 2012 at 10:19 pm #

    The man from Welwyn Garden City, he say no! Bad druggies, bad! Tempt him not, you cake-eaters!

  17. avatar
    Kohl Ette | 7 November 2012 at 6:27 am #

    I thought of your Ganesha painting yesterday. There is a figure of Ganesha in the entrance court of the nsw art gallery, near the asian art section. It’s so beautiful. Grey volcanic buff stone from 10th century indonesia next to ‘cloud and modern generic flower study’ by john young, lovely painting of cloud and lotus blossoms. By the way, maybe you should enter the archibald prize? Such a beautiful afternoon yesterday to be in those environs. Outside it was really warm but with a perfect sea breeze. Favourite times. Oh and I love the smallish section in one of the front corners of the ‘grand galleries’ with renaissance (and slightly earlier and slightly later) art. A madonna and child in marble, several hundreds years old for one thing. An afternoon of serenity and beauty.

    • avatar
      BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 7 November 2012 at 5:49 pm #

      When will we b able to see the paintings ???

      I , for one, am really looking forward to it !!!


  18. avatar
    carntspel | 7 November 2012 at 4:50 pm #

    HIGH Y’ALL 🙂

  19. avatar
    Kohl Ette | 7 November 2012 at 5:21 pm #

    digressing again (blush)… a lot of the nsw art gallery’s collection can be seen if you google their collection, well it could last time i looked. and after another non descript day today like sunday – storm! Hmmm how ganesha came to have an elephant’s head? Not the most serene of stories, I read. but all were appeased at last I think.

    • avatar
      Bob Howard | 8 November 2012 at 8:17 am #

      “Awake, Yara, Yag -kosha offers you a last gift – and a last enchantment.”

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