posted on March 17, 2006 at 10:43 pm

good morning you greedy creatures
hows yer life?
whats cooking?
here i am
back in the cafes
very quiet now
autumn in the air
the visitors detach themselves
go off back to germany, sweden, italy, ireland, england
i guess theyre the ones we mainly get down here
at the best beach in the world
now with its own tv show
and all the hoopla surrounding it
ooohhhh if i drown
or attacked by sharkies
i hope the hunky lifeguard gonna save me
just what ya want when youre getting m to m resuccitation
a fuckin’ camera stickin’ in yer face
as ya spew up seawater and sand
i tell ya
nothin’s sacred these days, sweet baby
everything is fair game
why not have brothel tv
the real life adventures of a crazy gang of hookers
(with hearts of gold, natch)
as they ply their trade in kings cross
the real world..junkie
follow jim the junkie
thru his laff a minute life
as he pawns his guitar, scores, ods
etc etc
everyweek you can vote fer yer fave deelah…
its a winner
or a bunch of crack addicts on a desert island
the catch
theres plenty of crack
but no matches or lighters
so they gotta rub 2 sticks together to light the olde pipe
hilarious adventures will ensue
nevermind all that
i myself am living in the void
of my explosive rant from yessaday
my lovely bro rpk
he ring me up yessaday
he say
tone it down a little olde bouy
the feds are puttin’ the squeeze on us
mi5 and the cia have demanded to know my password
and i just found out
that dutch peter is really dick cheney
hes been monitoring me for years in disguise
ever since
“wear a gun and be proud
but bare breasts arent allowed”
cheney rings me up n says
cant we have guns AND tits?
sure dick
if that be yer pleasure
by the way
i heard dick was just yer nickname
aint yer real name penis cheney?
yuck yuck yuck
(at least it aint a rant)
oh my weary readers…
wheres the poetry?
i cant see any comin’ today
im in a frivolous mood, i guess
ya see
i been reading a book
about mr billy shakespear
and im thinkin’ maybe i cood be a reincarnation
of the bard
because they keep saying all thru the book
one thing about this man
he was a genius AND a nice guy
that kinda reminds me of me
the 2 things dont havva to be mutually exclusive
do they?
now you ask any olde person
whos actually met me
and theyll set you straight
(but not “straight”)
oh yeah
sk …what a lovin’ givin’ human bein’
specially if they caught me backstage
during 88-90
or when i was jonesin’ for jazz
ov corrs
i havin’ a little laugh at me own expense here fiendss
actually it is my own expense
cos i pay 6 bux an hour
to type this tripe to you
(but at least it aint a rant)
i dont know who i am
i dont know what to think
sometimes i dont know what to feel
you have the privelege
of seeing me change
day to day
the close up unexpurgated workings
of the mind of a very humble modest
but completely brilliant genius
how many geniuses do ya know
now dont begrudge me my geniushood status
(even tho it is self conferred)
because ive already got one foot in the grave(y)
and im bound to drop off me perch soon
will it be poison straight from the vial?
lookin down a 44 in west virginny?
(where nk was born)
or some jealous husband
assassinatin me live on stage
at the leather martini club
in downtown brisbane or atlanta
i aint afraid of death actually
funny how as ya get older
death seems less an aberration
and more like a mysterious welcomin’ bosom
i aint fuckin’ afraid of death
but im scared of the dyin’ part
i cant see it bein’ a whole loada fun
but ya know what
if the bastaeds do get me
and they got blogges on the other side
im gonna give ya
a hilarious behind the scenes look
at the afterlife
boho heaven
“straight hell?”

38 Responses to “oh my my, im a rank outsider, you can be my partner in crime”

  1. avatar
    CeciliaGin | 17 March 2006 at 11:39 pm #

    SF public access routinely features hustlers, crack heads, and junkies, some of them going as far as producing their own shows!

    Amazing visuals…

  2. avatar
    Ross | 17 March 2006 at 11:40 pm #

    Someone once told me:

    Death isn’t a door that closes – it opens.

    I believe it.

  3. avatar
    verdelay | 17 March 2006 at 11:53 pm #

    Can’t be all that much different from being born. That’s what I tell myself. In fact, same thing. coldburningfebrileamnioticconsciousness…light!

  4. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 12:13 am #

    missed the cult concert the other night. Boy am I pissed. I hate Ian Astbury but just like good old sk, I’ll tell billy duffy to fuck off anyday.


  5. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 12:19 am #

    Who`s dying, anyway? Someone said death is like taking off a tight shoe….

  6. avatar
    Bionaut | 18 March 2006 at 12:31 am #

    Bard reincarnated?
    Maybe, but he had better rants.
    You: “fuck off”
    Bardy: “I scorn you, scurvy companion. What, you poor, base, rascally, cheating, lack-linen mate! Away, you mouldy rogue, away!” – Henry IV, part deux
    Keep listening to rpk. You don’t want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard. ‘Tis nobler to suffer the motorbikes and ducks of outrageous ceremonies, and rake in a sea of Starfish royalties.

    May your mortal coil stay unshuffled.

  7. avatar
    carousel | 18 March 2006 at 1:07 am #

    i’m guessing in terms of progression
    there can only be boho heaven
    this is “straight hell” isn’t it?
    or purgatory at least for the boho soul in all of us

  8. avatar
    TINKU BHAT | 18 March 2006 at 1:48 am #

    well baby,
    I have a vague fog of what initiated your rant.
    good ole jlk, I’m glad you have some brothers who love and care for you they way they do.
    Your portrait of Evie is beautiful…I’m going to steal her cute little nose.
    Currently working on about five paintings, four are my interp of cubism and futurism. cool stuff.

  9. avatar
    Brad | 18 March 2006 at 2:17 am #

    We spend our whole lives takin off a tight shoe, scared of dying is scared of living. Don’t die wondering. Makes me think of the Donnie Darko movie.


  10. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 2:33 am #

    i just saw the cg clip. i thought the ballerinas were nifty, but the cycles coulda been lost in favor of more ballerinas.

    but all in all, it must have been surreal with all them floatin around. enough for me!

    hey, next time don’t lip synch!

  11. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 4:51 am #

    under the soil
    green flesh
    is better
    than a tan headache

    Too understand death
    is too understand life
    brows fit comfort
    anyway you comb them

    I can’t wait to hear the so called genius of ULTC with headphones on and a brass pipe.

    We love you,

    you have given the world
    and if that is not enough
    there are hundreds more
    that speak
    across waves
    and hand grenades
    war goes on
    but peace lives on
    because of people like you

    salute yourself
    we need more soldiers

    much luft,

    Col. Ripple

  12. avatar
    BoredwithSK | 18 March 2006 at 4:54 am #

    Well antoher day and more incoherance from the “Great SK”. What utter crap… Hey SK… how much did you guys grovel for? Hypocracy is a wonderful thing… your ramblings at the Corner Hotel a few months back said it all. You unloaded on everyone who “sold out” and yet there you are raking it in.

  13. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 5:22 am #

    dear sk
    please keep writing
    whatever you please.
    that’s the beauty and
    the power of
    your bloggie …
    a reflection of
    every day
    however you sk
    feel like sharing
    a particular
    or day

    as for death
    you’re just
    now hitting
    your prime!
    death may be
    natural and
    beautiful in
    some way
    but you’re
    only halfway
    this lifetime

    love you

  14. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 5:28 am #

    why is agreeing to do a gig, presumably getting paid for it (artists have to get paid too, okay, they can’t only do it for the nobility of the frickin’ soul) then subsequently bagging said gig because of its bloated, shambolic incoherence and questionable artistic quality (ie, waste of time and money) seen as selling out? Selling out would be high fiving ron walker and encouraging us all to buy tickets to the pole vaulting. call sk whatever you want, but you can’t accuse him of selling out. Oh, and learn to spell, above, coz I know it ain’t intentional.

  15. avatar
    esskayer | 18 March 2006 at 6:19 am #

    Sometimes you gotta unload.
    Sometimes you gotta tell everybody to fuck off, even your friends.
    This olde worlde can get ya down, make ya question yer own sanity.
    “I don’t know what to feel”.
    I like that one, Kill-bee.
    Pretty much sums it up.
    Even though I don’t like you, you’re still a pretty cool dood…

  16. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 6:23 am #

    At least ‘boredwithsk’ will be one less dickhead at the Corner next time…

  17. avatar
    estoteric | 18 March 2006 at 6:43 am #

    are all but fishing that’s the seventh…..

  18. avatar
    Na ana bozho | 18 March 2006 at 7:08 am #

    frem 1 trixster to an author
    don fergit yer owthe
    ur th candle ye try tsnuff
    jes mite be th eeternal flayme
    don fergit yer Brethren
    in th Everlastin Skye

  19. avatar
    BoredwithSK | 18 March 2006 at 7:08 am #

    Anon… I’ll be there to keep you honest…
    PS wanna buy a “boredwithSK” T? cheap at $60…

  20. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 7:54 am #

    no point reading anymore sick of you going on about straight people world – so intolerant of others – so judgemental –

  21. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 7:56 am #

    Ff you do not like things re straights etc SK. Why did you perform at the Commonwealth Games?

  22. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 8:50 am #

    I just saw an item on the news: the Melb museum now has a cg opening ceremony exhibit. It’s official, SK, you are a museum piece!

  23. avatar
    Fucked if I know | 18 March 2006 at 9:05 am #

    I have no tolerance for intolerance.
    But, I love love and hate hate etc(that play w/ words could go on forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………ah fuck I can’t be

  24. avatar
    tin mime | 18 March 2006 at 12:02 pm #

    “theres plenty of crack
    but no matches or lighters”

    how about no pipes? now that would be a challenge – they’d have to use seashells or something – much more difficult than trying to fashion a pipe out of souvenir trinkets at a truck stop in the middle of the night, which is not as difficult as one ould guess. (funny how you can take nice, normal, senisible people, put ’em on rock’n’roll tour, and suddenly smoking crack behind the wheel of a van makes a lot of sense…)

  25. avatar
    Krissythegroupie | 18 March 2006 at 2:21 pm #

    I finally got Block!! OH MY, I looooooove it and yer voice sounds amazin and *rowr*. The artwork is gorgeous humble genuis you. I can’t wait till ya’s tour comes to NYC! Hey, there’s lotsa bohemians here!

  26. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 3:14 pm #


    Rummy here, lets get a sanwich. Veggie delight for you and fresh cow butt for me. We have some talking to do.

  27. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 7:25 pm #

    Alright kids, lets just let it go, one can be mad at a computer screen and let it all out, but you gotta FLUSH so lets keep the respect level up yall..
    If you cant forgive sk then yu need to handle the people that are peeing on your floor and face and got yu chasing the carrot.
    God bless the child…
    Chruchies, great show, yall made it happen there, UTMW has been there ever since and will always be there…

  28. avatar
    B Raine | 18 March 2006 at 9:28 pm #

    “follow jim the junkie”

    the next video game….
    full of 3-d purse snatching
    options, do u wanna trick, perhaps be the middle man,
    dont go into that bathroom stall,
    I place my vote for the str8 up
    H-100$ a brunch x-harvard day habit.

    c’mon think that pinpointed pupil
    is stupid,,,check your wallett…

    There is a man named TIM
    in 1995, I knew him
    He was a inbetween who had
    the best karma for a Junie
    cuzz he didnt ripp annyone off

    I saw him in ’98, again in ’01 and ’03

    of course he didnt remember my face
    but He knew …my energy screamed out to him, he walked beside me like we were old freinds, than again we were….
    so say hi to TIM in SF
    hes so far been surviving and
    somewhat healthy looking…
    for over a decade of living on the street doing the ol speedball routine

    countdown 40,39,38 if anythings gonna happen it’ll happen in the first 40 seconds, so these are precious seconds…..”wheres The train?” I say ..there is none….

    Are you ok..?? as he crouches between two cars to put one in the old jugular…that shit scares me….damn the humming the rush, thank god for the boy, to smooth it all out….

    the best play I ever did see
    was on 16th and mission
    it involved a cop known as Blondie
    junkies scatterred like rats
    I aint no Rat
    i got rights..
    I dont move, he sways up to me
    “whyd’ you come to my city to be a junky?” ” who , are u talkin to me?” who do u think,,,the man im talking to hastily dissapears,,,
    Get on the first bus out of town!!!
    Blondie says….
    I caught the first muni i could find, goin annywhere.

  29. avatar
    newyork77 | 18 March 2006 at 10:13 pm #

    Killabee, you obviously don’t have cable television!

    Brothel t.v.:

    Cathouse: The Series

    Look ma, Junkies!:

    Dope Sick Love

    Short on time, don’t fret, skip those shows and just tune into this little slice of life.

    Hookers at the Point

    ….and I say to my-self, what a won-der-ful woooorld.

  30. avatar
    B Raine | 18 March 2006 at 10:26 pm #

    (killabee) if thats me
    u guessed it I get like 6 channells

    its enouh crap for me..just want the
    history channell…….

    previous SF reply shoulda perhaps not been placed as a reply on sk’s blogge…so delete if u wish

    i dont know where the words or stories or memories i know where but not why a paticular one happenns to come out..I mean Its not of importance….
    well, too some,,it could be
    especially if ya need that angry mornin fix of carrtott soup…sure..ill have some soup But did ya call the man….How long>>>

    Make sure its Grande. No No nOnfatt expresso…..

    ther i go again…..

    …..Perhaps ill save my own private ryan for
    when Im too tired too watch
    and I can nodd out…dont I …(I do not wish) that is a closed
    none of that….it eats
    more than yo spirit …..eats yo bankaccount
    I hear by proclaim myself a wannabe
    next reply will have relevance to
    actual blogge
    my aplogies

    GO MEM

  31. avatar
    me | 18 March 2006 at 10:32 pm #

    don’t read the blog
    if you don’t like what it’s got to say
    and fuck off back to
    your sweet-as-pie geek world

  32. avatar
    Anonymous | 18 March 2006 at 10:58 pm #

    Hear hear “me”. Not sure that their worlds would be “sweet-as-pie” tho, no matter how geeky.

    Has anyone checked out this guy’s blog? Not a patch on yours SK, but it has its moments.

    Please Dog, get me Cable.

  33. avatar
    Anonymous | 19 March 2006 at 7:10 pm #

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  34. avatar
    eek | 19 March 2006 at 8:12 pm #

    Well, Stevie, I think your blogs been spammed! …then again, it isn’t any worse than a lot of the regular comments….

    I’ll be thinking of you and all the lucky bastards in Brisbane tonight getting to see you. Knock ’em dead!

  35. avatar
    Anonymous | 20 March 2006 at 2:17 am #

    in a dream…

    i was at your house
    last night
    your daughters were there
    and they were really nice
    our dads not here
    he’ll be back late
    you can come on-in
    and wait around
    if you like
    so, that’s what i did
    until i heard
    you lock your bike
    at a gate
    i went outside
    to say hi
    maybe it was fate
    or i was too
    late but got pulled back
    inside because of
    my fright


    your daughters sang:

    that’s our dad
    he’s not really
    he’s just snuck ’round
    the back
    to give us a laugh
    & just wait
    and see
    when he gets in
    is when the chase

    and so
    now i’m here
    to capture
    the sound


    get it all

  36. avatar
    Anonymous | 20 March 2006 at 4:48 am #

    Fuck Me!
    I don’t log on for a few days & see you get an all time record of 125 comments to your Fuck Everything blog – strange place we’re all at right now.
    & then I get mistaken for Dick Fukn Cheney!
    Time to get back to the music cause that’s wot it’s all about.
    By the way did u ram Delta Goode?
    The CG still gets the Church back in a much larger cross section of peoples minds, for better or for worse , what u do with that is now up to you.

    Dutch Pierre

  37. avatar
    Anonymous | 20 March 2006 at 9:12 am #

    Hi Steve,
    If you are paying six dollars to use an internet cafe, you should try the cheaper (sometimes free) ambience of a local library. Love the gorgeous version of UTMW.

  38. avatar
    Rubikon | 20 March 2006 at 10:07 am #

    I can’t say i’m afraid of death either, but then again, I’m in no great hurry to get there.

    Live long and prosper.

    It’s just a ride..

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