posted on October 3, 2007 at 4:25 am

i am the observer
i like to watch and think about it
i recycle experience into a poem
now i dont know where i begin
and this poem ends
against a white wall in the warm afternoon
decided fact and fiction are not 2 opposites
oh they overlap and overlap again
weave in and out of each other
what is a lie
what is a blog
what is a poem
what is a diary
in my kitchen im somewhere exotic
everyones gone out and i see the palm trees sway outside
nico comes on my shuffle droning on subaudibly
its hot and windy out there
i seek refuge in my solitude
my work speaks for itself
my hands convey only fractioned stories
by the sea the children are bathing bathing bathing
the gulls wheel n circle and scream above the wind
i feel im somewhere wild like south america
i feel like im on an island in the antilles
i feel like this cruel day has got something on me
my skin is dry
i sit in my cut off jeans typing in this heat
i get flashes of bondi a hundred years ago
scenes fly into my head quite unbidden
in hotel rooms ive never seen
in trains and at stations
drinking a beer with rog and molly and cyril and maude
double breasted suit n a hat
even on a hot day
where did my time go ? he asks me
child on the beach says how much time do i have ?
at a cafe : sit here for the time being
my therapist rings me up
are you fucking crazy?
aw, now youre making me mad, you sick shrink
youre outta time, olde bean
my beautician rings up
oh, youre ugly and olde
and i dont have the time
my mechanic rings up
it was the timing chain
my distant ancestors ring up
i cant understand them at all
my own personal demon rings up
i love it when youre angry he says
izzit hot enuff for ya? he smarmily asks with a smirk
its like all yer summers ‘ve come at once
meanwhile in my kitchen
the wind whips at all the pictures on the fridge
and petals of flowers detach and blow away
i never said i always said the truth
so everything is under review
a committee studying my technique
has been formed in a university some leagues hence
the professors want to cut me up
n see where the ideas come from
they say it cant be live
they say it cant be done
they said i evolved from a chemical miasma
struck by lightning
they said everything is randomly generated
they said god was just a big bang
they said stay off the grass and give way
meanwhile mecthilde remains unpainted
the debris accumulates
ants invade at the window ledges n edges
cockroaches drop in from outta town
is that the santa ana wind blowing out there?
the west must be baking
and even my imagination will not go there
instead i drift back to a private sea
i own this sea
every last drop now paid for
every fish labelled
ever chip identified
i try to keep people out
i send them away in a violent storm to drown
get your own sea i laugh as they go under
my friends said i was mad to buy a sea
why not wait for an ocean said rog and meg
a river would be more handy said basil and petunia
i’d have got two small lakes at that price said uncle rimbo
now thats strange
now theyre all down here under my umbrellas
walking on my pier
wearing handkies on their heads and baggy black bathers
dont daydream son ! says mother
no im fifty years in future and fifty years behind, mum
im in 2007
im in 1907
never 1957
oh youre all over the shop says rog and marg
sort the boy out les ! says auntie bea
spare the rod spoil the child says aunt li
whats wrong with me i say
everythings merging
everythings surging
you and dad are getting bigger and smaller
closer and further
just go to bed son says dad
youve been asked nicely now…
my autobiographer rings up
if you could just explain that bit…
the salt is sweating in the cellar
the sellers mark it
the wine curdles in the cask
and the whiskey is unalcoholic


44 Responses to “prose poem for the poetically impaired”

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    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 5:29 am #

    ok i’ll read it and give you my reaction.

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    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 5:44 am #

    hmmm…. yes it’s you steve. i’ve imagined it.

  3. avatar
    isolde | 3 October 2007 at 5:46 am #


    i can get you an excellent price for a timeshare on a creek

    no paddles

  4. avatar
    Leelinau | 3 October 2007 at 6:27 am #


    oooh the moon was turribly magnetic tonight
    made me think of something you
    have yet to write

    [wicky wicky]


  5. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 6:55 am #

    Nobody does it better than you sk, fact&fiction overlapping, your poems are always perrrrfect!
    Have a beautiful evening sk.
    Love u always,

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    verdelay | 3 October 2007 at 7:01 am #




    The committee has voted unanimously to forego the usual prolix verbosity and cut right to the chase in this report.

    On the subject of THE TIME BEING, and specifically the funding of this project from within the general budget of this school it has been decided that we can no longer afford such extravagances.

    Telempathy and Temporal Nonsequiteronics, while interesting academic sidelines worthy of some preliminary investigation, have been judged by the committee to be no longer at the heart of the School’s enterprises, and can therefore no longer be auspiced by the School.

    The professorship (currently held by Herr Doktor Yeblik Nevets) is therefore declared perpetually vacant, and is never to be filled again. Nevets will receive significant solace from the remuneration package we have devised.

    This decision is enforced forethwith. We wish Herr Doktor Nevets all the best in his future research and thank him for his tenure at UCL.

    The Committee



    The Present

    Learned Sirs and Dames

    Thank you for your concise report. Despite your protestations, the University has ruled that Herr Doktor Nevets and his research should remain within the School of Mental Physics.

    As a concession to your concerns that his research is now too esoteric even for your Department, it has been decided that the following caveats should apply the the good Doktor’s reinvestiture:

    i) That both he and his work should be placed in an alternate continuum from our own;
    ii) That Nevets himself should be reversed and confounded to ensure his research has continued irrelevance for the University as a whole; and
    iii) That a satisfaction compressor be applied to his neuronal circuits at a hard knee setting to ensure his workrate does not suffer in the new and confusing circumstances he finds himself in.

    I trust these conditions will be to your satisfaction. This mandate is enacted with irrimediate effect.

    The Vice Chancellor

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    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 7:19 am #

    i don’t know what to say…….what can i say?…how critical or damaging is a review?uni directional,or solitary observance of poetry…/the prose impaired{ha ha!} x

  8. avatar
    Thelonious | 3 October 2007 at 7:33 am #

    SK, the heat, the heat. Most excellant entry my man. Luv to all,

  9. avatar
    steve kilbey | 3 October 2007 at 7:43 am #

    nice one hairy flowers

  10. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 8:20 am #

    “the best teller of the future,is the passed/past”..aquote from my grandmother…alongside…”don’t we always get what we asked for,don’t we always ask for what we get!”..she was a wise woman…SO,gimme some chocky jazz bartender!…”South America sounds nice!” there a duck in the bath on that jet?…no fear…be happy…an intertwining of magic and lives…it’ll happen one day ,to all of us,i think?…have a scrumptious night sk!…i wont review it..words on a page couldn’t do it justice…or could they?{eeeeeeeeeeevilll!}…love,as always,gen xxxxx….p.s…an ear i woz a sittin,en i fought wif me brainz,wot goes on wif awe doze “;-)” folk…i thunk it mussa been a speeeeech imbedement of dis ear keybouards…love to all lovely fiends tooooo….;-) L

  11. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 8:28 am #

    Your AUTO-biographer asks you for an explanation? Excellent! Hows that for a damn fine example of Kilbey’s ability to take a word, give it a subtle spin and conjure a glimpse of something otherworldly just beyond sight of the everyday? Wonderful.

  12. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 8:30 am #

    Meanwhile, I’m still thinkin…

  13. avatar
    Part 2 | 3 October 2007 at 8:44 am #

    Then,……nah!..just kiddin’…a taught water bomb..he- he mmm…where would one start?..oh,that line was too inspiring..”meanwhile….”x

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    But... | 3 October 2007 at 9:45 am #

    ….if time wore glasses,,,how many hours hours hours would there be be be???*

  15. avatar
    vegans turnip atomic atom? | 3 October 2007 at 9:56 am #

    “fly veges,be free!I’m here with the chaos collander.just shout when yer ready to tell the beings that you are on the way down?”I’ll put you in my pot,and cook you like you should be cooked…in the space between my kitchen,and ye olde galley of lives…x

  16. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 10:01 am #

    correct? great blogge Steven! 🙂 🙁 ?

  17. avatar
    Phil | 3 October 2007 at 10:27 am #


    The whiskey is unalcoholic, the wind
    is alcholic …it makes me dry…the planet is angry…

    phil in collingwood

  18. avatar
    Faye | 3 October 2007 at 11:01 am #

    Strange days,eh? Just a part of who we are,in time…. Peace and Love . xo

  19. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 11:47 am #

    this one will shrink me, this one will grow me……

  20. avatar
    Hey Day | 3 October 2007 at 12:04 pm #

    I thought it was tobacco they were smokin’ / pommie knob twiddler meets the Bondi boys…I don’t miss a beat,when it comes to the intricate knowledge of things..especially those that hold my attention…Time is only imaginary,if you were not there…x

  21. avatar
    restaurant mark | 3 October 2007 at 12:11 pm #

    goes well with my coffee…helps wake me up

    good morning and take care


  22. avatar
    melissa | 3 October 2007 at 12:14 pm #

    Beautiful 🙂

    Why do people wear hankies on their heads? It’s just not a good look.

  23. avatar
    BDC | 3 October 2007 at 12:19 pm #

    Umm…happy birthday?

  24. avatar
    Candy | 3 October 2007 at 12:27 pm #

    sweet!…just the sweetest of sweet. fudge n elle,eh? love . xo

  25. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 12:31 pm #

    oh,nearly forgot !…;*)))

  26. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 12:35 pm #

    There’s a fuckhead bandana boy who lives next to me who looks like he’s got his granny’s pants on his head. You know you had to know that, Steven.

  27. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 12:39 pm #

    The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man sending soup back at a deli…

  28. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 1:04 pm #

    always keep bliss in your heart,and contentment in your mind.everything is always strong.time is kind,and love is a are loved…you are trou are treasured..x

  29. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 1:50 pm #

    “Just whistle!…you know how to whistle don’t you?Ya just put ur lips together,and blow!”…xxA

  30. avatar
    John Garratt | 3 October 2007 at 1:55 pm #

    The title of this blog might as well have been my name.

    B. Bon, wherever you are, thank you for the encouraging words. Yesterday I was having one of those my-god-what-have-I-done days.

    John Garratt

  31. avatar
    Cee | 3 October 2007 at 2:27 pm #

    …the sun is just making its way across the skyscape of San Francisco

  32. avatar
    Brien Comerford | 3 October 2007 at 2:48 pm #

    Another Gerard De Nerval like blog. Some times Sk’s blogs are like dreams that are difficult to differentiate from reality.

    “After Everything Now This” really hit me in all the right places last night. A bona fide masterpiece replete with SK’s finest vocals.

    Insect Update: Flies are important pollinators. Cockroaches are clean and very very rarely carry a disease.

  33. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 3:15 pm #

    Beautiful one,Good Night…./jbx

  34. avatar
    wayward wanderer | 3 October 2007 at 3:20 pm #

    Escher in word form… beautiful 🙂

  35. avatar
    davem | 3 October 2007 at 6:13 pm #

    Your aunt was wrong. There’s nothing wrong with you.
    You ooze creativity. I try to keep up, but I just can’t! I attempt to hold onto your coat-tails but you just accelerate away from me at a speed that I can barely contemplate.
    Love you more,


  36. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 10:05 pm #

    * I Love You SK!* you are so amazing!

  37. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 11:10 pm #

    if they sliced you open would they find a couldron of chemicals or entire universes…never question the font of creativity…
    love always
    -The Hellbound Heart

  38. avatar
    Anonymous | 3 October 2007 at 11:25 pm #

    good morning MrKilbey!..Tis warm,yes?I believe a swim is in order…some music,a momento of inhalation of herbal summer,a pot of tea,and yet more mullberries.Iced rosehip tea!good for the body and to you,as always,have a beautiful day,gen xxxxx x

  39. avatar
    Time keeping mad cowz,and vocal vegetarians | 3 October 2007 at 11:45 pm #

    “Til death do us phart!” ;-)))) ha-ha!

  40. avatar
    veleska1970 | 4 October 2007 at 12:09 am #

    “my friends said i was mad to buy a sea”
    i paid a fortune for a drop of water in the palm of my hand. crazy? maybe.


    lotza love…..

  41. avatar
    Anonymous | 4 October 2007 at 12:31 am #

    haha!shazzaam postie!

  42. avatar
    the excitable puppy | 4 October 2007 at 12:56 am #

    SK is the tail that wags the dog .

  43. avatar
    Anonymous | 4 October 2007 at 2:34 am #

    John G.



  44. avatar
    red dirt girl | 22 October 2007 at 4:51 pm #

    ahhhh so this was the post that i was meant to be sent to …. i feel like a space / time traveler who keeps showing up in the wrong location……

    poetic prose or prosaic poetics ….take a kaleidescope and hold it up to your eye, s.k. look at your world around you – slivering, shifting, forming new patterns, far out, psychedelic and all that shit … but who am i to say that each shift of the kaleidescope wheel isn’t a true picture of life in the moment ????? isn’t that poetry? slicing and dicing all that you see and rearranging the carrots on your plates just because you can or maybe even because you have to ….you feel ‘compelled.’

    have you ever awoken to see a poem shimmering above your head, waiting for you to snatch it, claim it, weigh it down with ink, words, paper ??

    and at the end of the day – people will believe what they want … and never get your vision right. it’s what we do when we encounter another’s perspective. try to morph it into our own.

    enough. time for me to travel on again. it’s been ……


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