posted on August 10, 2012 at 8:25 pm

just another angel

jesus christ was an explosion of love

and 2000 years later the world is still filled with the fallout from that event

my daughter scarlet is head over heels in love with jesus

tho she had NO prompting from anyone here

there was a shrine to mary mother of god in coogee

we walked past it and we stopped to talk about what it all meant

i talked mainly to the older 2 girls

scarlet was only 3 at the time

yet as we walked away she began to cry

why scarlet are you crying? we said

i miss jesus already so much she blurted out…

but where did this come from…?

it doesnt matter to me who jesus was or wasnt….

i dont fetishise his death

nor do i examine his resurrection for veracity

i just read the bits in the bible about him and get some guidance

whether or not he actually existed…his ideal exists…

it is typical of us humans to get all hot under the collar about “authenticity”

when its the actually sublime beauty

and the revolutionary manner of the parables

and the way he deals with the characters he encounters

man you could take a leaf out of this guys book

you dont have to worship him

just listen to a bit of that nice advice

the line below here will be left blank for all those who want to

put in something nasty he said amongst all the nice stuff


and he did didnt he i suppose…?

but remember he was a human being

hes just like perseus or hercules or siegfried

hes half mortal half god so the story goes

you can take it or leave it on any level you like

i look back on my own 32 year history in rock

and i read that book by bob lurie

and i realise how myths and rumours and legends and conjecture

and all this stuff inseparable around everything

the way all these different people see me and interpret stuff

and nobody NOT EVEN ME really got the full story ‘cept god i guess

anyway so i just think of jesus and the similarities to frodo baggins in LOTR

like someone in an incredible story who is doing something huge

who at the same time is humble and prepared for sacrifice

attended by only one dear disciple

and hounded by his own rotten judas

carrying this huge weight

this sorrow

this burden he has taken on whether people know of it or not

the fragile balance between good and evil

sauron as a thinly devised satan

but where is the jehovah of middle earth?

ah i have no truck with jehovah anyway

i dont like him or the big bang

both too bloody bombastic and violent and random

good god this earth was created by an artist

no blustering punishing tyrant

no accident ignition of random gases n stuff

this world if you but observe it for one second

if your eyes have ever been opened

if you ever stop to look at it as it really is

very few atheist artists ,my friends

very few atheist musicians

very few atheist geniuses neither

i dont know what to believe in people it doesnt matter

if jesus appeals to you dont feel guilty

if you prefer apollo or diana the goddess of hunting

do them service then

god does not fucking care how you approach him

he is a bit beyond that kinda bullshit you would imagine

the guy who invented the humming bird  doesnt care what you name him

hes not hung up on all that baloney and malarkey

not the cat that causes the planets to hang unsuspended in space

he that sets everything in motion

that maintains it and protects it

and he that destroys everything when that things time has come

he is no prissy quibbling grumpy patriach in the sky

he is immanent in everything

he spins creation out of himself somehow

oh as an artist i regard his handiwork with jealousy

as a musician i seek to emulate or invoke his presence

as a father i hope to incorporate his mercy and love

as a performer i try to channel his energy

my god whoever he is says names dont matter

he says jesus was me he says lennon was me

he says mozart was me he says leonardo was me

he says bolan was me he says angela carter was me

he says houdini was me and yer dad was me

and george harrison was especially me

and he says kilbey you were me too

but he says

you know everybody was me and i was everybody

i play my part so well i forget who i am

like a child lost in a game

i imagine wealth i imagine fame

i imagine death i imagine pain

dont ask me why god allows this and that

how the hell would i know

does someone with an ant farm allow the ants to do whatever they like?

how does jesus fit in to all this?

i’m not certain

i’m not certain about anything except this did not get here on its own

you may have intellectualised god out of the equation

but the blinding evidence of creation insists on a creator

hes all and nothing

he is life and the force which animates living things

without it you have nothing

life is magic

yoga and magic

and music to describe it all

thats all



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    Chris | 10 August 2012 at 10:03 pm #

    Yay Scarlet! ‘ Unless you become as little children…..’

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    Chris | 10 August 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    Beautiful words from a great soul.

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    Anonymous | 10 August 2012 at 10:11 pm #

    sacrifice is a big word,when you don’t understand the weight it carries,if imposed apon one by another.jesus huh,

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    Anonymous | 10 August 2012 at 10:29 pm #

    through the barricades.:(:):* spamdown belly.

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    BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 10 August 2012 at 11:27 pm #

    A very beautiful piece of writing today, thank you so much !!!
    Our Kristina had a very difficult time associating man, myth, Jesus
    along with everyday life and death. Laura and I just tried (try) our very
    best to answer her questions the best we possibly could (can) and many days
    are filled with little tears and sadness in such a precious little 4 year old.
    Kristina attends a Lutheran school and enjoys it greatly. Laura and her siblings
    are deeply involved in their faith, her mother and father have kept a Lutheran church
    open in these tough economic times , its located on the far far south side of Chicago…
    I practice a totally different belief…

    Kristina questions everything and had a difficult time this past holiday season understanding
    how the joy and celebration of Christmas can be a direct result of one man’s torture and death
    for what he believed in, for what he tried to teach with love and compassion to the masses…

    She cries a lot when the subject of ‘life and death’ is discussed, we latter discovered that her
    sadness is caused by the uncertanity of my declining health…she told Laura that if Jesus , who
    was so ‘smart and full of life and love’ – could die so young …than …”when will my daddy die?” ….

    Thats some heavy emotions for a child , but without love and knowledge along with the correct
    Our sweet angel would only associate Christmas with lights, decorations, and presents…

    Not the wonderful unknown which fills our lives with hope each and every day…

    Have a Great Weekend EveryOne , luv ya Killer…this was one of ur very best today…thank you
    for sharing !!!


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      BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 11 August 2012 at 7:54 am #

      Today, Friday, here in the real windy city …I recived my signed #5 copy of GS…
      thank u so much…


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    Freddie | 10 August 2012 at 11:50 pm #

    “my god whoever he is says names dont matter”
    Cool, that’s what mine said too! 🙂

    “but where is the jehovah of middle earth?”
    I don’t think there was one. The elves were spiritual and both Frodo and Galdalf were Christ-like.

    Enjoyed readig your blog today Seven Kilbey!

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    anthony | 10 August 2012 at 11:58 pm #

    It’s amazing to me that you’re the one person that continually makes me question my beliefs. One day I’m a believer, the next day I’m agnostic. But never an atheist. “and george harrison was especially me”, indeed. I wish there had been a bit of Jesus (or George) in Texas yesterday where they executed a manchild with an IQ of 61. He had the mental capacity of a first-grader and could barely match his socks. How do you advance the human race while allowing atrocities like that?

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    JW | 11 August 2012 at 12:01 am #

    Whatever Works eh…
    Whatever Being or deity helps One do thy Will and thy Work
    I think being an Atheist is a cop-op too and the hardcore dogmatic atheists are just as bad as the dogmatic Christians or Muslims etc. I don’t know too many dogmatic Buddhists tho….perhaps heavily attached to their ideals of unattachment.
    I can understand someone being an Agnostic though; at least they’re acknowledging spirit of some kind.
    I dig Jesus a lot. I also dig Ganesh and Hanuman.
    It’s a happy holy trinity for me…..Affirming, Denying, Reconciling

  9. avatar
    jw | 11 August 2012 at 12:31 am #

    plus…it’s not very ‘scientific’ to be an atheist if you grok what I am saying.

    I don’t get the fetish on the death portion either to be honest.
    So much weight is put on Jesus ‘dying for our sins’ and convincing people that for that reason only,
    he is the only Son of God when the majority of them still cannot align themselves with the basic teaching and ideal of LOVE. LOVE 101!!! LOVE ONE ANOTHER
    He was a beautiful hippy for God’s sake….

    ….And why doesn’t anyone talk about the ‘missing years’ between age 15 & 33?
    What was he doing then? Teaching then?
    Or was he hanging out eating mushrooms and meditating in the pyramids?

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    ex oblivium ad oblivium | 11 August 2012 at 12:48 am #

    Nah. No God, no Creation, no Divine. Zilch. Survival of the most suited to the random circumstances around it. Otherwise praise the Lord for sending us the Loa Loa Worm. This World Hell – let death be the end. Please!

    • avatar
      Anonymous | 12 August 2012 at 1:10 pm #

      too bad buddy…..u create your own hell

      • avatar
        Anonymous | 13 August 2012 at 7:23 am #

        Nah mate, sartre said ‘hell is other people’ – truest thing ive ever heard.

  11. avatar
    DANNIS | 11 August 2012 at 2:09 am #

    Thank you Steve for this message. Once again you have changed my day for the better, and I am inspired by you..
    a wonderful day to all from rainy Toronto–always, Dannis

  12. avatar
    david | 11 August 2012 at 5:35 am #

    it seems it doesnt stop with the creator , creating ..our creator was also created…infinity

  13. avatar
    Tanya | 11 August 2012 at 5:59 am #

    Wow, too much fodder for the amount of time given me my work lunch break. Your brain is unfathomable and you are indeed the ‘Kilbinator’ of self-expression through your writings. As one excommunicated from Jehovah almost 30 years ago (yes, I’m a black sheep), this one’s a keeper for my frequent ruminations about this existence; perhaps before I hit the pillow tonight. As Lennon said, “Imagine….” Yeah, that’s all we can do.

  14. avatar
    ticktockclarice | 11 August 2012 at 7:21 am #


  15. avatar
    Anonymous | 11 August 2012 at 7:22 am #

    Dude, for your own sanity, I wouldn’t publish any comments on this one. Just let it stand.

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    linjo | 11 August 2012 at 9:39 am #

    Thank you dear Steve. I do get all “hot under the collar” about authenticity which I suppose is limiting. How can you say “the blinding evidence of creation insists on a creator” when there is no such evidence. May I add, very few scientists are christians! (only 2%). I love the simplification of just taking Jesus’ ideals into our daily life, though I certainly don’t need him to tell me how to be a good, kind and just person. Harmless stuff though for those needing guidance. I am privileged to read your views Steve. I do respect your intellect. It keeps a balance in my life. As for reincarnation, are you schizophrenic, incredibly vain, very naughty or indoctrinated by fear? (just more of my need for intellectualisation (is that a word?) I guess. I love The Time Being. xxx Linda

    • avatar
      BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 11 August 2012 at 11:42 am #

      Intellectualisation – a newly created word from the ongoing book of Linda-is-ims…

      It’s perfectly ok to create words as long as u define them accordingly…


      Lin…what’s ur proper definition of ur newly created word ???

      A recent one from Chicago…

      ‘Buttluck’ – defined as constantly falling on ones own ass and nothing ever going wrong…

      example of useage : “everytime I have a one-night stand I wake up with an itch and some starange looking growth starting but it goes away in just a day or two”….”that’s some crazy buttluck u have there Boriah”…

      Sorry Alex, that was just to easy with ur ‘interesting exploits’… still luv ya brother…heheheheeeee


      • avatar
        linjo | 11 August 2012 at 7:01 pm #

        Hi Darrin, I just posted a very humble answer but I think my computer lost connection in the wild weather we are having here. Anyway, basically, yes I am having a bit of a laugh at myself, using words and making rash statements about things that I don’t really have a good grasp on. I googled intellectualisation and it says that it is a need for rationalisation because of a fear and anxiety of that which we don’t understand. That is a bit confronting. Food for thought. I should keep more of an open mind. Thank you ! (hope you are feeling ok tonight!) xxx

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        Boriah | 14 August 2012 at 6:25 pm #

        Dazza of my soul, believe or not I´m not only interested in sex with milfs. Take this: during last year, apart from readings on quantic physics I read 4 biographies of Jesus Christ. That man broke the history in two, and it´s completely proved that he existed, that he wasnt a fictional character. If I had to experience and live a period of human history I will definetely choose the 2-3 years Jesus Christ lived as a public person, preaching in Galilee and Jerusalem and the rest of small villages. In fact there´s only data about his final three years, the rest is a mistery. To me the key question is: did he really resurrected? That´s the key. I´d like to travel in time to be there to check if he was just a good man or the true son of God.

        Now I´m still on vacation time, so time for a beer on the sunny Madrid!


        • avatar
          BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 15 August 2012 at 7:49 pm #

          So great to have you back !!!

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    Cath Meeson | 11 August 2012 at 10:04 am #

    Us creatives know it well,
    In the theatre of the original archetypes
    Each plays out his / her own spell.
    Fantastic isn’t it,
    Amzing awe filled splenderous creation
    We sit at the same table as them all.
    WE are them,they are us,
    some a bit more embodied
    some more prone to slumber
    GReat gift to create stuff in this world.
    Only upstairs really knows our story like us, better then us,
    music does describe it all, perfectly!
    Fantabulous post!

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    Anonymous | 11 August 2012 at 12:13 pm #

    be not afraid = jesus
    do un to others(even though they don’t do un to you the same all the time) = jesus
    one toke over the line… sweet jesus – there you go!

  19. avatar
    Cocoamo | 11 August 2012 at 1:36 pm #

    Such a lovely way with words you have…

    Your Friend in Pennsylvania

  20. avatar
    Serge Zéni | 11 August 2012 at 4:39 pm #

    Beautiful blogs, as ever!
    And………… and…………… but also:

    “You are not Jesus
    You are a messenger
    From the sword
    And if you’re tired of the battle
    Then come to me…”.
    (Julie Lambert, from “A440 (I Am Home”).

  21. avatar
    Tamara | 11 August 2012 at 5:57 pm #

    That was an inspiring and beautiful piece of writing. Thank you so much

  22. avatar
    Anonymous | 11 August 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    hehehe god laughs at your limitations mr kilbey.

    • avatar
      thetimebeing | 11 August 2012 at 8:06 pm #

      did he tell you that?

      • avatar
        JW | 12 August 2012 at 1:12 pm #

        God does have a good sense of humor but doesn’t find it in one’s limitations
        Anyone who claims they know what the fuck is going on doesn’t

  23. avatar
    Chris | 11 August 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    @anonymous……the God I have come to know never laughs at me…only with me….

  24. avatar
    bigtimmy | 12 August 2012 at 12:49 am #

    Everyone here will agree that the church is the best band of the past few decades. I am curious as to how you came up with the name of the band Steve. It is my theory that the probably offhand name has contributed to the relative lack of mainstream success. I am a huge fan of The church music and have told many people about the band. It is always the same. What is the name of the band? “The church” Immediately the persons particular hangup about the concept of church seems to permeate and the music never gets a chance. Avid religious church-goer types, the name is taken as an insult and a wall is put up. Not the religious type and the name hits a nerve with whatever concept they have about “church”. Music be damned! Very frustrating. I even had an aging hippy that I tried to turn on to the band say “what are they devil worshippers?” All because of the name and what it means to each person. Keep on rockin’

    Big Timmy

    • avatar
      BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 12 August 2012 at 10:17 am #


      extracted from ‘the church of man’ per Sir David Bowie-

      * – he is a ‘Sir’ now , isn’t he…. Mr Ziggy Stardust ——-


      • avatar
        Anonymous | 13 August 2012 at 3:41 am #

        No, he’s not a sir – bowie refused a knighthood when blair offered it.

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    IncorrectPolitically :+/ | 12 August 2012 at 3:12 am #

    And the waves crashed relentlessly against the crumbling shore
    …”Onto man I shall pass my judgement once again.” thunderously God spoke-
    Metallic suits of steel and clothing – trembled as bees panic from a suddenly fallen hive
    once again man must b erraticated for his/hers selfishly horrific behaviors
    -buildings crumbled upon themselves as if roots were ripped up from within the ground
    …all across the vast dust stone and rubble filled earth, not oil of caramel but crimson of
    once was water floods all – Earth shall no longer belong to these pathetic children of the
    one and only great

    “is this how thy Steven imagined my return?” as direct , to one hairless upright monkey, a
    dialect would ever go – “Nor my only Son, or the souless billion test tubes I placed on this magical
    rock of water and soil , I pass final resolution on the end to you all – do you have another hybid/intellect opinion on my resolve? – thou write and singsongs as if he self appoints thy a martyr ” – and with irony Father Lord finishes “watch Kilbey as I lay waste to the vastness – man’s actions of greed, sloth, and envy has completed humans existence – I’ll give the lizards another chance – – – – ”


    Is this the real possiblity of our destined endgame ? You seem to be on the right track as finely
    as before –

    It is all inevitable – is it not ?

    What if or of the Creators return – ?

    IP ;+/

    • avatar
      thetimebeing | 12 August 2012 at 9:30 am #

      yes dazza what if?

      • avatar
        ChickensAsOutlaws =>} | 12 August 2012 at 10:11 am #

        Dazza or Daz is just one of the many ‘alters’ taking up
        this vessel …….:…….


      • avatar
        linjo | 12 August 2012 at 7:21 pm #

        Didn’t he decline??? Keith Richards called it a “disgrace and paltry honour” that is so funny. What a bunch of wankers! Elton was on tele the other night. What a dickhead. The ‘godmother’ of his little baby boy is Lady Gaga! How can someone have such small mindedness after 40 years of being a muso and all the amazing people he must have met, to pick Lady Gaga as the spiritual guider of the boy! Ego is a dirty word! Linda the Lindaism xxx

        • avatar
          Anonymous | 13 August 2012 at 11:51 am #

          I bet there’s going to be an Elton/Lady Gaga duet flooding the corporate airwaves real soon!!! it will be #1 and you will like it!!! (make note: pray for that child.)

  26. avatar
    Chris | 12 August 2012 at 10:12 am #

    Just bumped into an old close friend I haven’t seen for 25 years….we are both The Church fans. He hadn’t bought much since the 80’s. I told him to go straight out and buy #23. Life is good.

  27. avatar
    pat | 12 August 2012 at 4:35 pm #

    the old testament is poetic scripture, and not meant to be taken literally. theres a hebrew term for it that escapes me now. atheist attack christ and everything he really was about, throwing out his teachings. which is sad. theyve adopted humanism. christ was about love. humans as a whole…not so much.

    • avatar
      BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 13 August 2012 at 11:22 am #

      Agreed !!!

      Let’s all try each day to ‘love’ a little more…


  28. avatar
    matt D | 12 August 2012 at 4:39 pm #


    This is just awesome Jesus is in your heart & he say’s what is done cannot be undone!!

    For the others It is simple.

    I am The Alpha the Omega the beginning and the end. I was before time and I knitted you in your mothers womb. End Point.

  29. avatar
    unmusical atheist | 12 August 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    Plenty of atheist musicians!

  30. avatar
    hellbound heart | 12 August 2012 at 9:02 pm #

    you’ve obviously had more time to ponder the nature of god and everything than I have…..

  31. avatar
    Chris | 12 August 2012 at 10:30 pm #

    When we go to the depths of our self and life we start to get close to what really matters, to the bedrock of our being, we will come to something utterly real and timeless. The surface stuff is stripped away and we reach the very heart and centre of it all. The experience will be especially intense if we have ever loved deeply, accompanied someone through the mystery of dying, or stood in life-changing awe before mystery, time or beauty. This something real is heaven, nirvana, bliss or enlightenment.

    Richard Rohr.

  32. avatar
    Chris | 12 August 2012 at 10:30 pm #

    For post-modern people the universe is not inherently enchanted as it was for the ancients. These days we have to do all of the enchanting ourselves. This leaves us exhausted, alone, confused and doubtful. There is no shared deep meaning in place for our discovery and enjoyment. We have to create all meaning for ourselves in an inert and empty world without the great narratives of mystery and “magic.” A revisiting of the great narratives of the Greeks, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians will help us to rediscover this enchantment. Spending time in quiet contemplation before the ultimate mystery that is the Godhead will also speak to our deepest needs and self. We will come to ‘know’…

    C R Zeal.

  33. avatar
    Chris | 12 August 2012 at 10:30 pm #

    Life is a luminous pause between two great mysteries which themselves are one.

    Carl Jung.

  34. avatar
    Steven Krut | 13 August 2012 at 2:57 am #

    My thoughts are fairly similar. I think it’s important not to be captured by dogma. An agile, open mind always penetrates deeper. There was such an effort to indoctrinate me into Christianity when I was young. The effort always made me suspicious. Why so much pressure on me and others to believe? If it’s so true and right, shouldn’t it be self-evident? Shouldn’t one be drawn in rather than pushed in? I liked Jesus and his message, but I just didn’t like the religion that had grown up around it. So many obviously made up fairy tales that grown people are expected to believe as real. I remember when I first figured out what the core of Buddhism was about. So simple, so true. And you could actually experience its truth. It was a great starting point for my own, honest inquiry into the nature of existence and the universe. Perhaps my journey will eventually bring me back to Jesus, but if so, it will be because he himself drew me to him.

  35. avatar
    andy | 13 August 2012 at 10:07 am #

    it’s all too beautiful……..

  36. avatar
    Chris | 13 August 2012 at 11:45 am #

    The great spiritual stories help us not so much to decipher as to remember.

    via sk.

  37. avatar
    DavidP | 13 August 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    I do love your Jesus songs; Messiah Around, Some Reverse Magic and of course the mention in Transformation.

    I think it is good to not blindly believe in things but instead inquire and stand upon only that which one has directly experienced.

    If one just reads the actual words Jesus spoke and nothing else then a different Jesus emerges. And there is all these other words he spoke which are in the Nag Hammadi library texts.

    • avatar
      david | 14 August 2012 at 12:23 am # who’s death appears in no photograph …also…

  38. Kraig
    Kraig | 13 August 2012 at 3:55 pm #

    Amen to that Brother!

  39. avatar
    Chris | 13 August 2012 at 9:22 pm #

    Just got my Garage Sutra CD in the mail, Steve. Played it right through. What a sublime little Steve Kilbey pointillist gem. Love it more with each listen. Beautiful keyboards, vocals and rhythms. Full of light and clear air. The lyrics are your usual poetic brilliance.

  40. avatar
    BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 13 August 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    I pictured this all to be so different – did any of you ?
    …as an infant, a small child – a young man
    I marveled at the world and all of its people
    …driven by belief in every word my young mind heard
    “Jesus was and is the Son Of God” and that alone was to be good enough
    …but as the years can make a person more cynical , I questioned –
    Everything did not have a meaning or purpose , were they all created by purpose ?
    …by the very people I worshipped – I began to disbelieve in it all
    How dare anyone or anything distorted my perfect world
    …how can a Father take away a child’s father , by all accounts and
    explantions of ‘gods will’ – a compassionate being cannot exist that leaves
    …a child alone without a father, or another child void of a mother
    But years swept by and disbelief turner into mockery
    …I laugh at the billions upon billions who pray one way and behave another , none
    of you deserving of a true lord if they were even to be such
    …you know how ridiculous you all look – I mocked , worshipping in any way you chose,
    to any god you like , a belief contradictory of another’s belief – laughable irony
    …How many different gods can any of you have ? The thoughts of a once
    small child grown into a man. The vast societies once admired , now appear
    foolish, are so many naive to think that someone can just easily explain
    …you all have had it wrong, all along , and you twisted and turned everything
    with eyes wide open , make your own ‘true’ definitions and understandings – nothing
    more than how you want to spin it …. eh ?
    …they’ve rewritten everything of their own liking, became god while everyone was

    But suddenly a ‘revelation’ came upon thee, rooted in individual belief and
    the need for a better answer than the world has to offer…its not ‘what if ?’ this
    is all that there really is – no creator and person to blame no ‘gods will’ or no any other way
    …the world and life – now and always, forever – seen, felt, lived, alive, each sun up or down
    -is mine and I am my own lord , I am the mightiest onto all in my life. I can create, I can
    …destroy, I can offer wisdom, mercy, and punishment. I believe everything I know to
    be right. I exist because of My choice , a beginning not of mine but a ending inevitable.
    A new day of blinding light or a day washed away by the rain, the brisk chill or the warm glow
    …all my choice , freewill of my own not ‘given’ to me but created and discovered by me.

    And than tragedy after tragedy happen and happened , where will it all end ?
    …so much loss can occur in a brief period of time that flips everything upsidedown^¡^¡
    Up is down , nothing is right – a ‘true god’ defined by any created religion would never
    ever let someone suffer as such , physical pain wrapped in a breaking heart and mind encased
    in a world of no sleep ? No horror can be bestowed upon any individual lord as such Must I
    once again question – Why ?
    …all that I know now because a higher power has told me to, am I mistaken ? once more ?
    mistaken at my inception, my birth, this….life. Was I born, to be only wrong. Was I meant to be
    , only to satisfy the existence of another…and another…and – til it reaches the magnitude of
    it all…of everyone, of every living and breathing thing – now and always.
    …I can now say
    …I was wrong than
    …I am wrong today
    …I will keep searching
    …I will find these answers
    …I will locate its meaning
    …I will finally understand.
    By gods will
    By my will
    To richly believe
    To question infinitely
    Do I
    or You
    exist ?


  41. avatar
    Stewart | 14 August 2012 at 9:15 am #

    You will know it when you see it
    You will see it when you know
    There are so many colours to behold
    And it all begins with letting go.

    I really like Mimesis, ‘Art Imitating Life’. It’s wonderfully engulfing aural art.

  42. avatar
    Odin the All-Father | 14 August 2012 at 5:48 pm #

    Who is this who walks behind? Who is this who is coming? The wolf is free

  43. avatar
    Anonymous | 15 August 2012 at 12:28 pm #

    as my mummy always said… you’re the most beautiful when you’re not thinking about yourself.

  44. avatar
    Serge Zéni | 15 August 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    Ooooh, everybody out there at TTB!
    I’ll make myself just a little bit clearer: What happened a few days before August, 8 was this: Fighting hard against negative voices — you know, the Snow Queen, the hungry vultures and the mad dogs, etc, etc.
    You’re not sure until you’ve seen the person face to face. And then: Feel it.
    Now, if I had had enough guts and courage to go to Paris in early, October, 2011, I had absolutely no excuses or alibis for this free open air concert.
    So I pushed myself out.
    To this day, and even if time will prove me wrong: Certainly one of the best things I’ve ever done in the last…. 12 years.
    Chat alors!!!


  45. avatar
    Anonymous | 17 August 2012 at 2:00 pm #

    thank you again, steven, for the stimulating and inspiring read
    made me remember one of my all time favorite quotes by picasso
    “anything you can imagine is real”
    can’t say it better
    (that’s in regards to authenticity)
    somemetimes — of ten times — imagined or dreamed up world
    is more real than the reallest dull reality

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