posted on May 17, 2015 at 12:13 am


on the vast high seas beyond the limit of worlds

we groaned and were whipped by lash of talon

black rain fell upon the great green rocks in the rivers mouth

timbers shuddering like a thief betrayed we sank down

but not on our knees…

an island loomed out of nowhere suddenly sanctuary

wild blossom jungled jangled with birdsong

a god strode in those sacred groves of wales

a new god in an old land

we fell upon the grape fallen by the fire

peering into the fearful mists by pelican shore

or forays into the maze of the studded woods forest facade

where grew sweet thyme and lily of the valley

distant castles brooded in crags upon foggy peaks

the double headed eagle in black on a blood red square

the moonlight upon the luminescent sands of our youth

the gold was all gone in tombs stripped by ghosted script

the crypt of the high king desecrated by the playful little breezes

the chamberlain whisper the poison wing words

in days gone by a spring drinking in summer effervescent life

caravan nights in silk sheets drum of love beats

love like a hit in the guts you sprawl then you crawl

the subject changes as a strangest angel alights

more monster than man the thing can sure fly

on board the arc the darkness was suffocating

i’m sure the market would be flooded with deluges

but subterfuge reigned therein

i am brambled and ivied

envied and i rambled into the scrub

my double vision was decision enough

mendicant wind fill my subtle sail

i am beached on a shoal in the rippling rushing sea

another sun another moon

beside tide filled estuaries

the cenotaphs and monasteries





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