posted on November 16, 2012 at 6:26 pm

never harm monica

free of all constraints i follow my muse

i chuck slabs of sound together

i cut it back i prune it down

this is rocknroll if made my max ernst or ezra freaking pound

i break all the rules

i adhere to em strictly

music is an unending surprise

i love how it reveals itself like a subtle spirit

i am still so delighted by how this whole thing works

amazed by the blithe guidance that now seems mine to avail myself of freely

still figgering out all the rocknroll tricks

i been fiddling about with organs(oooh ahhh davem n andy!!)

organs are very important rnr instruments obviously

yeah i like tony kaye from yes organ work

i like rod argents great organ playing too

ian mac from small faces/faces and stones wow! hes fucking brilliant!

some of my new stuff is a bit rollicking like the faces believe it or not…

altho not known for my rollicking nevertheless i do indeed rollick herein!

yeah so i been playing organ

or i been playing organ samples i should say

virtual organ

i cant tell the difference but im a philistine

im pretty happy with my set up

man if you couldnt make music with all this stuff they got today

you should fuckin’ consider another line of work

music and i have a funny relationship

i am awfully clumsy and inelegant sometimes

then othertimes music lets me pull off some magic i didnt see coming..

as far as my prowess on other instruments is concerned

thats weird too

being good on bass hasnt easily transferred to other things

the way you mighta hoped

but bass is a whole other thing

it is not guitar and being good on one

doesnt mean youre good on the other

ronnie wood is good at both

so is our own mwp

he is a guitarist who throws away his guitar thinking

when he straps on a bass

and plays it like a bloody bass

mind you because of his guitar knowledge

he can push it beyond the boundaries of what most bass players choose to do

but he does that with guitar too….


importantly he understands a certain thing bass players must adhere to

an allegiance to the cause of the rhythm

you are the gap between the guitars n the drums

you must bridge it wisely first before you get all tricky

man if you wanna be too tricky maybe you should play something else

because a lotta the bass i love is sometimes about hammering down like a storm

and wheeling and slamming and thumping and throbbing

i dont usually put NO effects on the bass

i dont even play thru an amp ever anywhere

i just plug my bass  straight in straight into the PA or the desk

very occasionally i might add some rev or echo or chorus or something

but not often

why mess with this perfect bass sound?

its deep and warm and human

its real

its four thick metal strings resonating against flesh and wood

its a primitive beast yet still unsurpassed even today with all its gadgets

a good fender bass is a straddy-various ..ive said it before

mine has picked up my charge and intent

this wood retains magic like a staff retains magic

i sit here struggling making music

but oh boy when i strap my bass on there are no frowns

i wish it was like that with guitars keys and other things

but i’m a writer more than a player

i wish i had 3 identical brothers

each as good on guitar keys drums

then we would all murder each other in one minute

ah the joys of working totally alone

no explanations no waiting around

just plug in and go!

an important part of this is the strategy of course

theres a billion geezas can play better than me

but i am a solo strategist

some brilliant geeza dont always know where to start (or stop)

his brilliance is so brilliant he is too dazzled to start somewhere

me on the other hand

i just jump in fearing the worst hoping for the best

i’ll do anything for a song

anything at all

the song is my ideal

the song is still my main thing




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