posted on July 17, 2014 at 7:52 pm
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singer poor eyes

as this century begins to rush by

whilst slowing drab hours into years

i pause and wait for the next thing to say

i cause and placate and sing for today

i call upon the melody of the moonish lark

unfurling her stratospheric elegy in a mourning sky

how i

would love to climb up there into the realm she promises

but there are no women drinking or gambling on the premisses

and on the premise of all these things i began to sang

and sings about the sea lyin’ beneath this sand

in another time and in another land

i would put my hands together and pray for that ray on demand

and the secret transmission of yoga

that emanates attracting all animals of the spectrum

the red setter

the blue finch

the gold fish

the black cat

the whitest horse snorted up with derision

i am everything at once a diagram of what i could be

humble men dont say they are humble

so how do i say how humble i am?

humble as a tiny krill be sucked into some whales maw

humble as the jumbled jimbo in the bath

dreaming further and further away

yeah i too have seen these crystal scenes of eastern architecture

in the darkness as your lungs just become slower and shallower

seized by the seas tranquilities

you follow a whisper to your own doom

whose hand in that night was laid upon my shoulder

and who guided my footsteps to the shore of life..?

out there in space and in my wilderness

drifting over the pharaohs tombs in another egypt

the sight of myself in my daughters eyes

the shift of good and evil

trick of perception

a dance or a game

it will always hurt to love sang the women with me

my reverie gone i am revealed as wanting

a chorus follows me around an immediate mirror

i sing now from truth beaten around a little

imagine the stupidest lie recontextualized as a killer line

a gun that blows even ghosts away

imagine the world outside no longer is there

we are together in this song so light heartedly

and then wonder again

at tiniest things

he sings of these

forever please you




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