posted on November 1, 2006 at 1:07 am

how strange
that i was thinking of a blogge about bowie n reed et al
that certain moment those guys made it all seem
like it could make sense
1972 -1974
poor billy dolls
overdosing on mandrax
mick ronson
boy he could play guitar
easy to underestimate actual impact at the time
youve had 30 odd years to get used to all that stuff
but in dull olde 1972
ziggy was space manna from hevven seventeen
of course its like watching an old episode of doctor who now
you can laugh at the tinseliness of the whole thing
and all the gay stuff seems kinda silly to me now
at least all that preening pouting posturing
n occaisional absurd get-up…
wow! do they really wear their mums blouse on mars?
but there were some great life altering bits too
like the guitar solo at the end of moonage daydream
it made me want to burst outta lyneham
i wanted the real thing laid on me
and the church of manlove
or the church of man, love
careful with that comma, eugene
thats a big distinction!
anyway these strings come in at end
they sound kinda weird n thinned out n speeded up
and bowies going in out in out
and oh yeah
hes reconciled the great opposites of space n sex
in out
the guitar climbs higher
its like theres all this squeaky stuff hanging on to it
the guitar moans n howls in deep echo
it made me feel like i was in on something important
i realised pretty soon that bowie had booted bolan off #1 position
bolan was already losing his vitality
while bowie oozed possibilities
there was no contest
i was hooked on ziggy
i got all the rest..
space oddity n man who fell to earth
although i loved em
i didnt get the same hit from em as ziggy
hunky dory was close tho
tho i didnt like cover that much
at heart i guess im fairly butch
n too much men dressing up as women
quite frankly bores n eventually pisses me off
i doonae see any appeal or entertainment in that bit
listening to ziggy right now
its all very squealy n camp
anyway eventuall along came alladin sane
which i loved almost as much as well
and then diamond dogs
which i loved more than ziggy
and the bad reviews at the time were BULLSHIT!
bowie revealed what a fucking cool guitarist
n keyboard player he himself was
playing virtually every note on here
bar bass drums n some chucka chucka guitar bit
sweet thing was my fave
“i’ll make you a deal like any other candidate”
boy i rolled that phrase round in my mouth
then young americans n david live
which i liked some n hated some
then station to station
i loved golden years n word on wing
but the rest left me a little cold kinda
i dunno i guess that opening track like the train is ok
wild is the wind is bowie singing in that affected way
which i liked then but i hate now
aint that strange
the older i get the less artifice i want
then low
i love low
i still do
the instrumental stuff is gigantic
especially considering the times
singing in his own language too
its colossal its genius i reckon
or as close as we get in rock
i loved heroes too
but not love lodger…..
i hated that remake of sister midnight
bowie i felt
was starting to show the 1st signs of not caring
and if they dont care i dont care
thats what its all about
and it shows
whatever you think about what i do
at least its obvious that i care
some of its good
some of its probably rubbish
but its all been cared about
and loved too
scary monsters..
a twilight album
between bowie as he was
and the bowie after lets dance
the only thing i like about lets dance
was the cover of criminal world
n china girl too
after that bowie n i part ways
tonight except for loving the alien was pathetic
then its just a bit of a blur
i mean i had em or blagged em from emi
but boy
talk about not caring
seeming lost
unable to tell good from bad
listen to never let me down
one faintly good song
i cant even remember its name
the one about the migraine
tin machine…i dunno
i hated it
both of em cept for that one song on the second one
ok theres been the odd thing since then
under pressure etc
hallo spaceboys pretty good
thursdays child too
i mean i want to like bowie
i really do
im already predisposed to it
but that silly affected singing
and seemingly random lyrics
that dont really make feel…anything
but dont get me wrong
bowie is one of the big ones
for me
and everybody else
even if he’d only done ziggy he’d be immortal
as it is
hes innovated and paved the way
for loadsa loadsa people
me bigly included
hes up there in some dumb pantheon i guess
eventually however
i just felt he wasnt caring about it
as much as i wanted him to care about it
which is his business
i realise that
if he wants to just toss stuff off without care or love
if he wants a orrible bleeding guitarist like reeves whatsisname
ruining all the songs with his cliched heavy tripe….ok
just dont ask me to be interested
but god
i will treasure some of this stuff for as long as i live
crystal japan
sons of the silent age
rocknroll suicide
“gimme yer hands cos yer wonderfull!”
gimme yer comments cos some of ya are wonderfull

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