posted on November 30, 2009 at 1:10 am

you think we live in a normal world
everything ticking along nicely
you take it all for granted
im 55 and i dont know nothing
i dont know what WW1 was all about…do you…?
yeah yeah archduke ferdinand n all that
i dont know what vietnam was all about you…?
yeah yeah …the domino theory…
i dont know anything about iraq..oh yeah…the WMDs
i dont know anything about the twin towers..oh yeah al kayda did it
i dont know about global warming..its a lie its not a lie
its fucking hot in australia
but there again its always been hot in summer in australia
everything got such a spin
what is the truth?
i got idiots pestering me about barack obama
look ..did i elect him or give him a nobel prize?
im just a singer in a band…what would i know…?
and what kind of stupid idiot gets his political opinions from a singer
yeah i like obama better than bush
i like the swans better than the roosters
so what?
i did a fucking painting of him called finally a good guy…gee….
so what?
i’m sure hes a puppet just like bush
we gonna have perpetual war cos that makes money
whoever the prez is
why ask me?
the world is run by international bankers
they been runnin’ it for a long time
they bring you the wars n depressions n recessions
its built into the system
the good guys are bad guys
the bad guys are reprehensible
and really at the end of the day
we say
fuck it as long as i got my (insert sport or booze or drug or hobby here)
the glorious dead of ww1 turning in their graves
who killed the kennedys…..yes mick was n me
who killed marilyn and who killed jfk jr?
who killed the amazon forest
who melted the caps
who killed john lennon
who dropped smart bombs on suburbs of iraq
who dropped stupid bombs on london n berlin
who invented mustard gas n agent orange
not me baby
im just a singer in a rocknroll band
i dont know anything
im old n outta touch
the liberals the labours the conservatives the radicals
the anarchists the democrats the g.o.p.
the john birch and the unions and the commies n the druggies
and the whales
and the boat people
and pro anti abortion n gays n the state of israel
and the bible code and the harvesting of the middle class money
i dunno
i just sing songs
i just paint paintings
i write my opinion
but like everyone else
i get my opinion n facts from newspapers n internet
controlled by the same old bunch
everything i know is wrong
george w bush is a caring considerate hero
dick cheney is an altruistic freedom fighter
what would i know
there are you happy
iraq was a good thing
we’re giving em freedom but theyre too stupid to know
same with africa and the moon
and the fucking aliens
am i an abductee?
am i an inductee into the rock hall of fame?
do i deserve to be a postman or playing at the mega -dome
its all up in the air
nothing means anything
if you think you know whats going on
cos you watched some news show
which tells ya what you wanna hear
yeah WW1 was a good thing wasnt it
those dead…how glorious are they…?
so glorious gettin’ a bayonet thru the chest
or gettin’ hung up on barbed wire
or gettin’ mustard gassed
real glorious
no one can even agree what that war was about
who started it
and what was to be gained
no historian or scholar can agree
not even a couple of years after it finished
religion is a joke
christianity has achieved the opposite of all its goals
as had all the other isms
nothing amounts to anything with them isms
more farces n charades
believe me
the fix is in
and its in at the fucking top
but what would i know
im a singer
youd be stupid to believe anything i write here
because i sure dont n cant
keep on rockin in the free world…

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