posted on February 15, 2008 at 12:03 am

spirit burns on body
using up matter and time
body extinguishes
fire rises like smoke
is this truth too obvious to see?
the answer to every question is take it easy
the answer to all my dilemmas panics anxieties fugues
take it easy
try but dont try too hard
dont concentrate too much
but dont drift off either
approach things differently
change myself deliberately
have courage
let go
see the similarities
the gambler blows on his dice before he rolls
he is putting his will into them
perhaps doesnt mean much really
but over a long period
it will mean beating the guy who doesnt do it
there is a way in
knowing when to quit
knowing when to detach
knowing when to bend
and when to lash out
dont think with your stomach
dont think with your genitalia
dont think with your wallet
dont think with your skin and hair
imitate greatness
oh that one word
that word i hated
i knew i had no persistence
no resilience
but now
a cocktail of time addiction yoga predilection
luck and bad luck
fantastic success and abject failure
hotels in rome
and methodone clinics in sydney
handshakes in l.a.
handcuffs in n.y.
lose your father
gain your daughters
argumentative bastard
singular minded
be blasted away
prepare to shed skin
say youre sorry
say youre sorry
forgive as you hope to be forgiven
accept as you hope to be accepted
the other hated word
the one my olde pommie relatives brandished about
self discipline
i will remain in this cold water
i will do yoga today even though my blah blah hurts
i will paint that painting
i will strive for originality and flare
i will incorporate knowlledge gleaned from everywhere
all my endeavours will reflect my preoccupation with god
i cannot believe in 1950s law and order
i cannot believe in witchtrials and patriotism
i cannot believe in cruel evil acts rationalised by the west
i cannot believe this is all for nothing
i cannot believe youre happy with tv and booze
i cannot believe how i blew it for myself
i cannot believe in jealous old jehovah
some uberstraight uptight old man of a god
how could a cranky old sod like that
have come up with frangipani trees?
i believe in jesus christ who said let love in
i believe nick cave said that too
i believe in krishna who said there was never a time when we were not
i believe in vishnu who said i am and i am not
i believe in buddha who said take it fucking easy
i believe in hieronymous bosch who said
fuck all that brown and grey bullshit
my paintings vibrate, baybee!!!
i believe in vinny van go go who said
i dont care what you think
i KNOW this stuff im doing is fucking hip
i believe in jimi hendrix
who let his fucking fingers do the talking
i believe in those beautiful operas when the singing
takes yer breath away
i believe in the herb and its constant revelations
i believe in not eating dead rotting things
i believe music is divine
i believe science keeps getting it all wrong
i believe there are other worlds
i believe there are other dimensions and places
i believe our western methodology
is but a tiny tiny tiny aspect of a total glorious reality;
many experiences in life have taught me that….
a human being is a walking conundrum
a spirit driving flesh via a mind
almost everything the west wants is bad for it
pizza tv tanks wealth youth meat booze cigs success fame
trophies fun oil facelifts botox gossip-rags make-up
fake-tits microwaves mobile phones underarm deodorants
engines motors systems factories aeroplanes tranqulizers
poker machines bombs guns rockets tazers slaves
jobs in office under fluoros
ah its all bullshit
i keep on moving closer to the source
the self saucing source
the big banger
numero uno
the nazarene
the golden land of a trillion buddhas
the mayans crystal skulls
the egyptians hieroglyphic depictions
the memories of lemuria which persist
statues of ganesha next door in nepalis house
every morning the old lady in her sari
every dusk
she burns her sweet incense to her gods
ganesha and buddha
buddha who proclaimed an independence of gods
now a god himself
she offers incense to her gods
she thinks of them
she honours them in her heart
she connects with the absolute reality behind the statues
she has her rituals
she has her remembrance
she has her communion
in a garden laden with white and red flowers
the old lady doth verily talk and walk with god
maybe thats just a metaphor
maybe thats the truth but not in a literal sense
maybe its deep without a meaning
i gotta go to “work” now

27 Responses to “alkaloid intermezzo”

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    Ricky | 15 February 2008 at 1:28 am #

    Miss you Mate!!!

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    matt davison | 15 February 2008 at 2:20 am #



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    the dean | 15 February 2008 at 3:20 am #

    handmade by robots

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    Anonymous | 15 February 2008 at 4:59 am #

    equal and opposite
    division of the daily cycle
    rotating around a sphere
    of time
    equal and opposite
    chasing one’s tail
    while staring your twinstar
    in its’ face

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    melissa | 15 February 2008 at 6:39 am #

    Words of wisdom today indeed SK … thank you so, so much. Feeling rather crook this arvo, but feel a bit better after reading this (and some peppermint tea :)).

    *sigh* .. I think I need a large dose of persistence & discipline .. I did attend a Dru Yoga class the other day though, which was brilliant. I feel like such a knuckle-head for not going more often.. I need to rectify this!

    Very inspiring read 🙂

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    sleepmonk | 15 February 2008 at 8:09 am #

    It is always wonderful to come to your blog everyday and get such Inspiration and Insight. It calms this restless heart and let’s me enjoy a few moments of reflection or clarity.
    I received my Steve Kilbey Live DVD in the mail a day before my 11 yr 9 month cat dies. Miles Davis was her name, she was female I got her at 4 weeks old. We both watch the whole DVD and I felt a sense of closure with the fire that destroyed my condo & my confidence in March 07. I lost everything I ever owned for 40 years, 26 years of writing, 19 Journals of prose and Haikus, Paints I did, 11 Paintings from other brilliant Artists, photographs, all of my music collection, clothes, etc. Miles was outside at the time and I was asleep and only made it outside in my underwear. I believe my cat knew I needed her during my transition. She lived long enough for me to trying and get back on my feet.

    I keep thinking of Buddha: The Noble Truth of Suffering. It helps reading A Buddhist Bible, The Book (on the taboo against knowing who you are), Tao Te Ching, Wabi-Sabi, some Charles Bukowski and listening to music that stirs my soul and helps me regain my focus. The Church, Steve Kilbey, Jack Frost, Gilt Trip, Miles, Coltrane, Monk, Mingus, Tord Gustavsen Trio, Hendrix and the ECM Record label. You create the soundtrack to my life and it easies pain and gives me perspective and lots of room to roam.

    I have been fortunate enough to see Miles Davis in concert in 1990, The Church in concert on 3 occasions in the 80s & 90s, magical nights that I will never forget.
    In short, thanks for helping someone you don’t know in Charlotte, North Carolina. You have touched the lives of so many, and I appreciate your work, your conviction and The Time Being.

    Robert Earl Lewis for photos of the fire and Miles Davis (my cat)

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    Hellbound Heart | 15 February 2008 at 9:20 am #

    …beautiful sleepmonk, and beautiful as well steve…i think that so often i forget to take things a bit easy, probably ‘cos i usually have 27 things on my mind and 27 things to do before i can rest…
    i live next door to an indian family who have a small temple in their house…at the same time every morning and night i hear the rhythmic chiming of finger-cymbles and the melodic chanting of worship…i’m glad that their faith gives them strength and nourishment…by the way, they’re the nicest people you would hope to meet…
    love always…

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    matt davison | 15 February 2008 at 9:45 am #

    Sleepmonk you are a pure champion.

    I was a pure chance that fire…

    but no pure chance you are here!!

    I alway’s wanted Our DVD to be viewed by cool cats..

    And now it has…….


    ps Melby Sim…I am gonna mail ya
    M D


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    fantasticandy | 15 February 2008 at 10:31 am #

    what a blog!
    words fail me….i don’t have enough skill with language to express my feelings at this moment.
    i have to channel these things through guitars and keys, this is the kind of stuff that inspires me to write.

    i thank the gods for you mr. kilbey…
    andy L.

  10. avatar
    fantasticandy | 15 February 2008 at 10:44 am #

    although i believe you to be quite possibly the most wonderful human being i have evey met…..
    because you are soooooooooo tardy at responding to your e-mails..they wind-up being deleted after a fortnight or so!

    so it’s going off again today….to KH, gmail and myspace.
    rsvp if you please!

    ‘starry night’ is just awesome isn’t it?
    i see a lot of that ‘spirit’ in many of yours….

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    Ethereal Butterfly | 15 February 2008 at 11:03 am #

    A gem of a blog today! Am so with this one,I’m listening, I hear you & the universe, I am THERE – TOTALLY!
    I saved my self from many lows in my life through discipline – the 1st being when I learnt the discipline of acting, the second – yoga, the third when at middle-age(not that long ago), through kind hearted folk, I learnt to sail, (something that I thought I could never do!) Just came back from an evening in ‘Swordsong’ and it is through discipline that I have found a glimpse of Nirvana…….
    Lets all go there together……………….auuuuuoooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  12. avatar
    cita | 15 February 2008 at 12:40 pm #

    I believe in you.

  13. avatar
    isolde | 15 February 2008 at 1:21 pm #

    turn the tap but never faucet

  14. avatar
    blackeyes | 15 February 2008 at 1:45 pm #

    good night, beautiful poet
    may the stars shine you dream
    may the clouds cover you gentely
    may the moonlight kisses your face
    and the night whispers a tale with deer and daisies in it

  15. avatar
    Jen Jewel Brown | 15 February 2008 at 1:57 pm #

    Sleepmonk, major bummer. I went looking for shots of Miles Davis but couldn’t find him. Tilley went to the big tree in the sky late last year. It was v premature and sad, esp for the kids.

    SK, another gorgeous blog

  16. avatar
    Bessa | 15 February 2008 at 2:05 pm #

    I read the mention of Lemuria (and your thoughts of science) in an earlier post and was given to wondering whether you think that science can find harmony alongside the esoteric?

  17. avatar
    Issakimani | 15 February 2008 at 3:00 pm #

    Love you Steve, you are a beautiful soul!!! I look forward to reading your entries. Never was really into blogs before.

    Sleepmonk, sorry for your loss of Miles and the fire. I saw the pictures. Miles was a sweet looking cat. I know the loss is hard; it will take time to feel better. I lost the love of my life in car accident in 2003. I feel a lot stronger, but I still have moments when I am alone and I cry a river.

    Difficulties may challenge mediocrity and defeat the fearful, but they only stimulate the true children of the Most Highs. (Morantia Mota #5)

    One Love,

  18. avatar
    matthew | 15 February 2008 at 3:23 pm #

    I like the direction you’re thinking in, SK! I’ll reflect more upon this I’m sure, under the milky fluoros of the Ministry Of Peace, on Monday… peace + love.

  19. avatar
    Brien Comerford | 15 February 2008 at 4:45 pm #

    Steve Kilbey intermittently writes some of the most divinely inspired prose that I have have ever read and tried to spiritually gauge. Today’s blog was written by a celestial mind of the highest order. The words of Steve Kilbey, John Wesley, The Prophet Isaiah, Empedocles and Mahatma Gandhi are mystical and solacing for the soul.
    There is a Creator, a Higher Power, a Supreme Being and an Eternal Spirit. Every Person, animal, bird, reptile, amphibian, insect and tree is imbued with the spirit of God. Revere all life.

  20. avatar
    davem | 15 February 2008 at 5:28 pm #

    Brilliant stuff SK.
    You know you’ve cracked it when going to “work” is to produce the magic you 4 create.
    God bless you.
    I hate working for the man. Trying to ease my way out, but it’s hard when you have the responsibility of mouths to feed. I feel I’m currently sacrificing myself for the kids. But I’m keeping my eyes open and looking for the right door to push…one that will open.
    Have a great weekend all you wonderful people on TTB. Love you Steve.

  21. avatar
    sleepmonk | 15 February 2008 at 7:07 pm #

    Thank you all for your responses and show of love & respect. I just wanted to share a part of me because I see how much Sk gives and all of you who read his blog. The amazing exchange of comments, prose and wisdom that is shared here at The Time Being. Sk, I do hope you still have plans on putting out a book consisting of your bloggy (Fast and Easy reminds me of Ted Hughes “The Crow”). All the best to you & yours.

    Sincerely a fan, friend & constant reader of all things at The Time Being.

    Robert Earl Lewis

  22. avatar
    Nicky the Noodle | 15 February 2008 at 10:40 pm #

    liked the blog today, but pizza – bad?!?!? – come on, you must be going to the wrong pizzaria . . . certainly doesn’t belong in the same category as tanks. what’s next, a fatwah on pasta?

  23. avatar
    Anonymous | 15 February 2008 at 11:05 pm #

    off topic which i know makes you a mr grumpy pants – but it is shameless flattery so perhaps you’ll forgive me – i have been listening to priest=aura a lot in the last few days and just now too. aura is a fantastic song – the bit where you do the list of what equals what is a moment of musical genius up there with anything else i can think of – i am under the influence of the herb so maybe thats it – but the words and bass together just sound amazing (goodness me i’m just so inarticulate). i really don’t know anything about your new stuff but your back catalogue gives me the right fucking horn.

  24. avatar
    Brien Comerford | 16 February 2008 at 12:36 am #


    Six to ten college students gunned down ten miles from my condo in suburban Chicago. Right-wing political gun zealots keep firearms flowing in the United States. They invoke our racist, slave-owning founding fathers who wrote about the right to bear arms. Even worse is America’s hunting lobby. A few million morally impoverished male sadists with guns who main, torture, cripple and massacre innocent wildlife species for sheer pleasure. Empedocles and I abhor and despise these violent reprobates with severed consciences.

  25. avatar
    heather | 16 February 2008 at 2:00 am #

    hear hear Mr K.
    Thankyou once again.
    music lives in the air, music only exists when it’s played and heard….it’s magic!
    music music music!!!! aren’t we blessed to have it?!

    love to all,


  26. avatar
    CSTCoach | 16 February 2008 at 4:07 am #

    this was really great. a manifesto for our times. i found myself nodding so many times, line by line, that i nearly ended up with whiplash.

    truly well said, druid.

  27. avatar
    jemalwade | 16 February 2008 at 3:53 pm #

    i’ll say what i usually say when i rarely comment on this blog because I only have time to drop in every couple of months in spurts, but here goes anyway; You’re one beautiful One SK. Thanks for the LOVE. Thar some song lyrics in this one.

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