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posted on February 10, 2016 at 9:32 pm
tiger skin jacket

tiger skin jacket

blanket of wands

gentle diametric pressure of leaving ever so slightly

the music being two emotions at once

the ages rush past all over the place

the synopsis abandoned

the blunt dream that knocks you round the astral

look what you leaving behind

more succinctly the ether

gasp your breath…if thats what it is…

we are rising now like archangels on ketamine or something

we are detached we are travelling incognito

silver chord a slenderly thread

just by thinking somewhere you are sometimes there

whirling above and passing right through

vibration shaking the heavenly body

maybe somethings gone wrong back in the past..?

and as it all catches up with you

it just reaches forwards through the decades

and pulls you right out the sky



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