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posted on May 22, 2016 at 12:41 am


singing david bowie numbers at the sydney opera house

with the sydney symphony orchestra

thats quite a gig i guess

i wasn’t too bad but i was not perfect either

and singing those songs right carries a whole lot more responsibility

than singing my own songs right..?

of course you know it does

because if i fuck up my own songs they are mine to fuck up

i can forget words i can play wrong notes i can get it all wrong

but the people don’t mind because its mine

so with bowies songs i didn’t get all the aspects right and ok

thats enough self flagellation

except there is room for improvement

the other singers were great

(boy tim rogers is a character on and offstage)

bowie was the best there ever was in my opinion

he was a prime mover moving beyond his own influences

to be the main man

a once in a century type

he was number one in every department

and his songs are masterpieces mostly

and for a good decade everything he touched was gold

and always flashes of brilliance too in the sometimes patchy later records

and his patchy is better than most other singers best

no one could ever underestimate how important he was to me

the symphony show will be coming eventually to a city near you

and even possibly going overseas to some strange places

it was the most exciting nerve-wracking fulfilling gig of my career

my good friends were there esp dave r, george e, chris b, mark a

natalie aurora eve and scarlet came and watched and enjoyed

after a drive home in a cab with eve and aurora and they get out

the cab driver, an old european gent says

you have fine and beautiful daughters. they are a credit to you!

and that just about ends the last of the sydney gigs

but there will be more to come

i will miss my compadres esp adalita whom i love like a sister

everyone was super nice and super pro

a bloody good gig! i am a happy customer

at least for awhile

more gigs and work on new solo album coming up!

adieu then

sk coogee bay sunday the 22 nd may 2016



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