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skrp*NEWSFLASH* Special guest announcement – “Steve Kilbey and Mark Gable – Discover Australia”  are very pleased to announce they have none other than former church drummer RICHARD PLOOG joining them for this ONE OFF special tour. Steve and Mark are honoured and excited to have Richard along for these shows, its been 25 years since SK and RP shared the stage (spoiler alert – setlist includes Choirboys and Church songs). You WON’T want to miss it!

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posted on March 2, 2015 at 2:38 pm
utah sword

utah sword

after san diego we drive all night

drop off a guy in vegas

now we are in st george utah

we are waiting till 4am to drive on to aspen colorado

tim and i found a hipster coffee joint

i had a vegan wrap. small mercies exist.

now its rainy . sitting on bus ready to go

reading a book about alex chilton

myself feeling disconnected



discontented too i guess

we are in the middle of nowhere it feels like

i made a girl blush in a supermarket blush with my accent

people in restaurants are questioning me and haugie where we come from

i do yoga in a day room

its a long long day

in a long long life

gotta keep track of everything

a night off for my sore fingers and throat

gonna read some more now folks

lotsa love


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the artist soul is open to and pounded by all the forces of creation, yet instead of shattering, is compressed into a radiant diamond. — alex grey, art psalms