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He’s everywhere at once

sk-best-3Of course it very easily could have all ended in tears for those he holds dear, stood by an early grave and lost for words but he thankfully dragged his sorry arse out of the gutter, relaunched his life and dealt with a few demons. When all is said and done I think that it’s fair to say that Steve Kilbey won’t die wondering.

A State of Grace: The Music of Tim and Jeff Buckley

Tim and Jeff Buckley’s legacy has inspired generations of musicians and listeners. The world premiere event A State of Grace celebrates their brilliant, complicated lives and music, bringing together six peerless singers — and musicians with an intimate understanding of the music of the Buckleys — teamed with images and stories. It is a moving, definitive portrait of two of the most beloved voices in rock, overseen by Gary Lucas, the legendary New York guitarist / composer who worked closely with Jeff, co-writing the immortal songs ‘Grace’ and ‘Mojo Pin’. “The music of Jeff and Tim Buckley is timeless and gracefully transcendental,” said Lucas, who sees this project as the culmination of his association with Jeff Buckley. “It lives forever in the hearts of those who have been touched by it. And it will continue to reverberate around the globe and seduce new listeners.”

Tim and Jeff’s music becomes a point of departure for an evening of soul-stirring reinterpretation and exploration in this trailblazing event. Assembled onstage to recapture the magic of Tim and Jeff Buckley’s songs are musicians with the depth, breadth and empathy to do them justice: Martha Wainwright, Casper Clausen (of Efterklang), Willy Mason, Camille O’Sullivan, Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Cold Specks, with Gary Lucas as musical director, backed by his renowned New York ensemble Gods and Monsters.


Wednesday 23 September 2015
Melbourne Recital Centre
Melbourne Victoria
Box office: 03 9699 3333

Friday 25 and Saturday 26 September 2015
QPAC Concert Hall
Brisbane Queensland
Box office: 136 246

Sunday 27 September 2015
Enmore Theatre
Sydney New South Wales
Box office: 13 28 49

Tuesday 29 September 2015
Melbourne Recital Centre
Melbourne Victoria
Box office: 03 9699 3333

Tickets on sale 9am Friday 5 June 2015
For more information and all ticketing information please visit

Produced by Gaynor Crawford and Kirsten Siddle
Commissioned by Melbourne Recital Centre through the support of the Hugh Williamson Foundation Creative Production Fund.

New video ‘Laurel Canyon – the church’

‘Pride Before A Fall – the church’


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posted on September 17, 2015 at 9:57 pm


an imaginary life superimposition on fabric de la realitie

solemn pillar of smoke rises from our heros joint

seeing things as they are who can trust their eyes

a wasp materialises in my room and climbs inside a solid glass bulb

whispers near my ears in an electronic voice presence

with my rainy tower in the basement

where i type tippity type

in an instant chocolate black magic womens singing

spring has blown open its shoots and out come storms

thrashed and flush with failure successfully endlessly

champion of the downtrodden mountain king Magnus

i am screaming out i am not me

sometimes you cannot move a muscle although you are awake

some say you sleep on in the heart of the land

the traps i set for myself are full and glutted with shreds

ding dong dell pussy’s in the well

little boy blue come blow up your horn

no maybe this has all happened before but still i wont believe it

the ladies in the gallery are all sighing unrequited silences

no violent brute from the future or raving caveman

craving no anonymity however i am given no name

but strong spirits in bottles bubbling to cause their trouble

a little manikin half mortal at the portal to usher blushing panic in

quite candidly i’d pander to you but you’d slander me

in my horrific fucking dreams where you sometimes hide trying to ride it out

in the sentient night which closes in roses thorns and leaves uncertain

curtained against city sky light the shadow of fallow morning

in lovely rooms like the cool tombs beneath a burning desert

we wander i become fonder of my freedom seldom despondent

my hands full of sand and random shells oh well it sells well

the aqua marine drive

neptune street up to dolphin ave

red brick three floors yellow lights  one bedroom windows

no vacancy monsieur

we have rejected this application

we never received any lovely attachment

somehow it was lost

never to be found








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