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‘Miscellanaea – Whispers In The Static’. Miscellanaea consists of bits and pieces collected between 2011 and 2013 – including instrumentals, commissioned songs, submissions, soundtracks, fragments and ambient pieces.


The CD is packaged in a digipack, and you will also be emailed a digital download as a thanks from us.


Digital download ‘without’ physical cd is available from


1. Flummoxed 02:36
2. Surge 01:39
3. The Weird Sisters 02:55
4. A Song For Debby & James 05:50
5. Persian Garden 04:12
6. Deserted Exstacies 01:43
7. Flock 02:03
8. Crooked Mile 03:14
9. Elegant Europe 01:36
10. Fragments Of A Vase 03:06
11. Poison 04:43
12. Latin Ate Thing 01:27
13. Seagirl 02:05
14. Carbon Nitrogen And Oxygen 02:19
15. A Song For Domenique 04:04
16. Stately Garden Music 02:04
17. Swagger And Stagger 02:00
18. And You’ll Leave Laughing 03:01
19. The Wild East 05:17
20. Undergrowth 02:50
21. The Panthalassic Sea 04:56


All music and words and everything else by Steve Kilbey Except ‘Poison’ (Alice Cooper, Desmond Child and John McCurry)

SK ‘Poison’ produced and mixed by Aaron Trew for cabaret “Dame of Thrones” Strings arranged by Aaron Trew.

Song for Debby and James words by D. Wikel

The Wild East written by Frank Kearns and Steve Kilbey. Guitar by Frank Kearns .

Art and much more by Sam Mayfair at ‘thetimebeing’

Thank you Simon Polinski for the mastering favour, I owe you one!

Thanks to Aaron and Frank for the music

And as usual a huge applause for John Tehranian, David Rundle and Kip McClanahan for without whom…

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