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“For an old n cynical devil I have been moved by the experience of playing for you all on Monday nights. It’s an exciting and nerve wracking process and I’m spending a lotta time trying to do my best and render these songs coherently  for ya . I’m touched !”






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15 June 2020


with George Ellis and Barton Price

8 June 2020

#SteveKilbey performs #SYDNEYROCOCO LIVE

an acoustic, classical set

Guests: George Ellis & Barton Price

6pm #Sydney Aus time


from his home, #Coogee #Australia

Steve: vocals & 12 string guitar

George: cello

Barton: percussion


1 June 2020

Part 2! #TONITE

#SteveKilbey with special guest German pianist #StefanHorlitz


6pm #Sydney Aus time

Monday June 1

A special acoustic set by Steve Kilbey, performing vocals live, accompanied by tracks from musician Stefan Horlitz on #piano, in Germany Musical keyboard


25 May 2020

#SteveKilbey with special guest German pianist #StefanHorlitz

#Remindlessness – Part I

6pm #Sydney Aus time

Monday May 25

A very special acoustic set by Steve Kilbey, performed with the beautiful resonance of his #12string Guild #guitar & Stefan on #piano


18 May 2020

no show this week

11 May 2020

#SteveKilbey performs a special classically inspired, with a little #boogiewoogie on the side set, NEXT MONDAY NIGHT,

LIVE from his home in #Coogee #Australia

6pm #Sydney Aus time
Monday May 11

Tune in to hear a very special acoustic set by Steve Kilbey
Performed with the beautiful resonance of his #12string #Guildguitar & George on #cello & other instruments


4 May 2020


“Here you go”
#SteveKilbey performs an ENTIRE #NEW SOLO ALBUM, LIVE from his home in Coogee Australia

6pm #Sydney Aus time
Monday May 4

These are brand new SK SOLO songs, being performed for the first time, exclusively on #instagramlive

(this #newmusic herein known as 11 Women)

27 April 2020

“Monday night . Hear me ‘do’ Heyday !!! Yeah baybee” SK on Instagram

#SteveKilbey performs #Heyday LIVE from his home in Coogee Australia 6pm #Sydney Aus time Monday April 27 #TheChurch‘s 4th album 1985 An acoustic set + the beautiful resonance of his Guild #12string guitar


20 April 2020.

Monday 6pm

April 20 2020

#SteveKilbey performs Sing-Songs / Remote Luxury / Persia

LIVE from his home in Coogee #Sydney Australia

1982 1984 1984

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15 April 2020


Due to a technical glitch, #SteveKilbey’s Monday night performance of The Church’s 2nd album, #TheBlurredCrusade, didn’t save for later viewing, so Steve is, once again, very generously performing the entire set again, for those who missed out.


13 April 2020

#SteveKilbey performs #TheBlurredCrusade LIVE from his home in Coogee Australia

6pm Sydney time

Monday April 13

Performed with the beautiful resonance of his Guild #12string guitar

This is #TheChurch’s 2nd album, 1982



8 April 2020

#GOODNEWS from @stvklby on instagram: “Yep. If ya missed it it’s coming back” Due to technical glitch, #SteveKilbey‘s Monday night #livestream of #TheChurch‘s 1st album, UK vsn (Aus vsn #OfSkinsandHeart) didn’t save, so Steve’s generously doing an #encore performance for you.

6 April 2020

“Yep . What that poster says. I’m prepping it now and it sounding gooooood…!” #SteveKilbey 6pm AEST Monday April 6

@thechurchband‘s First Album, UK release: #TheChurch see & hear a special performance by Steve Kilbey live from #Coogee Australia some songs live for 1st time




30 March 2020


“Seance all of it!  Don’t miss it!”



6pm AEST Monday 30 March

An #acoustic Set
by Steve Kilbey


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Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Amanda Kramer (Psychedelic Furs)

UK Tour September 2019

14/9/19 – CAMBRIDGE – Waterbeach Baptist Chapel (
15/9/19 – BRIGHTON (HOVE) – The Brunswick (
17/9/19 – BATH – Chapel Arts Centre (
18/9/19 – LIVERPOOL – Smithdown Social Club (
19/9/19 – MANCHESTER – Gullivers Lounge (
20/9/19 – EDINBURGH – Voodoo Lounge (
21/9/19 – NEWCASTLE – Cluny 2 (
22/9/19 – BIRMINGHAM – Kitchen Garden Cafe (
23/9/19 – LONDON – Slaughtered Lamb (

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posted on September 25, 2019 at 12:57 am

nicely ambidextrous

it starts with the flight

that interminable darkness with all the movies on the back of the seats

the smell of the aircraft food and walking around in the darkness

im already tired after we’ve flown the first inch but I cling on

crying my eyes out at stupid films I wouldn’t normally give the time of day

my back in shoulders ache wanting to stretch out my legs

blah blah we arrive in Hong Kong and negotiating all that

how do I know which frickin train to get on n off on

then the flight from Hong Kong to london

it lasts forever and another few minutes more than that

but the month the year the years are flying by fast as fast can be

one moment I was a kid waiting outside the school for my mother to get me

next minute im on a fucking plane

its god knows what time

I guess im over Mongolia or something

im so old im so tired im so weary

im crammed into my seat in the middle row

no aisle no nothing

the food is ok but I gotta sit there looking at all the other food thats coming too

finally I arrive in England

and a guy picks me up at airport

and drives me out to Amandas in the south west of England

it takes a couple of hours

im ecstatic to be off the plane

and we talk about Boris and Brexit and ww2

as we zoom thru the soft grey drizzle of 2nd of September

when I get to Amandas I seem to get jet lag for about a week

and I just sleep on and on and on

I wake up occasionally to stumble round the village and in the woods

its early autumn

we stop and eat blackberries but not all of em are that sweet

sometimes we rehearse the songs and run thru our paces

but mostly I seem to sleep

I miss my sea pool in Sydney and its rejuvenating qualities

after about 2 weeks Trevor turns up in the van

one sunny morning and we are off n running

down the M( insert number here )

the blur begins

the British motor services with all the cafes and little casinos

and every moto-place in Britain has a special on kids wetsuits

the endless coffees and almond chai lattes

the endless veggie burgers

the endless GPS telling ya where to go

Trevor has to miss a few gigs and I have to drive myself

if theres a way of making a wrong turn then I will do that

I get real unlucky in Edinburgh where the traffic is a bitch

round n round n round

till Ali jumps in the van and shows me where to make the illegal u-turn to get to gig

its murder out there folks

we already did this in the western states of the US but the cities there are easier to navigate

Edinburghs traffic is like a buddhist koan to be penetrated

I try not to lose the plot

its a herculean task all of it

carrying in the stuff

setting it all up

the long soundchecks trying to figure out how to make it sound ok

everyplace different every crew is different

every hotel is different

where do you park?

wheres the key?

wheres my reservation?

the music goes by in a dream

the time on stage which is time in a dream

the strumming guitar

the rippling and pounding piano

the old voice still sometimes surprisingly strong

I mean where is it all coming from?

some nights we hit some lovely things

the audiences were warm and kind

afterwards ya sign stuff then trudge all the gear out and drive away

more GPS malarky maybe or smooth sailing

we talk about the gig

yeah it was good

one morning you wake up n its today

Amanda flew off to Washington DC to play with the P Furs

im here at Heathrow in a day room or something

my flight is still a long ways off

being slightly on the spectrum I guess as you’d say

I suddenly miss being part of something and having a mission

and I feel becalmed in a room at the airport Ibis hotel

all that sound and fury of the tour

did it signify anything ..?

the people and the places and the wild blackberries

now I sit type type type

a truly gloomy room I will leave soon and go to the airport

my flight aint for hours but what can ya do?

adios amigos

see you soon hah!!



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