About TheTimeBeing.comwelcome adventurous stranger
welcome to the time being.com
this is your connection
this is your mainline
this is your one stop one shot one place
for all your many n varied steve kilbey needs
ok you know who i am
i was born last century
a long time ago
i reincarnated on this plane
as a bouncing post war baby in 1954 in hertfordshire england
n i moved to australia (thats in the southern hemi-sphere folks)
with my mum n dad when i was 3 years old
i got my first bass guitar at age 16 n i taught myself to play
i joined a “cabaret” band at 18 n starting to earn the big $ (ha ha)
i formed a couple of bands “precious little” who morphed into “baby grande”
we might bring some of that music to light here….
peter koppes was in both these groups too
in 1980 i formed the best group in the uni-verse called the church
we’ve made 2 million albums and sold over 30 copies
no hang on…
its the other way around ho ho
(i’m quite the cosmick joker, arent i?)
anyway i made loadsa records
i recorded loadsa songs
i wrote loadsa poems n blogs n a couple of books
i started painting too n i painted (you guessed it) loadsa paintings too
i dabble in acting n dancing and all kindsa artistic malarkey
this site is the result of a conversation i had with my texan internet guru
who said
hey sk you should get it all under one roof so to speak
so here we are now
i hope to get all my bits n pieces on here eventually
i got loadsa footage, videos , songs, snippets, etchings, unfinished things
i will be raiding the vaults to bring you everything that you couldnt previously get
including stuff you dont even know about
old poems old songs new songs interviews all the latest gossip
special odds n ends its all eventually gonna appear here
my blogs of course will continue here naturally
i hope to expand n expand until i swallow showbiz itself
plus showing off why people call me the last true renaissance man
(still left in my street)
there will be yoga tips, backstage scenes, demos, stories
tall tales n true from the legendary past
i hope to interact with thee here
and i truly welcome you
together we will explore our relationship
n build a timebeing community where like souls can congregate
i am excited and deliriously happy to bring you
the time being
lets get together and make it what we want
a work in constant progress
looking forward to the pleasure of yer company
much love