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New Edition Coming Soon!image1Good, Now and Forever, Music Reaches and Awakens…TAROT of the Time Being is a lovingly and intentionally crafted deck for the new millennium that seeks to paint a portrait of a world on the brink of ‘collective catharsis’ and desperately needing a push. Whether or not you’ve experienced tarot before or are a serious Kilbey enthusiast, this vision of Tarot inspired by over 40 years of lyrical verse and more than a decade of paintings, is just for you.2nd edition Box Set includes: special collectors box, standard sized deck of 80 Tarot Cards (2.75”×4.75”/70mm×120mm), and a 212 page book with 79 lyrics and 83 illustrations including a new forward from Donnette Thayer (Hex/Game Theory).Reviews: 

The King of Songs: Steve Kilbey’s Tarot Deck by Aug Stone

Robert Dean Laurie – “It’s something of an irony that the work of Steve Kilbey only begins to make sense when one has pushed one’s mind past the confines of linear thought into the realms of uncertainty, chaos, and non-sense. The path is immaterial. Whether one goes the route of Taoism, Sufism, Christian mysticism, or good old sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, one comes out the other side with a greater understanding. So now we have the Tarot of the Time Being and the crystal ball is shattered; its shards now organized from the life’s work of the poet, painter, and singer, Steve Kilbey, into a Tarot deck for the 21st century. I don’t know if this is the left-hand, right-hand, or middle-finger path, but Kilbey and his fellow traveler K.P. Buk have given us a living document that both illuminates its subject’s life and, potentially, will illuminate yours. Dive in at any point and you’ll come back bearing pearls.”

Special Note: 2nd edition sold out as of the Summer 2016 tour.