posted on December 31, 2018 at 5:00 pm


after the soy turkey is cut and the elderberry juice is put away

me and the twinnies frolicking on a sandbar out in the aqua sea

I have a vodka n orange juice with Adam in the green shade

people everywhere talk talk talk

so many people down at the beach

as the day goes long I fall into my dream

they all say hello to me tho most em aren’t sure who I am

voice in another room: who are you again..?

the water is effervescent and refreshing

eve and aurora are such lovely kids

the wind whistles in my dripping earrings

the sun burns down on pale English skin

ghosts of Christmas pass

if ever a man was drowning on dry land

my mind pulls me under

the universe in a drop of ocean water

life in a tiny second

hey man I met you at the state

some nice bloke with his kids

and you are..? I say

im no-one mate honestly 

I look out at the azurest coast

my hourglass daughters patiently tanning in the fading light

merry Christmas 

says the bloke and wanders away

so many stupid tattoos everywhere

the sand is soft and warm to my sensitive soles

the dream comes on then

I look around in wonder at it all

the sea the people the red Santa hats

its Christmas in my dreamy old dream

it takes on an anecdotal vignette quality

with everything set to ‘glow’

I musta seen a million Christmases by now

the swirling currents and the salty smell

always the girls lying in the sand and I’m talking to some geezer

the music plays on in my head

rings on in my ears

Christmas on Bondi beach

there is great variety

stunning Adonis youths from some euro winter strut arrogantly

lithe mermaids crash into pasty couch potatoes

the biblical looking guys kicking the balls

their female companions are all manicured n dyed queens of Sheba

I stop for awhile in the shade in a glade off the beach

where the twisted sea trees grow

what do I know

im dreaming it all up in my fevered night

the mosquitos whine

the cockroaches grind

the ants whispering in a procession across the floor

I banged me knee into something in the dark

the serpent in the tree says come hither to me

the leopard in my head says leave em for dead

sleep is elusive for a genius sometimes and for me too

I seep out of myself and rise up through the sky

down on earth my body walks around without a soul

the mind is control

I go into shop and I cop some  free sweets from a lolly jar

I meet my friend the rising star he knows who you are

hes on tv a few times a week

down on Neptune street we walk to his flat

he lives with some French chick and her cat

I stand out on that lovely deck and gaze at the cloudy night

its brilliance and stupidity inside of me having a fight

you can see my pool from here a green soft glimmer in the moon

soon midnight has come and gone and the ocean is still

we go to a Christmas party just up the road in Oberon street

its a big house with a lamplit garden with a crowd spilling out of the house

theres loads of famous people here the newsreader and the crims they never catch

theres the guys who plays drums with that big band that comes from overseas

theres that actress star of stage and screen she’s been on holiday in Viet Nam

I am gonna get an introduction i suppose after all she uses my song in one of her shows

some people drinking and jumping in the pool

no im at home in my bed and im sleeping

no now its New Years eve

Coogee is inundated with a million dodgy looking little types

carrying slabs of beer

while all around the signs flash ZERO ALCOHOL

the sea temp is cold

so a thousand tourists sit there not daring to go in

the fireworks tonite yawn

I only liked fireworks when I was lighting em and doing something stupid

but it’ll be same old rockets same old explosion

same old crowd going ooooh ahhhhh

same old claustrophobic being in the middle of a load drunken yobbos

bah fucking humbug again

come on midnight

let all the Hoi Polloi get home safely

until next year



your roving hero and reporter

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31 dec 2018








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