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You can now pre-order the latest Kilbey/Kennedy album ‘You Are Everything’, the ultimate chapter in their grand sonic trilogy!



Written and performed by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy, with Leona Gray, Hollie Houlihan-Mckie, Jason Bunn and Jen Anderson.

Mixed by Simon Polinski.

Mastered by Greg O’Shea.


Steve and Martins’ collaboration evolved from a mutual admiration of each others’ work and has so far produced two acclaimed albums Unseen Music Unheard Words (2009) and White Magic (2010). The Age newspaper calls Unseen Music Unheard Words “a journey into an alternate invisible world, a radiant abstract emotional energy filled with light and shadow and beautifully expressed. One of the highlights of the year” and describes White Magic “tickles the senses with various dips, twists and turns, sounding like something created out of freeform expression and spontaneous grooves. Amongst the many onion layers of sound and Eno-inspired weirdness, there are atmospherics inspired by one David Lynch and plenty of light and airy acoustic guitar.”



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Tracklist: You Are Everything (2013)

1. I Wouldn’t Know
2. Everyone
3. Lorelei
4. Knowing You Are In This World
5. I Find
6. East Side West Side
7. A Better Day
8. All The World
9. Brother Moon Sister Sun
10. Can’t Get Free
11. Finale


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