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The new album from Steve Kilbey of iconic Aussie space rockers The Church and writer of the classic ‘Under The Milky Way’ & Martin Kennedy of ambient instrumentalists All India Radio.


Pull back the red velvet curtain, switch on a spotlight and allow Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy to summon up their own brand of hypnotic reverie.


Following on from their debut Unseen Music Unheard Words they prove their pairing is no side project but a fully fledged musical force on their second album, White Magic, a collection of 11 songs, lyrical secrets and a bed of Lynchian drenched atmospherics that will beguile and seep inside the consciousness of any unsuspecting listener.




Tracklist: Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy (2011)

• The Demo 03:48

• Close 03:52

• Intense 03:22

• Inner Country 03:32

• Unfocused 04:01

• Mountain 03:30

• Hope 03:37

• Dreamstate 03:24

• Sumer 03:30

• Messiah Around 03:11

• The Broken Sea 03:03

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