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Gilt Trip – one unmodulated cumulus of cloud. 9 years after the original Gilt Trip, comes this spectacular follow-up – more gossamery instrumental tracks coated in the bitter dews of regret. Musical poetry by an imagined poet – this collection keeps its head above ambience but draws on its peaceful depths. Russell P. and Steve Kilbey team-up this time with illustrious Bondi composer – Michael Hanlon, to create a cd which will lull you from the edge of your seats.


15 spooky, scintillating, glimmering and tenebrous tracks which form the perfect soundtrack to your late night or early morning conundrums. This album is going to be a favourite at every intelligent dinner party for years to come. The perfect companion piece to Steve & Russell P. Kilbey’s ‘Gilt Trip’ – throw open the doors of musical perception and finds two spectral cds you will be taken away by…


Tracklist: Gilt Trip – Egyptian Register (2005)


• Lemuria (3:37)
• Hypnogogue (3:30)
• Lyonesse (1:56)
• A Night In Namibia (2:26)
• Tashbaan (4:05)
• Rosa Mystica (3:36)
• The Minotaur (2:15)
• Summer Asteroid (3:19)
• Incident In Ankara (2:23)
• The Tripleworld (3:26)
• Aquanesia (3:38)
• Quetzalacoatl (2:55)
• Fletcher Christian (2:39)
• The Arctic Antarctic (3:42)
• Pteradactyl Syncromesh (2:10)

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