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If you were aware of the best work by The Church; this will certainly ring a bell. Kilbey’s silky evocative voice seductively narrates his suitably dreamy lyrics over Kennedy’s cooly opiated atmospheric song structures, recalling nothing so much as The Church at their most stately, subdued and grand – George Parsons Dream Magazine.


4.5 STARS. Occasionally side projects can be something really spectacular. Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Martin Kennedy (All India Radio) have been working individually in separate cities on a series of songs that bury you in lavish dreamscapes. – Reverb Magazine


4 STARS Ever since Air’s Moon Safari came out in 1998, the term ‘chillout’ seemed to be forever hijacked by Ibiza compilations. Fortunately Martin Kennedy, the man in charge of All India Radio’s downtempo instrumentals since 1999, knows that while cheese and fine wine complement each other, their respective musical equivalents don’t. So does The Church supremo Steve Kilbey; firm adherents to the quality aesthetic, the two share a similar approach to music-making. – Rave Magazine



Tracklist: Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy (2009)

• All Is One 04:33

• Eyes Ahead 03:47

• My Will Be Yours 03:25

• Maybe Soon 03:32

• Stretch Into The Stars 05:08

• Uh I Dunno 04:47

• Thought Of Leaving 03:51

• Another Place 04:04

• Love Increased 04:13

• The Other Place 03:45

• Naked As A Star 03:28

• Friends Are Gone 06:22

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