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It all started as a tribute. A thanks. A return of inspiration. Jeffery Cain (Remy Zero) handed Steve Kilbey (The Church) a disc mysteriously credited to “Isidore.” Much to Cain’s surprise, what was once an instrumental came requited by words and melody sung in Kilbey’s distinctive baritone – a collaboration was born. 8 years later Isidore has reappeared! Life Somewhere Else is a sprawling epic featuring another sterling vocal performance by Kilbey (perhaps his best ever) and Cain’s sterling sonic alchemy. Haunting and beautiful, Life Somewhere Else has a power beyond its corporeal form. It’s a masterpiece.


Tracklist: Isidore (2012)


• Belle In Mid Air 04:52

• Just Dust 04:33
• Life Somewhere Else 03:35
• Oh My Sky 06:19
• Old Black Spirit 04:54
• The Privateer 07:53
• Readymade 03:48
• Reappearance 05:18
• Recoil 03:16
• Some Reverse Magic 05:16
• Song for the Moon 04:12

• You Will Remain 03:41

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