posted on November 12, 2012 at 10:55 am

‘ave a go ya mug!



my new album

a sprawling drawling falling myster-piece

42 years of bass guitar

oh hyper-draw

oh resonated space texture

oh ragtime noodle bang crash wallop

oh rocknrollin’ bitch for you


oh i’m talkin’ my album up

oh apocrypha …are you the blessed record ever made?


so low

so high too

guitar screamin’ at me through the sonick mysts

pounding away them debils riddims

all this music art my fingertips

i am a delirious dervish knew nothing

i contain music in here …(struggles)

jamming with myself oh

a strategy for everything

a shame when i die a million recording secrets

how i get my sound

how do i know what i’m doing?

i dont

i am guided by a pop instinct so fierce it devours triple yes album for brek-fest

i am coming down hard now my fender jazz oh watch out

you rubbery snaky thing you unquantized mess

apocrypha unfinished like life yet

thank you for all the songs wherever they come from

i guess i ripped em from a uni-vurse next door

i guess i burnt em deep in my hardest drive i got em down pattern

i guess you can just go anywhere and i just do

i wander wherever the tune wanna go

i just hold on tight

i pick up some lyrics at the gate

some birds were singing ooh la la apoc-rypha 

i’s pickin’ up on this crazy fuckin nature thing a high a real high

ooh la la apocrypha 

so i pick up my axe and i spring onto my feet

and a bassline comes thrummin’ down the line

boom boom boom

oh i knock myself out on the ceiling

bang i put my head through the sky

i up in a cloud now but my fingers still pluckin’ at the string

ooh la la bay-bee apocrypha

i say a spell

i know damn well you need this one so bad now

apocrypha oh you dying star oh remote and far


what can i say

the hype starts here!

insert your own life !

coming soon





see for a mug story

20 Responses to “apocrypha now!”

  1. avatar
    Tanya | 12 November 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    You are becoming quite the master of marketing!

  2. avatar
    BROKEN TOYS AND HEROS | 12 November 2012 at 3:01 pm #

    Bring it on Killer !!!

    …sounds to me that ‘not havn a plan’ …is the plan ??!!!!!!!

    Cannot wait !!! New release music is at an all time low right now…

    Many , I believe , will agree…but we must wait…if the new one is
    half as good as PK than its gonna be better than the garbage that’s out
    here now ……wishing for you, as always, the very best of LUCK !!!

    Bring it home big brother – bring it fuckn home !!!


  3. avatar
    Anonymous | 12 November 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    That name’s been done to death — long, long before decided upon it — so stopping going on as if you came up with it!

  4. avatar
    Chris | 12 November 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    ‘Cept u r a gent for composing more and more brilliant music….nothin’ vulgar ate about it….nothing Apocryphal about it….we know exactly where it came from and who wrote it…together….a brilliant partnership!

  5. avatar
    andy | 12 November 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    ‘unquantized’….oh yeah baby!
    keep it organic………

  6. avatar
    hellbound heart | 12 November 2012 at 7:52 pm #

    APOCRYPHA!!! New Album!!!!
    Man, I had an orgasm just thinking about it…..

  7. avatar
    princey | 12 November 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    Sounds like it’ll be an amazing album sk, can we have it before xmas???xxxx

    • avatar
      thetimebeing | 13 November 2012 at 6:45 am #

      i hope so ,number one fan!

      • avatar
        princey | 13 November 2012 at 9:04 am #

        Would be great to have a few copies for sale at The Corner and The Factory shows, but I know that’s not going to happen as the shows are only a few weeks away….counting down the days now, can’t wait! 🙂

  8. avatar
    Kohl Ette | 12 November 2012 at 10:04 pm #

    I’m recovering… maybe even from being a fishwife and somewhat addle pated on anaesthesia? I seem to recall brainstorming maybe aloud that I wanted sk mugs in an sk kimono on sk linen. Holly n you are very intuitive. Then, perhaps it’s not an uncommon fantasy. But does it extend to trays, serviettes, butter knives and dishes, milk jugs, teapots? Look just go a whole cutlery (resin handpainted handles?) and dinner set range + curtains, rugs, screens, towels. No just open a whole boutique hotel with a vegetarian restaurant and the church could play there regularly. Get an architect to design a special kind of building, I imagine something like Bilbao or Gaudi and you of course could interior decorate. I magine little samples of organic toiletries that people couldn’t resist secreting in their sk bags? Just an idea.

  9. avatar
    thetimebeing | 13 November 2012 at 6:43 am #

    thus spake zara thustra !

  10. avatar
    Kohl Ette | 13 November 2012 at 7:14 am #

    Not that I’m a capitalist. If you wanted to be more hippy with the range, you could stick to beachwear, a la life on the rocks, (vegan) cafe life, saris, yoga wear, a picnic range for rushcutter’s bay park or the botanical gardens etc… imagine cinema under the stars with a fold up sk banana chair. What about handpainted hammocks? Thinking ahead, keeping warm for winter.. ponchhos and knitwear, work intensive but you could consult with Jenny Kee on that maybe.

  11. avatar
    thetimebeing | 13 November 2012 at 9:11 am #

    well ok

  12. avatar
    Kohl Ette | 13 November 2012 at 9:16 am #

    On a roll – listen, seriously. You have to open your own pool and spa. It’s going to be better than the Bondi Icebergs, no swimming clubs taking up the lanes. You can lead meditiation and chant soothing mantras to people on deluxe packages needing healing and you will have designed all the accoutrements. There will not be arguments about the amount of steam in the saunas. It will be nirvana not necessarily in name, that’s not very original, but in spirit. These are mere suggestions, in no way prescriptive.

  13. avatar
    Gavin | 25 November 2012 at 6:43 pm #

    Oh heavens! Please tell me there will be real drums and not a cheesy drum machine!

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