posted on December 18, 2005 at 6:33 am

whats thissss my fiendssss?
poh lice men all over bondi
checkin for weapons
marchin up and down the boardwalk
and theres a heavy metal band in the pavillion
and theres hardly anyone but locals on the beachie
and its a loverly day, my little angels
albeit a little windy
big daddy ignores the warnings
takes the swedish pair
the american pair for a swim
up the northern end
thankfully without any incidents
brothers sisters
peace love
why are we fighting?
its human nature, thats why
never thought itd hit me and david lanes own private beachy
house sitting for some friends
got me own little data machine
no nassssty b packers
so sk
we wanna see what ya got to say fer yer self now
now the tourie hass been n gone
now the noise has died down
the applause has faded in yer ringin’ ears
now the whites have hit the white king
now yer basse in back in ye olde pawn shoppe (thats a little joke, kidsss)
now yer talent and charisma have been folded into their roadcases
and put on ice
ready for usa 2006
now that your callouses are softening
and yer throat is less husky
now what…..?

well, my people
thats a good question
and i thank that kind and perceptive fellow who asked it
was mah bloggy a tour only phenonomon?
now the fat lady has sung
now the partys over
is more bloggy finished too?
or does it have a life of its own
i dont wanna bore ya if ya dont wannit
give me that much credit

lets see
lets see
i aint to proud to beg
id go down on my (cyber)knees, but its no good to try
sitting up here in c and a-ms plaice
they shouldda been chords
thats another wee joke , you hyaenas
so laugh it up a little
i am a little directionless today
off to a little dinner tonite in the bondi area
oh sk, god rest ye merrye olde gentleman
let nothing you dismay

as i said i dont believe in darwinism
i havent for a long time
and everyone said i was mad
they looked at me as if i had said the sky didnae exist
or that i thought the sun went round the erf
or whatever
(insert yer own incredulous comparison here)
and now at least theres a bit of a debate
yer allowed to at least say…..hang on a minute!
any way whatever yer beliefs
(and ya know what, it doesnt have to be the two ridiculous extremes offered to us now)
its worth thinking about
where the fuck did we come from?
does this feel like an accident to you?
can you believe all this stuff got here and keeps doin’ its thing by chance?
any way
i gotta go off and get some christmas spirit
an then have it exorcised
and i gotta find some vegan sausages
and some non alcoholic whisky
and some organic speed
ah, thats all…..

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    laetitia | 18 December 2005 at 8:03 am #

    please please please keep the bloggy alive 🙂

    millions of readers all over the world need their daily fix

    maybe you could keep us updated on the latest road blocks in bondi?
    tell us what’s really happening there instead of whatever the papers choose to report
    things are pretty quiet here south of bondi in coogee
    the only disturbance i can report is cops blasting xmas carols from their vans

    thanks for your blog, we can’t have new SK songs every day, but at least we have your daily blog to look forward to…

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    Anonymous | 18 December 2005 at 8:37 am #

    I’ve found your blog amusing and insightful, and would be sad if you stopped posting.

    Hope you and the girls have a very happy Christmas!

    Jill E.

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    eek | 18 December 2005 at 8:59 am #

    Most of my life feels like an accident — sometimes a happy accident, sometimes not. Often I think if there is some creator out there it’s a mean son of a bitch. Other times I’m more mellow.

    Statistically, even thinking of this world as created by accident isn’t as great of a stretch as it might seem at first glance… and when you think of it, what’s the chance that something/someone would actually plan this out? And what created that being or thing? Sometimes that seems an even greater accident.

    I don’t see evolution and a faith as mutually exclusive. I find it interesting that the Catholic high school and Catholic college and Quaker college I went to had no problem teaching strictly scientific theories in science classes, but now some public school boards think that is horrible. Go figure.

    Besides, science education (in the US) sucks badly enough without taking time out to teach philosophy in science class when it is more suited to literature and even history class. (my little rant for the day 😉 )

    Oh, and I still love the blog.

    (aka — that cranky bitch)

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    Anonymous | 18 December 2005 at 10:19 am #

    yeh keep it up…im not into this bloog business but then I find myself reading and reading…strangely addictive and satisfying…strangely…

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    Anonymous | 18 December 2005 at 3:35 pm #


    How could one believe in Darwin and explain the thugs in the same breath…

    Devolution more like (Devo where right!)

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    Anonymous | 18 December 2005 at 8:31 pm #

    Not sure we can agree on Darwinism or even on the value of blogs to the world, but yours is fun, and it is something quite different in the blogosphere—intelligent, amusing and updated dailyish. What more…?

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    Dave | 18 December 2005 at 9:52 pm #

    SK — love the blog – really enjoying part of my day,

    And check those counter hits !!!!


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    Brian | 18 December 2005 at 11:41 pm #

    Just to correct a little something – “Darwinism” is a term usually used by creationists trying to make evolution sound like one man’s crankish idea. It’s not – it’s the central tenet of biology and is tested daily in labs all over the world. What is used, and taught, now is called the Modern Synthesis, of which Darwin’s Theory is one part. Check out for more, and the always groovy for information, and the utterly useful for FAQs out the wazoo on this very subject.

    Can you guess where my opinion lies on this subject 🙂 ?

    And this blog should never stop!

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    Anonymous | 18 December 2005 at 11:46 pm #

    AND the secret to the perfect space rock song? (no sorry, you’ve known that for years)
    if you leave blog, can we come too?

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    Anonymous | 19 December 2005 at 12:22 am #

    The question is not whether we want to read your comments as to how long you can keep going. Commitment to a faceless few. You have the white clothes, bat on I say.

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    Eros Oh Terry, ick! | 19 December 2005 at 12:29 am #

    Oh sk, ks, skks, kssk …

    Tsk, tsk! … don’t be daft (hold onto the raft, it’s your craft) … and hey, yeah, don’t be like old Hong Kong … perish, abort and thwart the thought of no longer leaving your mental traces in theseherethere cyber spaces …

    Why are we fighting? Well, yeah, it’s like, as you know, we’ve got a malicious, pipsqueak, dickhead leader, and, like, he’s, like, been reading his Freud, and, yeah, he understands that it’s always possible to bind a group together with love, just so long as there are some left over on whom the group might vent its aggression. (After the demise of our beloved leader there will be chanting, cheering, celebration-on-the-street – we just can’t tell who we adore the least.) Oh, woe betide, for Eros is, today, feeling unwell, indeed is positively sick.

    But, yeah, you know, I revered rather than reviled your revelation (baby, it’s beautiful) re: Darwinism, cos, like, for me, it’s always just vaguely been accepted, like vaguely, there’d been, like, an acquiscence to the doxa and, like, doxa sux, ok? So, yeah, when you’re handed a doxa you’ve gotta, like, add at least one para to make it a paradoxa. And, with that done, one’s comments are, like, thence free to commence up on the Lewis Carroll waltz: ‘do cats eat bats?’ is as good as ‘do bats eat cats?’; the younger becoming older than the older, the older becoming younger than the younger. ‘Which way, which way?” asks Alice, cos, like, she has the non-common-sense to know that the Paradox will always take her in both directions at the same time. So, yeah, and yay, like, I’m with you (and with lewis and with alice) all the way in your challenge to dump (on) the doxa of Darwinism. The priest does equal the aura, the enemy does always equal the adorer, and, like, the priest could be anyone when the north meets the south and the right meets the left.

    But here’s a (paradoxical) thought: what if Darwin was, like, himself, the first anti-Darwinist, the first Darwin-doubter? Okay, then, like, let’s begin by quietly setting aside ‘On the Origin of Species’, and, like, settle down to a gentle perusal of ‘The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin’. Well, like, this is weird. “I cannot think that the world … is the result of chance; and yet I cannot look at each separate thing as the result of Design … I am, and shall ever remain, in a hopeless muddle” (vol.2, p.353) Mr Darwin writes in a letter to Asa Gray. Indeed, the idea that chance cannot explain the world is an ongoing refrain in many other letters to Asa Gray. And then, like, check out what he wrote to a Mr Graham: “you have expressed my inward conviction far more vividly and clearly than I could have done, that the Universe is not the result of chance” (vol.1, p.316).

    Oh dear, I must away but, like, for the time being, yeah, the being of time does seem to warrant some serious consideration. As in Erskine’s discovery re: his ‘origins’, like, you know, Time is your father.

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    Anonymous | 19 December 2005 at 1:20 am #

    Where did we all come from?
    Do we need it to be words, theories or beliefs?
    I mean, do we need something from the past that we reflect back on from the present? After all what sustains the present, would have to be here in the present with us wouldn’t it? It would have to be us in someway wouldn’t it?
    Evolution would appear to be something looking for a way to experience itself incrementally better all the time, but maybe the next step is individual not structural?
    “Forget yourself” anyone?
    After that less talk.

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    Ron | 19 December 2005 at 3:55 am #

    I don’t think we and all of this are here by accident either. People forget about past lives because they chose to do so as a soul before incarnating from my experience. I don’t believe it’s the doing of any angel or creator(s) or any requirement to come into body on this planet.

    Why choose to forget? The reasons maybe many and unique to any soul. One reason I see is that there has been so much drama in the past and it is quite complicated to put it short. For one we have planets that aren’t what they used to be(the moon, mars, Venus and others). Plus we are presently without planets that used to exist.

    I believe we had technology far more advanced in the past than we have in the present time. I don’t believe technology is evil in itself, only the wrong intentions of someone behind it.

    Drama! Control, jealousy, greed and too much of that over and over. The story is so big!

    Another possilbe reason to forget is that maybe there have been and are people in your life that promised before incarnating to be a much better person to you in this life than in the past somewhere. Maybe you did that type of promise too. Maybe some of these souls we encounter in this life were the complete opposite of what we were. I believe souls make all kinds of agreements like this.
    Maybe your car broke down last week and you ended up needing to buy a new one and the reason is that before this life you agreed to support someone who works at that car dealership. Maybe this person in turn supported you in a previous life by buying something from you. Maybe they promised to buy or support you in the future somehow.

    From this point of view you’d be quite surprised at how many agreements like this exist.

    Souls talk to each other, that is my belief. Many before coming into body can decide on various possible occupations and make agreements with other souls. At the same time I don’t believe that it is all pre planned throughout life if you will. It’s a choice that can go anyway depending on the circumstances.

    The weather. I don’t think it’s an accident. I believe souls vote on the weather conditions in their communities and personal reality. For example tornadoes are a strange phenomenon. They take houses apart and leave books still standing on shelves. They leave the house next door still standing while demolishing another one next to it.

    Souls always existed in whatever their unique way was i believe. I don’t believe it is or was any creator here that made you and made you for the reason of worship to him or it. Souls are making themselves. Your here on this planet learning this type of existence whether it be playing music or baking pies. These are things angels do.

    Most likely this time around your baking an apple pie using/learning a different energy than in your previous life.

    He he he, I like apple pies in this life.

    Angels are already here on the planet and always have been, that is my belief. They maybe in disguise. Their numbers far more than you know. They may make you laugh or make you sing. They may make you dance and twirl around in shoes you thought you’d never wear. They maybe the ones driving the cab as you come from the airport with a few sound words or just a nice smile. They maybe your firefighter or, pastry maker! They maybe that gorgeous female you saw walking out of the restaurant.

    Twilight. She is angel I like. Her name used to be known. Some souls in the past said she wasn’t real. Some said she was evil. I believed she was good and others did too in the past. I still believe it!
    She is beautiful to say the least!

    Anyway that’s my few bits.

    thank you for posting your thoughts here. I hope you are gifted for doing so as I feel I am by getting to read. I hope you are not discouraged by anyone who would post anything useless towards you.

    You have a gift and that is evident, and what a wonderful one it is!
    Without spewing out your various lines here, you have a sense of humor that has laughed my guts out all too many times over the years. One that lives on long after I’ve pulled off my headphones.

    Laughing again!

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    sue c | 19 December 2005 at 1:25 pm #

    Visitors finally left and now Im too tired to add my thoughts on the meaning of life. Dont you go anywhere Steven! Its so nice to come here and see what’s up in your part of the universe. Im reading your blog backwards tonight but thats ok, thats how I read the paper.The tour may be over but that has to mean you have more time for this, yes? … love having your new book and meeting up with Neuman again and Im going to bed before I start rambling … Vishnu is watching over me while Im sleeping.

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    Anonymous | 20 December 2005 at 3:28 am #

    Angels eh… everybody and their Angels,
    What about Zombies or werewolves, you dont hear the Zombie campaign ringing out the cemetaries any more?
    whatup wit dat..
    The Universe, the Universe, the Universe is WOW!!
    and the channels are internal,
    the universe is internal,
    eternal in a finite internal and externally infinite = me and G.O.Dangalicous
    And just then…
    the asteroid remembers its pastlife and tinks damn I really F’ed those dinosaurs.. but never asks himself why..
    Is it love!! is it luck!!!

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