Some helpful hints to stimulate your enquiry –


• I want to give you feedback on your site
• I would like your feedback on “__________”
• I’m interested in getting some songwriting lessons
• I’m interested in getting something painted
• I have a project that I want your help with
• I have a question for you
• I have a declaration of romantic intent
• I have unsolicited feedback
• I have a grievance to air
• I have a formal apology to express (heartfelt or forced)
• I have a statement of gratitude to express (heartfelt or forced)
• I have an official invitation or request your participation in a happening
• I have a request for compensation due to a debt of inequality
• I would like to help support


Disclaimer – I may not reply to your request, because while I want to reply to everything, some things aren’t worth replying to. But someone will get back to ya.

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