posted on August 26, 2012 at 2:28 pm

starring astrid aurora and eve proudly modelling their time being tea shirts (sure!!)

it occurred to me whilst talking to holly who handles my art empire

that i had been painting exactly 10 years now

since i began in 2002 as a suggestion of my brother john

who asked me to do some artwork for freaky conclusions

he auctioned it off at the end

and there was a demand for more

and so i started painting

struggling at first then steadily progressing (i guess)

anyway i am pleased to offer you 2 of my paintings on a t shirt

fall in love also the cover of monsters n mirages box set

this a paining from a photo of me for starfish photo session

secondly we have jesus in bondi

a lovely handsome happy messiah strumming in a bondi flat

please feel free to buy a tee and walk around in it!

thank you


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