posted on December 10, 2013 at 11:44 am


in the deep arctic hole in my heart

where a lake of ache lies

the drowning city of sham

under waves of pity and scorn

when i heard them sing my song

the music travelled back in time towards me

from a future i will never know

the blindsided visionary backstage then

the alpha and epsilon

the flash of a flint the gasp of a crowd

the burning sea laps at the dirty sand

the thunder above us to say god will never love us

we still chant and supplant the suppliant rhyme

in time and both spaces we come face to faces

i am jonah on this aeroplane throw me off!

i plummet through the clouds but i still scoff

look i strap on my axe my fender stradivarius cumulo nimbus

but my blistered eyes cant see the redline coming

in rockpools by the sea see me sitting there strumming

god i cry for everyone i weep for rome

my tears would wash london clean back home

my scalding crocodile tears for my twins as they sing away out there

my skinny twins every day is a new beginning let the twinning begin

in some frozen city those pretty kitties dream their pop

i reach out in the dark recess of past i lived too fast

i guess the smack caught up with me at last

i shoot money up my arm howcome my brain is empty of the ready

i took a hit in the pit of my stomach rendered me unsteady

its hot in my room some wild zephyr doth fucking blow

whats a pansy like me doing in this tropical ruin i’ll never know

i wrote some chords but they were swords unto my ear

throw me off this craft i’m falling after all

plunger i tear through the sky like a stone

clutching wildly at vapours and mists we all fall alone

ive forgotten the words and i’m out on stage

the music from yesteryears back pages unleashed from its cage

man its like a shock wave as it travels back at me at the mic

and suddenly the phrases light up my limpet soul mighty quick

and on each side my identical daughters like mirrors to the slaughter

and the pilots voice comes on crooning i didnt know he could sing

you gotta let me off this plane really now i understand everything

and the pilot sings

why dont you why dont you why dont you

fall away

with me…?



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