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unable to align it or even define it the mechanical centre soft inside the rising sun moments of your life seem like a joke i smoke another broken bone just another bloke on the phoney i moan and i groan within my stone one month into winter i am isolated within think tank i hear so much talk about jesus i suppose he is walking about somewhere in the morning i am strong but as evening comes on i grow weaker and weaker the night is an arrow a leak in a sleeker beaker god the great scientist cooking it all up we made up some stupid rules that dont mean nothing i got a parking ticket at my own funeral dont suppose i have to pay it now the damn lamb of man the lion of aether heaven admit me and no readmission i petition saint peter who lives within the vegetal and call upon our lady among the aquatics dearest krsna who loves the sweet cows lady of the ache in greenest eire land my sister kathy trapped within another world gorgeous light of mahayana right the great vehicle which ushers us all through that beautiful door that door somewhere leading you back to somewhere you get on a bus one day or you walk away from school impatient like gazelles in holding cells apart the elegant element of mercury quicker and yet still dead excepting everything that still lives will swear a pledge to bring me back that giantess would not weep for my five hundred sins upon a salt encrusted rock outside a cave i smuggled stuff befuddled i am the man you see everyday at the shore oh my children gather round me each an enchantment some genie has blessed me in spades they say but now my drabness drowns me in grey my glib tongue falters like a poultice in my mouths wound my dangling limbs akimbo will we know the difference between nirvana and limbo..? but now sleep beckons and a dreamy oblivion i will spend on the run as the thing pursues me relentless ever vigilant in some crimson chamber within

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