posted on May 21, 2015 at 10:28 pm
 hands some thing back

hands some thing back

in aquatic pattern reefed and ribbed

i ascend in bubbles upward towards the dark night overhead the sea

away from the light of the submarine city which pulses in dull throbbing glow

many many fathoms below

in the element of water rising into aether

lives within a dream

dreams within and over lives

i have been everyone and everything

there was always a me behind all of them

the liquid law of all jungles

the precision of a beat in the heart of a symphony

the grumbling thunder that wakes me suddenly

the sea at night is a lonely place

in the hooded shadow of the choppy waves a dim beacon

the fresh and sweet water rain on the salt skin

the rubber suit like a sleek seal

gills of a man lie within my head set

in the fiery trail of andromeda in eastward skies

a living rising star burst from the nothingness

a cold new seraphim now guarding over our eden

eyes of blank marble fixed over the orchards

the land is so much faster

i ride glaciers through palaces and minarets

making incision in poppy watch the treacle ooze out

in wildest vision webbed fingers pull me in

where the shoulder fits into the chest mind has settled

spears rip through peaceful island dusk with a soft whirr

the moonlight on the surface in tiger striped black and glare

i remember the way you moved beneath the lightning sheets

the confident sinking into the floor then you were gone

in treacherous caves half flooded with sunset

and drowned doomed villages subsidence in lake

little fishes swim through the drawing rooms

and serpents hide like eels

in the roots of a white undersea mountain




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