posted on April 26, 2012 at 10:03 pm

eden amiss

nature redoubled

lost its head

it crushes the landscape

the succulents writhe and gambol

vegetal sisters i implore thee

your magic is too much tone it down

listen now before this island drowned

our distant anthem lingers on the waves again

when the lord strode from the waves with his trident and disc

with his flame drops and watery beard and his conch and mace

the god walked out of and over the water

he walked beyond all our skies and farther above

out of our memory into star desert

there he battles Set whom he never can vanquish

who unleashes this torment that rains on mankind

poseidon the ocean poseidon the sea

a monster reaches towards us under the waves

but i am delirious and a stranger at that

neither a beggar man nor king nor no captain

i sing songs of the heroes who live on in our hearts

the handsome adonis who slew many maidens

crafty odysseus escaping some doom

stupid narcissus his mind was a mirror

hermaphroditus neither here nor there

forgive me sweet lady i find myself rambling

some spirit possesses my tongue and it wags

some voodoo skull has blinded my ear

some sacrifice made has blunted my eye

some hag or a witch concocting a spell

i upset too many people you know

i hide in the forests where no body goes

i am loose in this city of flowers and cats

i am a patient of this hospitale de  les invalides

i am a bandaged man from flanders field

oh lovely lady i am fading from this world

you hear my fevered rantings

no no i must be mistaken i mean have we even met before this..?

i am sorry i thought you were talking to me

perhaps this seat is already taken

i was just remarking at the wonderful image

you see before you on the screen

some man before a mass of saturated photosynthetic pulsating plant life

it seems perhaps there could be a story attached

but i was mistaken i see

thats alright

don’t get up

i wouldn’t hear (any) of it

i ‘ll find my own way out

i will find me own way out


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