posted on July 26, 2011 at 9:07 pm

this is not me

1 the commissioned song idea with martin kennedy is going exactly to plan

martin is a prolific composer knocking out instrumental music

all his music has that sound he has that makes him unique

he does simple elegant music with the implication of spacious luxury

hes got his modus operandi

and hes quietly confidant that it will reveal results

the music he brought to our saturday session was exactly as i imagined

everything working with an arithmetic feeling like a sleek machine

so fucking inspiring and easy to work with

everything where i expect it to be for singing over

hes already written most of the 13 pieces so far commissioned

the lyrics could be the tricky bit

so far we have done subjects i never envisaged

1 was a type of inspiring spiritual song

2 was a sad but uplifting song for a guy in germany who lost a dear relative

3 was a fathers 60th birthday

4 was for a pair of cats

5 was for a sister from another  sister

6 was for a pair of cats

7 was for 2 children from a parent

at first glance this seems like a tough list

i did have a few crises of faith

but in the end i felt confidant that every song stood on its own

even if you didnt know anything at all the reasons for its existence

many great artists and musicians have been commissioned

i see no shame in it in any respect

kennedy and i are pretty good at what we do

we never make garish gaudy noisy discordant ugly rackets

we do austerity and ambience and atmospherica

for a relatively small sum of money we offer you our services

we are artisans and we  bring love and pride to our work

we guarantee it will be top shelf …..that should be understood

if you like what we did on our 2 records

i assure you  that your song will be in that league

imagine having your very own song that actually is cool

i am hoping martin will be putting up snippets soon

maybe you think im bullshitting you

ok yes

it was an experiment in the beginning

but now i am so sure we can deliver on our promise

let us write a song for you


2 now have the completed isidore record in my possession

its called “life somewhere else”

jeffrey has outdone himself as per usual

existing almost as a polar opposite of martin kennedy

cains music is twisting bursting sometimes baroque or rococo or somethin’

fuck what a champion record we have done here caino

talk about pulling out all the stops

huge areas pull into focus and narrow down hard

things zoom out and youre free

things get weird and just hang there

in the middle in record are two weird songs

its a kind of modernist psychedelica

in the background another universe often threatens to break through

voices sounds fragments snatches of conversations

and unidentifiable electric sounds busy fizzing and popping

and falling past like white comets leaving trails of tinkly bits

the chord progressions in some songs would do neil finn proud

you know like those ones the beatles did which blew yer mind

melody and strangeness exist in equal amounts

caino takes anything from anywhere

traditional 3/4s to stomping electro glitter

and sad songs and thoughtful songs

and songs that are beautiful but not much else

my lyrics and my singing are good

i think they are more than good but i’ll let you deicide

more info on that coming soon you freaks who really need to get that

if you liked the first this one is like that only more wigged out

its a real good record with real good songs


i am lucky to work with all these wonderful collaborators over the years

each of them gifted in their own unique and special ways

i could just do everything on my own

in fact soon i am going to do a few records on my own

but here are the excellent results of collaborations

and it makes me happy to have done this stuff

i believe my listeners will be most(ly) impressed



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