posted on January 1, 2010 at 8:21 am

we see 9 pm fireworks from a high plateau above bondi
looking towards the city
a loada people gathered up there
white wine
eskies etc
charmless youths with a mishmash of last 40 years of fashion
usually the worst n most inappropriate bits
a lot wearing those stupid little cutesy hats
guffawing n pushing n stuff…
woofle sits on my shoulders to watch
i love the greem ones best she says
we go home
i listen to beatles on balcony
one night of year you can blast yer music
but all around is relentless doof doof doof
like the drums of doom
at midnight the fireworks explode again
i just cant get too excited
some neat tricks with the hubba bridge tho
looks like its burning
the kids go to sleep
me n nk (over) indulge in everything
hell it was new years eve
wake up today
feeling sore and sorry
go down beach
its warm and steamy and raining slightly
but the sun is kinda breaking thru too
swim in the sea with all five daughters
nice to see em together
have mexican for lunch
have sno cones at beach
have bubble tea after
wow costs a fortune but it is new years day
come home
nap and wake up feeling groggy
stumble around
write blog
early night i suspect

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