posted on November 22, 2005 at 12:38 am

hi ya peeple
this is mah blog
mah brother russell talked me into doing this
at the end of it all im gonna publish it
and make a million
at least
well so far today
i got up
took the doodles to school
went to the pool
did 30 laps
checked me emails
started a revolution in a small african country
solved most of todays medical dilemmas
avoided hearing anything by jet or missy higgins
contemplated trimming my beard
(to look more ” biblical”
have 2 nice swedish friends staying chez kilbee
martin and therese
hope they dont get too sunburnt!
soon have 2 other nice swedes coming namely
the twillies
elektra and miranda kilbey that is
now 14
havent seen em for nearly a year
tomorrow going to noosa
to play with my band the choich
totally accoustic except for my electric bass
(fuck em if they dont like it)
will be doing my own review right here
so stay tuned
would like to thank my brother russell for putting me up to this caper
oh russell how was the “stuff” i gave ya??
hi to my other sibling young johnny
bet ya never thought id have my own blog, did ya?
hi to mwp….what a guitarist and great music collection….shame about that tie
hi to peter koppes should see him tickle the ivories
and timbo p.
more about him later
folks thats it fer today
stick around and read my musings on art life and love
see yahs all tomorrow then

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