posted on June 22, 2007 at 4:25 am

in no particular order of preference
but in the order as the come up
on my playlist on eye podd

bob dylan : a sweetheart like you
yeah i love this song dont i
bobby d the master
the big one
the guy who showed lennon how to express his spite
how it could be done
oh this is a corny sentimental song
its got marko knoppflah playin’ guitar n producing
it aint iggy n the stooges thats for sure
but just real real smooth and makes me feel good
hey remember that
music that makes ya feel good?

the cars : all mixed up
i dont like the cars much except for this song
which i really really like
it was a big influence on me round the time it came out
i wanted the church to sound like this, i guess
and the lyrics are right up my alley
only ruined by a rinky dink synthy-sizer
which trills in towards the endo

chapterhouse : autosleeper
amazing lyrics
produced by robin guthrie of the marvellous cock-toe twins
dangerous vacous bliss
blind angel move through me
its kinda shoegazery n biblical n dreamy n creamy
verily i wish i had done this

i am the cosmos : chris bell
one of the best songs ever! ever!
if you like the early chursh this was an ideal
ploogy n i used to play it ad nauseam
but were too in awe to attempt a version

crystal japan : david bowie
you want futuristic?
you want music for drowned continents?
you want grandeur and heartbreak?
you want atlantis’ anthem as she sank below the waves
this piece is an obsession of mine
poignant to the max!

gravenhurst :the velvet cell reprise
youre zooming along on some delicious substance
and stuff flies past ya
its really exciting
extra cool
like something i wish i dreamed i did in 1985

jeff buckley : dream brother alternate take
divine exquisite man
beautiful songwriter n genius
different lyrics here to the original
its a gentler take with some kinda tablas or something
every good rock characteristic
can be found in this one excellent song

mississippi : john phillips
another doomed genius
this song was a minor hit in canberra in 1970 or 71
its a real real nice song by the writer from the moms n pops
ex hubby of the once (and maybe still?) lovely michelle phillips
i didnt know what a bayou was in 1970 or 71
but i liked the bit where he sings
mmm i like your dress

pete wylie n wah : hope
a grandiose eighties tearjerker
and yet when it hits that chord
and he strains to hit the notes
and everything
you lied to me…but i wish youd believe me
oh yeah
the 80s werent all badde
be warned :its tres romantic
and it goes on n on

joy division : atmosphere
a huge influence on me
this song
the belltrees
the reverb
the tribal drums surfing the song
the insistent bass gnawing at your brain like mice
doomy lyrics
walk in silence
dont turn away in silence
more goth than notre dame baybee
oh sad tragic eternal

levitation : embedded
one of the great shoegazer songs of all time
one of the most complicated guitar bands
find lev records fiendss n enjoy
everything seems to bounce a long on a cushion of pink haze
the guitar playing is intelligent and executed with aplomb
most of you would like it
i met bick backstage in leeds a few years back
a kindred spirit

normie rowe : it aint easy
an australian singer,
who did this amazing flop single, 1968
it had everything
what went wrong?
if you love the walker bros
and righteous bros etc
please check out this
its a great overlooked song
and its got everything but the kitchen sink
it sunk normies career inexplicably when it failed
but why
its a fucking amazing torch ballad

peter hammill : the lie( berninis st therese)
more gothic than peter murphy nick cave and robert smith in a sack
darker than almost anything youve ever heard
bitter nasty intelligent diatribe against religion:
grace is a name like chastity like lucifer like mine…
a piano gets pounded
a church organ joins in ominously
hammills voice becomes lost in dark shadows in echoes
he rants in the empty church a flaming lunatic
i’d embrace you…
but that would be just another lie

primal scream : higher than the sun (american spring mix)
so called because of the preponderence of a harpsichord (sound)
like brian wilsons wifes band american spring
if you like to take psychedelic drugs
then this is a song for you
you can almost feel the ecky coming on
oh baybee i feel so straynge…
the only thing they ever did that i liked
but i adore this song
itll give ya a contact high you wont believe

the stones : street fighting man
the quintessential rock song
exciting wild shabby stumbling and lurching
it always does it for me
and a lotta olde stuff dont
but this one does
get down

santana : singing winds, crying beasts
one of my favourite instrumentals of all time
and the way when the bass comes in
it just simply propels the whole thing along
carlos guitar sounds amazing here
the percussion like small things running in the desert
the cymbals swell
the electric piano floats

sigur ros : svefn-g-englar
its something to do with angels im guessing
by the sound of that last word
but in a made up language
with bits that sound like bits of scandic or anglo
which is really no surprise i guess
bowie had his own language on side 2 of low
a band called magma always sang in their own language
(and they say my lyrics are obscure!)
anyway this is sublime
beyond description
and its not unlike grandiose off mats
well just a little…

the small faces : afterglow
2 genius songwriters
ronnie lane and stevie marriott
both ripped off blind by the bizness
they earned NOTHING despite being huge uk n us
sold millions
earned NOTHING
what a rollicking rolling rocking number
all the trademark ingredients
that grinding organ, all creamy
the drums wallop
its a goody!

smashing pumpkins : tonight tonight
amazing song again
pompous huge arrangement
corgans weird high pitched little voice
beautiful melody
a heartbreaking little song
then suddenly it explodes
tonight tonight
you filled with hope
this song and disarm i wish i’d written
yes i really do
they dont come along this good so often

tom petty n the hbs : the wild one forever
what a corker!
at the end of yer tether
things jingle n jangle
his best song ever

tori amos : a sorta fairytale
nk bought toris new record yessaday
funny watching her listen to her faves new record
seeing the bits she liked n the bits she didnt
this is both of our fave tori
i dont really like much else as much as this
tori pulls on this persona
a damaged sad waitress from south dakota or something
a lovely song of lost possibility
if yer heart dont melt when she sings
and i rode alongside of you
till he lost me
we decided to name our daughter after this album
on the steps of the opera house
after tori blew our minds
but i fear she may be somewhat “lost”
looking at n hearing the new one!

ultravox : i cant stay long
travel again
like gravenhurst
the plains n skies open up
longitude latitude
we fly over swamps n we pass thru walls
always going straight ahead
straight on n on
dreamy stuff

the who : mary ann with the shaky hands
i like this side of the who
what a great melody
great harmonies
short n sweet
funny and wistful
or is this a kinda rude joke??
(eg is she especially good at “hand jobs”)

there you go
my computer came up with this list
i dunno
but what a great buncha tunes
youll see lotsa things in there i nicked im sure
bye bye

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