posted on November 10, 2006 at 7:07 pm

moon still in the sky tho its morning
2 red and green parrots flying manoevres
redshift emitting
new clear day
the clouds having fled
today the c. is going in studio
a beautiful studio
full of nice olde fashioned things
make a little record
not THE record
just a little record
pick marty up at 11
its 6.18 now
yesterday bought a car
drove around a bit last nite
round randwick n bronte
maybe i stumbled into a bargain..?
we’ll see
it has a cd player…
thats important isnt it?
i love listening to music in a car
i hope it never breaks down
cos i dont know my fueline
from my handful of blues….
life continues to open up
i can do anything now
anything i want
but i have to want…
working on a painting
dakini in bondi
my fingers already anticipate playing today
all that time is paying off
you gotta persevere
even clumsy people like me
eventually figure it out
thats all i had
the ability to persevere
a glorious late spring day is blooming
sydney IS a beautiful city
i’d rather spend my time here i guess
but gee
theres some nice parts elsewhere too
switzerland sometimes grazes my thoughts
those people are living it large
fairytail bits n everything
and legal dope n dope
you can go in a pot emporium there
and check the charts
whats # 1 today, squire?
ah, the white widow sir (yeblik strain)
and whats at # 2
that’d be the northern lights
durbin poison
acapulco gold
neils purple heads
bobs indoor/outdoor
san diego chronic
big pick-ups special blende
aliens blonde lebbo hash
and finally
howies surry hills hydro

well i call that civilised
as you know
the junkies get given smack
instead of methadone
this keeps all the crime n desperation out of it
while the unfortunate works his way thru his addiction
but at least they aint breaking into yer car
and most of em have full time jobs
unlike prohibitionist moralistic countries
like most of the rest of us
lovely scenery too
real sound of music stuff if ya want it
a hippy ethos
and live n let live attitude
you could do a lot worse than switzerland, baybee
so sweet to see donald bumsfield get the arse
why waste words on that
pathetic moronic archaic fossilised pea-brain anyway?
i hope yer demo-krats are a bit cooler n bohemian
than those gorillas n gorilla-esses you got now
i ask again
could there have worse people than who ya got now?
here in jolly nsw we gotta sex scandal
oh my my
those naughty overpaid pollies
sordid sick alpha males
good for nothing
but arguing n getting their own wages increased
yes theres the occaisional good ‘un
but ya just look at most of em
the corruption n lechery there on their faces
for all the world to see
powerful yet useless
self-serving just like a petrol pump
feathering their own beery nests
and not
giving a fuck about the people
they supposedly” represent”
i mean you think bumsfield
after all his death n mayhem n lies n bullshit
goes home empty handed
oh no no no
even tho he completely fucked up
getting loadsa people fucking killed
all over the place
you bet the bastard gets a nice lil golden handshake
that’d be worth more
than all of us here make together
he should be bankrupted
and pilloried
people should chuck rotten eggs n tomatoes at ‘im
for all the destruction he has helped facilitate
he should be fuckin’ flogged
one stroke for every iraqi kid who died cos of him
and another lash for every “wmd” that wasnt there
yet this idiot bestrode the world for six years
i ask again
could even i have done a worse job?
fancy giving a total imbecile like that an army…
goodbye donald
i know youll still be in the background
pulling your sick little strings
as usual
manipulating peace into war
ploughshares into swords
bringing money into yer own pocket
when will we learn?
when will we learn?

auroras colouring in some fairies
clock says”tick, tick, tick”
music goes blip blip bonk
birds outside go tweety tweety tweet
the clouds say nothing
passing silently thru the sky
when everyone gets up
we’ll drive somewhere
have a swim n brekky
then 11 to pick up mwp
stop at liquor shop buy some zwac unicum
(hello kevin n. we can buy unicum in bondi!)
then get to studio
hurry up n wait
while boffins fiddle with the mics
n stuff
let the music do the talkin’
ha ha
except for the lyrics, that is
have a good satyrday!
or am i fauning all over you?

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