posted on June 17, 2013 at 6:17 pm
dee vee dee

dee vee dee

well it came back from the factory today

ready to ship tomorrow

my little dvd

i dunno if you ever see such a thing again

until jack frost ( in the not too distant future)

but here is LDCBAF

spinal tap you betcha

we are every cliche and then some

but when we rock we rock ferociously

has anyone in a band actually ever made a POV doco before?

just looking at 1990 is a trip

its jerky in places

but theres much more unjerky than jerky

theres some distortion on live sound

yet it still bloody well rocks

it gives you a real feeling of how it all felt

its intimate its stupid its poignant its dopey

its immature …!

all the contradictions in the church are all here

its a pity we didnt bring some our liveliness into the interviews

sometimes we are downright rude and silly

sometimes we pontificate like the world depends on it

we jump on n on on non that fucking bus

we check in in in in in in nin

we swear and laugh get tipsy n smoke dope

we play hard hitting shows

we get on fast planes to here n there

we turn up every night n do our gig

you’ll see some of the snakes n a few of the ladders

its a long way even to the middle let a lone the fucking top

sometimes the olde glamour wears a bit thin

now you decide….

and please

write your honest reviews in the comments below

(thats if  you bought a digital download)

thank you for supporting this project

i believe its unique and you might find that its a bit of fun too


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