posted on June 29, 2010 at 11:15 am

1. i wake up 2 weeks ago with the name sid rumpo in my head
sid rumpo were an aussie band that made one record i never heard
back in the early seventies …but i dont know anything about them
nor have i ever thought of them before. that day i fly down to melbourne
to do rockwiz finale and whilst on the plane i read about goethe
and his theory of interconnectedness
then i meet famed oz rocker angry anderson from rose tattoo
and we share a limo into town
on the way there i ask about his previous band buster brown
i say : you guys musta been one of the 1st bands on mushroom records
yeah says angry us n a band called sid rumpo
wow i say i thought of that name this morning when i woke up
wow says angry thats an example of interconnectedness
(a double synchronicity there folks)
2. i go to wendy the white witch for a healing
she gives me a cd of the lords prayer related to chakra healing
when i get in the car all relaxed
i put on the radio n on comes the first song
dirty deeds done dirt cheap by ac/dc (a jarring juxtaposition )
i immediately turn it off
when i get home n stick cd into my itunes
my itunes erroneously recognises the cd as dirty deeds done dirt cheap
3 jeffrey cain turns up today
hes rented a flat in bondi
its the same flats marty lived in 30 years ago when he first moved to aust
weird, eh?

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