posted on November 24, 2005 at 6:17 am

is there anybody there
i could swear im not alone…
hey my people
sorry i missed yessaday
but i was fucked over by technolgy all day
queues at airports
nasty sniffer beagles stickin’ their disgustin’ maws up ole sks leggy
jesus…. computer crashed at airport
i thought the planes were sposed to do that
ole sks nerves not so goode these days my brethren
not when it comes to flighty wightys
not since the incident when the engine exploded
its understandable, my little pigs, its understandable
so i meditated all the way there
trying to ignore other choich members noisy talk and laughter
chatting up the hosties etc
turn up to maroochydore and its tropical go go
hot and humid my loved ones thats for sure
is this tone conversational enuff for ya dear reader?
my brother russell suggests this be published after one year
a bit like enos book
cept i dont know the pope or eric satie or david blowie
or whoever
which guaranteed his book a billion seller
and will doom mine to black deep dark nothingness
went to gig
nothin working etc
had a lovely swimmy in the pooly
little bar in tha middle an’ everything
soundcheck delayed forever due to blah blah blah
did my yoga sequence
attacked by mossies
thats mosquitoes not moslems
finally soundcheck
a shambles
a fiasco
a farce
a comedy
a tragedy
a mess
need i go on my fruity ones?
the gig however
was a blinder
i have to admit we were quite wonderful
we took em somewhere for a couple of hours
and we enjoyed ourselves a lot too
some hangovers for some members
but not your humble correspondent
who was up at six swimming doing chi gong
and generally feeling smugly superior to the slumbering
who were avoiding their brekky like the plague
me and timbo drove to brissy
and i played him two tracks by mimesis
my new darling project
and he played me some stuff by travis caudle
who he is producing
and i played bass on it too
we patted each other on the back
i did 2 radio interviews
and had lunchy
here i am now my sweets
in the present mo wid cha
(marvellous the way i can straddle big latinate 3 syllable-ers
and the latest street jive
oh sk, youre quite the homebouy aint ya?)
tonite we’re at the judy wright centre
sold out my friends
dont you love to know youre reading the blog of a bloke
who can sell out the jwc?
be part of my success
send 500 dollars to ole sk
and i’ll mention yer name at my next mega drome sellout
russell….i’ll do you for 250
(fix me up at the chrissy picnic)
well im off to the soundcheck soon
even tho its all acoustic still many things to go wrong…
say pk got the wrong brand of champagne for example…
good lord
itd be like the fall of rome
lots of merch
you could by an sk print for your uncle cedric
or a copy of earthed for young jason over the road
he’s bound to love it

i know
gilt trip is set to be a hit at barbies this xmas
so dont be disappointed
BUY 10 !!
dont complain to me if we run out
sharing the luxury rooftop penthouse apt.with tim tonite
a real rytyhm section rooom
thats it guys and dolls

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