posted on July 7, 2006 at 10:05 am

must download immigration form
tells me need adobe reader
install adobe reader
something goes wrong
error! error!
which version of adobe?
how the hellwould i know
install it pages fly up
enter login
blah blah blah
3 hours later
your humble juggernaut
has torn thru the online process
slower than a wet week
i hate redtape argy bargy malarkey
what was my mothers maiden name?
and the name of yr 1st pet?
timmy bennet actually, what do yer reckon?
whatta loada tricky questions
sks head done in
ring tp at least 10 times for help
ruined my good day fiendss
swalowed up mah yoga n nearly mah blogg
oh well
it was inevitable
computer illiterate impatient olde hippie
fills in work permit blah blah blah
on ye olde computer
sparks bound to fly thats for sure
hear olde hippie scream curses as the error finder
ruins another attempt to “continue”
DONT press continue twice
warns a disclaimer
nk presses it twice
eventually after an hours struggle i triumphantly complete
print formy wormy
all nice n official lookin’
i feel a true cog in ye olde mekkanizm
i ring tp tell tell him
thats great he says
but that wasnt the right form
i fill in another form
a supplementary form
but after a struggle
the machine freezes up
i go one step back
and yeah yeah
i lose the whole bloody thing
i ring tp
thats sad he says
but that still wasnt the right form
finally i get the right form
im gettin’ hot under the collar now
with officialdom and computers and filling in my address
i somehow make it thru to the end
its 6 30
where did aftynoon go
damn officialdom
damn computers
damn filling in my address
im angry with myself fer being angry
and that gets me….well,
its a blue loop fiendss
anger aint an energy
its a drainer of energy
damn anger then
i stride off into the winter night
to walk off excess anger
i plow down the avenues like a mangy panther
my souls curl into the pavement and force me along
down to the boardwalk in the black night ocean air
neon features in the lower reaches etc
the dark sea recedes from the sure
my ipod blasts rock music into my damaged ears
and into my angry confused mind
im overcome by doubts
im down by the ocean dressed in black cord shorts
black velvet shirt
black hemp cord jacket
explorer socks
black bonds undies
blunnie boots
two gold earrings hopelessly fused permanently
a few disgusting amalgam fillings
(mmmmm a mouthfulla mercury fiendsss!!!)
i had some receipts in my pockets
a taxi receipt with a bit torn off at the end
for a filter
a button fallen off from the jacket
a few coins
my keys
my bankcard now worth two humdred and seventy
and rising
had dal for dinner with naan n rice
wrote an email to a stranger whose work i think is just excellent
i had a swim
tried to suck in some chi power
i think yoga n chi gong have a multiplication effect
just like cigarettes n booze
oh and i found some zwack unicum here too
the hungarian liquer
dont worry its herbal
i just happen to live near one of the only bottle shops that hazzit
and a real live hungarian lady gave me the tip off
yess she said
you can get that up in kemenys on bondi road
next day me n russell buy a bottle
his credit card bought it
which was very nice
but then i didnt get to keep it either
he said too bitter
it is bitter fiendss
but whatta neffect
never thought i’d be proseltysing ye olde booze
on my ye olde blogg
but yonder thou goest

now here goes
my own rules n regulations
the only time you may ask a question is NOW
thats right
right now as a comment on THIS BLOGGE
no questions asked before or after this will be deemed admissable
nomatter how pertynent or poygnant either
one question per commentor
i will answer all
i promise

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