posted on September 13, 2006 at 7:21 am

1 for the lily white boys dressed all in green-o
2 for mysterious fields behind the iron fence
3 for the the dumb throb of love
4 for the four of diamonds representing aureolae
5 for lazarus fresh from the tomb
6 for the lucky pricks fell down from heaven
7 for the minotaur that bullheaded freak down ancient greek
8 for the eigth avatar
9 for the 9 of hearts representing resilience n chastity
10 for the decalogue baybee rememember thou shalt not kill
11 for the jack of hearts who in some games is boss
12 for the twelve times i saw you times twelve
13 for me because i was unlucky even at the start
14 is not my lucky number
15 for a 5 g bag
16 for a year in summer deep upon my zeebra
17 for instance a magic number another heaven
18 for alcohol
19 for drugs
20 for the many nights now gone
21 for the adult network
22 for the things i shot
23 skiddoo oh 23 pops up everywhere
24 for all the hours god sends some wings
25 id kick it it in the head when i was 25 pot jive
26 for the queen of spades who costs all the hearts
27 for the sleepy days i slept aways
28 for the cycle to continue may it ever
29 for the moonchild and its ascendancy
30 for never trusting anyone over
31 a number that is 13 backwards therefore=anathema
32 for the good doctor dee and his scrying out loud
33 for jesus
34 for more more more!
35 oh ya still alive?
36 a serpent enters eden
37 for identical mirrors perfectly alike e + m
38 for darkness who aint my friend either
39 for lost in a black mine
40 for being hopeless and naughty
41 for the king of clubs and cabarets
42 for the 42 wounds of the matyrs
43 for everyone out there in ohio
44 for the crazy people who lived across the road
45 for 45 things ive forgotten
46 for the hell of it
47 for the nature which has no number
48 crash comes like a lightnin’ flash
49 for the hanged man and his tears
50 the magicians who own islands
51 the kings in check
52 the cards in deck
(plus joker)

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