posted on May 27, 2010 at 6:09 am

feeling very fucking frustrated
coz i made a little movie for you fools
and it times out when i try to upload it to blogger
even tho its only 22 mb
ive uploaded much bigger ones before
so you wont get to see “index” today
but ok
it is making me that much more satisfied
to have that excellent one stop sk shop
coming soon
real uncrushed videos not fracturing in pixellation
real interaction
i’m gonna open up the vaults (and the volts)
i’m gonna whip up a storm of stuff
its gonna be more direct than ever and forever
quality videos and music
blah blah blah blah blah
baby you gonna love
now one thing thats gonna make jump
is that your lousy luddite humble hero is finally
moving into serious home recording
slowly mastering the ins and ups
very soon
and if you love my music this should excite you
i will again be making music
that is 100% me
of course
you dont want 100% me 100% of the time
but its been a long time since remindlessness
thats when i last took the reins across the board
yes there were some guests
but it was me who decided everything
the record has its flaws
it is no abbey road
but its me
and no other person came between me n my music
now that the home recording limitations of 1989
have been blown skyway by macs n logic n blah blah blah
my next record will be pure me
i might ask ricky to play on it
itd be an honour if frank kearns did something too
patti hoods harp would be nice i think
but i’m gonna call the shots of what it all is
and i’m gonna record it and engineer it and mix it
so what you get will be pure kilbey
and thats a heady brew
and maybe some people aint ready for it
and never will be
but believe me
with todays technology and possibilities
i will begin a new era of unbelievable grooviness
because i have my modus operandi
and it will not fail
excellent music , i promise, by the end of the year
meanwhile the texans plot away
a website is taking shape out there somewhere
and guess what
the guys helping me with this are on my side
not doing it for the money at all
they are offering me their expertise
but they also have high aesthetic standards
thats why they dig the time being
i am gonna surprise ya
keep tuned
this will be a very good thing
lotsa music
lotsa vids
lotsa art
lotsa sk
fuck yeah
my word
in spades

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