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the day begins

the quiet creeping dawn alights in the eastern sky

i up early creeping around wherever i am

ducking out of a dream in a doorway

i address my mistakes in a mirror

i shower asleep the water burns me awake tho it is quite cold

oh man what year is this for christ sakes

i wander thru a catalogue of pasts

yours mine everybody elses

yeah i was with ya that night though you know its impossible

you never met me but i was with you that night

you n i

i never knew your name

i knew someone raced alongside me

as i belted thru that plateau all underlit

you were somewhere in a field in a column

you walked beside me off to some war maybe thats true

summer summer summer overcomes me

i succumb to dumb summer most obvious of all

now i’m a tourist in my own rolling home

my suitcase unfolds a castle

i live in a glorious tent in a beautiful desert

i command the elements from my cracked blackened tower

i stand in the rain on a beach while a bird dies on the shore

i swim in a lake deep n warm but its years n fathoms ago

you n me we go wild in the black buried dark

i must be 16 i must be 36 i must be 66

you must be x and y

let ex = why?

i am high i am higher than high

i am heading out of earthbound currents crossing the divide

no no no no

i mutter tossing in my sleep i can see me alone with all of you

we all glide through tonight like gossamer darts we have no wait

oh my head expands with all this sudden beauty

my mind warp and woof woof

finally they let me go mad

i burst into australian summer blackness sometime along time a go

fated feted to sing you the one song i sing

knowing how you live knowing how you love

knowing how you will be reborn in some marvellous time

how dark the night is you will say

the quiet place down the garden

next to lilies and downy astral turf

look i am a madman i can really fly

you cannot see in the dark how i hover overhead

you cannot hear how i fly with only one wing

you cannot stop anyone escaping from their heads

i get on a airplain n i fly somewhere else

check in online save password agree to conditions

condition is you can never disagree with one condition

what about the condition of my mind

what about the hot black condition of the australian night

im on a balcony or a verandah or i stand in an observatory

alien stars twinkle in unfamiliar sky

i take a step backwards bumping into past

past glorious loves encased in amber

past rivulets of rural splendour winding through reverie

past future undiscovered just lying there untouched

maybe i dont understand

the widening arc of darkness

the softly roaring surf

the body of sand rolls away

the wave carries us black and faceless

the wave with its foam fingered grasp n clasp

the reef ahead but who cares if everybody sinks

the moon seems delirious like frozen disk

the moon so near so far so maddening to us lunatic

the moon unfolds thru a series of filters

the moon intrudes with a  row of low groans felt in the bestial cranium

the moon all jagged and square like a fractal smashed and delusion

oh my furtive boys all rushing down the vortex of drain

midgard summer in all its pine and palm

the sticky resin lingers from yesteryear

the south coast basking in endless summers

a bonfire on the beach in the blackest night

the flames and sparks explode into the inkiness

the wind tears the fiery spirits from the burning wood

the youths dance in abandon in the crackling dark-shattering smack

no fishing from bridge a hundred hooks baited

a hundred idiots waited

a hundred saints fainted

a hundred van go gos painted

a hundred heads grew back all silver and teeth and snap snap

the night was a virgin before they fucked it up with light

the night was sweet before the bitter came out better on a soul n guitar

man i bet you never read my stuff in your chamber of saviours

man i bet you never heard my voice in your booth of the truth

music comes in a gush it fills your mind as you stand in night

in deep night in silent night in christmas night off your tree

in heat in sand in winding bush track

in caravan park behind the surging sea

in the shower block where the nakedest ladies washed their big white breasts

in the tv that quiz show but that guy is long dead

in the hotel where mum n dad didnt want to stay

well the summer sits in that room all on its own

the air so still the air so calm nothing could happen there

angela and stella at the oasis i’m tiny in this one

girls come out of everywhere they make me growl

shut up you great beast calls a person in the crowd

i am whipped i am trapped i am chained like a fox

i am set free again and i take off into the good night

i am a poet with no words that will meaning

i am a singer with no song but your own life

here are the notes here are the scales

here are the beat and the key and the sails

i go on soon

i can hear the crowd arrive

which rich crowd assembled to feast on me

i bet i will taste good to some glutton for living memory

its a joke how it rolls off my back off my cuff

all the notes and words

all perfectly in synch in a cinch

i go out swinging i get hit hard i stay up i sing on

no it hasnt happened yet

we are ahead of myselves

we arent there

we have yet to arrive

night wine the consolation of sleep


the soft adventure in oblivion

the neutral pleasure unfelt

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