posted on January 27, 2012 at 10:51 pm

spectral gate

galaxy shoes says aurora

man i’d love to get me some of them galaxy shoes

galaxy shoes says scarlet  emphatically from behind

galaxy shoes says a chorus of voices

oh yeah those galaxy shoes

behind the wheel i’m driving my hard bargain

we travel over brook and stream

we see an eel under an old tree

we traverse sydney

day after australia day

summer after summer

suntan on suntan

evenings beheld in deepest delight

the quickening trees withhold a rustle ‘pon approach

the warmest nights down by the shore

the translucent sea becomes thee

i command this night to bring forth its fruit

some strange bloke n his bit of fluff

some shop we wander into

emerging clutching parcels years later

well we skid along under these neon beach lights

where the parking police have been trained in some remote desert camp

their hard hearts do not break so easily

but never mind it is tomorrow bondi will awake

the surfers are having hot showers and feeling the extreme endorphin hit

the restaurants fling open their doors

we have pizza joints n ice cream parlours

we characters in a background

patina of humanity

good guys turning into bad guys

bad guys getting worse

until sudden sainthoods conferred by accident in some kings cross bar

the market in darkness in the square

the trinkets and hats and bikinis and silver

woman with dreadlocks has been here forever

do yoga down by the shore while scarlet plays in the sand and rocks

dad whats under the sand …? she asks

then before i can answer

more sea i suppose…. she says dreamily

we walk back up the hill to the parade with imported mexican palms

i hope the old spirit don’t get lost


i’d love some of them galaxy shoes




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