posted on February 15, 2012 at 10:07 pm


i search in the sun for the final axiom

that one liner that can make sense of everything

my whole life the universe the lot

stumbling and fumbling

fuming and frauding

i grope the darkness

am i inside my own mind

there is no answer

intuition is a behind the scenes peek

premonition a sneak preview

gotta hunch gotta hunch

never ever a free lunch

your owner gender with its own agenda

now being a boy is something else again

i remember streaming through trees

i climbed up a trunk and removed a pale blue egg

the weather was sultry and angry that day

a storm had turned the afternoon to black

a warm premature night had fallen on us

soft bells tinkled far away

magic climes of childhood on my skin

before i traded my naivete in

before i started hankering

anyway coherency seems to elude me

you know i mean well

well i mean i mean what i meant to say

take it as given

understand it as said

me n my head

what will we do when full of dread

and keep the children fed

we sped towards the end



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