posted on November 18, 2009 at 7:05 am

wasp honey
butterfly silk
spear man
the mechanicals
a boat the boat
afternoon wears on
day wears out its welcome
evening swoops in
in wind and discordant birdsong
drink energy from suns
green lime rhythm against watermark
shoot out line
shoot out another line
king hit
king tide
king high flush
a bag ever replenished
the mirror decides to speak
at last at last
a message dictated furiously from another place
our loved ones grieve for us
decelerate around the islands
i appear in 4 places
the luggage goes round n round unclaimed
net income
silver glints in a deep place
on the shore the natives blinded by the future
the machinist scratches his head
the doctor wags her finger
the surgeon washes his hands
blood pumps red hot n spicy
this is life
this is death
this is inbetween
all is one
one plus one is another one besides
on the otherside in the othertime
universe of chance
a random pattern emerges from gods tiniest whim
each miraculous day i pray to stay in
4 hours of snowblind mindlessness
the night is very soft
the planets are soft and white
the stars are faint n blurry
the wind moves through the palms and finger fronds
the bats superimposed velvet black
sydney reclines on its ample arse at the end of her day
at the marina at the course
at the depot
at the wherehouse
at the behest of the law
people getting fucked up fucked over fucked off
people doing deals
the ferries cruise in
the bridge of size
the opera house where tori was last night
the state where seal was last night
the settee where lowboy was last night
lowboy with his jail tattoos and nail polish
all his junk jewellry
all his vinyl collections
pawn shops and bowling alleys
laneways and loop de loop
ears sizzle
the pizza man delivers n delivers n delivers
up at a bondi junction brothel the cockroaches multiply
in the fated darkness of redone bathrooms with spas
and the second hand car dealers sad song that he sings
sure you say
all this n more
all this we know
tell us more
but i cannot
i have other tasks to attend
i must fiddle and fool and finesse and freakout
and all the rest
there is no rest

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