posted on October 31, 2012 at 5:36 pm

boogaloo druid

the devotionalist

asking only for guidance

i am before you

the grey sky

my plants my shrubs my pygmy fig

you shower me with blessings

my daughters my health my pleasant life

still i want more from you

i wanna walk in the spirit

enough mucking around

i think you are every where and no where

i assume you are every god ever yet still you are none of them

i suppose that you exist yet do not exist

i reckon that you are interventionist and non interventionist

i admit i know very little about you

only that i sense you should be there

otherwise this is, on its own, absurd

i cannot look at the one billion systems around me

the patterns the images the reflections the songs

i cannot see them and not think of you

but its such a hard slog my friend

even for guys like me who got it easy

this life has been a respite for me

i mean in my other lives ive fought in wars

and given birth and been beaten and died and struggled

this life was a day off so to speak

due to some merit i must have built up in the karma bank

i took an incarnation with a western family in a rare time of relative peace

well i narrowly escaped vietnam i guess by one year

and i was most fortunate to live in a time of religious tolerance

and i have a great love for JC, krsna and buddha

horses for courses i say

what have i done with my opportunities i wonder allowed

making a last minute dash to tip the scales right now tho

i am a tiny lightbulb

you are the lightning

i can go a little brighter if you give me a little more zap, chap

go on it would be interesting to see what i might do with it

oh i would use it for good yes you wait and see

i mean i might go bad with more power

but i would certainly resist the temptation better now than before

before when all that hubris was blocking out the light

i know its unusual to pray on a blog

but hey its 2012

lets share this with everyone

i know you exist because i felt you one time

and had plenty of feelings and dealings before

i could write some good songs on logic with your help

imagine if you will the stuff we could come up with

my paintings would improve

my life would be better

talk about charisma….ah i’m starting to go wrong…

give me a job and see how i go

start me off small …i dont mind…i work for free…

gimme some words i write you a tune

people will love it

it will remind them of you

without even mentioning your names

i bet they will hear your influence

yeah that stuff in the bible n gita

and the pali sutras …you were on fire…!

i guess i should leave it at that

or readdress this prayer to goddess saraswati

since i seem to be asking for supernatural aid for my work

yes well to be honest i am asking for that

help me do something outta the hat…!



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