posted on November 13, 2012 at 10:39 am

smoke n mirrors

music what is it?

what is a song a song a song….?

i work on my album alone for better and worse

for better because its pure

for worse because i aint no virtue-oh-so

but what i got …

what have i got….?

i got a glaring individual eccentric idiosyncratic attitude

i do things my own way

it all ways yields re-salts baybee

i mean i cant seem to really go wrong

it doesnt (dark) matter what i do

i never come up empty handed ever and i never did neither

with just the right amount of everything

good enough to play it

but not good enough

to become fascinated with my own instrumental virtue-oh-sity….

i get the job done

the job is the song

the song is the thing

never minded some fancy playing

i mean i wish i could

but i can only be one me at a time

whatever that means

apocrypha is coming

why i wrote a little song last night….!

why what is that my how many numbered song?

aurora : dad, how many songs have you actually written?

me : thousands n thousands …(sigh)

so last night i add another to the stack

a short little number under 2 minutes

with a plaintiff slide part in stereo n some crunchy young guitar

mellifluous bass etc

wry sad ironic lyrics yeah you know the score , my sweet pigs

yeah you know how good this is good it will be good better be kill be

oh an old master bay be i be doing this song thingy so long

it is truly my calling my vocation my porpoise my ex- spurt-ease

yes i am good old narcissistic sissy space-ex rockin’ rollin’ on a river bay bee

uh huh oh mymy my how nice you look shimmyin’ to apocrypha

i was born to make this moosic for ya

solo  n behold

itll be there soon

in yer ipod in yer car stereo

and you’ll wonder


wonder how you ever lived without it!!


s k bondi beach in the tree top studio in cloud


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