posted on April 16, 2010 at 12:16 am

sitting backstage in chicago
waiting to go on at 8ish sharp
park west baby
oh yeah nice venue
we drive up from madison
madison turned out nice
nice gig
drive up
stop at starbux
soy latte soy oats soy smoothie
balmy weather
warm weather
we drift along
discussing this n that
fly along the road
hit traffic in chicago go slow
here we are
feeling a bit numb
feeling a bit dumb
feeling like some thing
i sing i play i try to remember the words
i old and tired too
so old and tired too
remember no spring chicken
no dolt in his prime
an old geezer pushing himself on the endless road
in a room with no windows
air conditioning pumps too remorseless
in the darkness where i freeze n dream
shuddering under crispy sheets
and plumpy pillows
i wriggle as i dream of my other lives
suntanned against white sheets
freckled and faded
deep in some night alone
at the presents clocklface
at the very very edge of time
confused reluctant
regrets i hadda few
oh columbus
oh vienna
this means nuffink to me
down by the river
i shot by maybe
i hurtle hopelessly onwards towards my death
everyday i die a little more
everyday i cry a little more
pick up my guitar
n play
just like yessaday
i get on my knees and prey
people assail me with their ideas
shake your hand
hand your shake
i dunno
im a stupid fucking singer
i make up words
i make up musics
i drive around from town to town
on the edge of everytown
i everyman
i more than most in the least
i travel in your mind
alone in your head n you cant get in
ok i gotta stop
i gotta entertain em
i gotta sing
i gotta go

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