posted on August 21, 2006 at 5:59 pm

deep dark dream
nevets come to surface quickly now
rise up through those layers of you
oh dear muse such a sad dream
that it’d all come to the end
i was alone
i ‘d been all these different places
seen the cities ripped backsides
i stood in front of hundredsa people
and i sang and i played
and then we drove
and we drove
and we drove
on crystal clear mornings
n foggy dawns
thru crumbling towers
mountains of stone
vast savannahs
oh those beautiful forests
oh those mysterious bayous
the heat in the south
i loved it
and now its all over
in 2 days i’ll be skippin’ down the street w/ mah doodles
on the way to school
this life
n all its noise n rush n excitement n anxiety
will seem as a dream to me now

oh nevets what a lovely hotel you find yourself in
yes muse
a gorgeous sentient tree stretched its hands towards
my first floor balcony
my room is bright colours
with great artwork upon the wall
cut up collages of masters
ruthlessly superimposed on top of each other
my curtains slide all the way back revealing
an amazing japanese-y garden
a swimming pool with the #s 69 painted on over n over
there are stunning mexican god statues
in mindbending tiny tiles
reptiles n buddhas
a carefully tended oasis
i sit at my desk in my lovely room
my last hotel room/womb for this tour
mimesis 2 the instrumental mixes
fill the air with soft muted melancholia
the nite before last we slept in the club
thanks to ed who let us sleep on his floor
shank hall millwalkee
ha it seems like a dream i had a million years ago
life speeds up
it goes by like blurr
the five week tour
all those miles
the conversations
the pitstops
the huge roadside malls
full of starbux, bugger king, kfcu,waffel house, maccas
the guys drivin winnebagos
where are all the stage techs n bartenders
my time has been sucked into the vortex of past
beware fiendss
time is moving faster these days
you all knew it yer heart of hearts tho, i guess
my dream is over
i can try to clutch at it
but its gone
as if it never happened
now i face a long flight back to australia
where things are easy goin’
thats true
but we dont get audiences like we do in
and thats just a fact
these places ….
they give us back what we need
that final ingredient for transcendence
the audiences willingness
and will
to make it happen
yes i love sydney n melb n brizzy audiences
and im lookin’ forward to or tour there
but the audiences in america
they deeply understand
they connect
they need
and if they get it
their reciprocated joy
enables musicians to take flight
i’m gonna miss that
its only in the states
cos the states invented show biz folks
all the cliches
all the yardsticks
and before ya say anything else
let me just add that 95 per cent of the venues
we played at on this tour were IMPECCABLE!
beautiful theatres
groovy h.o.b.s
i feel fucking priveleged to have played there
at this stage of the game
cos we’re running on sheeer integrity only
and oh i wanna come and play again
cos despite the political stuff
and what say do we poor ordinary people have in that?
cool euro trash?
none of us got much say in the way this poor olde world
is being right royally rogered
this is it
the american people
you know
the ones i met at the gigs
n the people who took the money at the petrol stations
n the strangers who gave me directions when i was lost
n the hotel staff who gave me my magnetic strip kee kards
n the wonderful darling audiences who came n clapped n cheered
i love you
i really do
you fill me with purposes to live
your presence at our shows was magical
i feel honoured to have played before such people as you were
in every city
wonderful committed people
warm hearted modest hard workin’
i met professors, i met heirs, i met carpenters, i met nurses
i met bell man, i met maids, i met people
who didnt seem to know what they were doing
i met people from these comments on here
you know who you are
sorry if i didnae mention ya all
now youve seen me close up
can ya see the real me….canya? canya?
nope you didnt
you saw someone in extraordinary circumstances
that guy wasnt me
im always back home in bondi
on my balcony doing yoga
i can hear evie n aurora talkin n laughin
in their bedroom
nks in the kitchen w/powderfinger or tori amos pumping
baby bumper mobile n dangerous
spring is coming to my adopted home
spring in bondi
oh the cafes
of the night life
oh the romance
oh the blossoming forth of a thousand fragrances n colours
the sea still cold….just how this old beach comber likes it
maybe i made anuff money from this tour
to comb that beach a little
to hang in the sauna n look out over the pacific ocean
to do my laps n see the swimmin’ regs down there everyday
this extreme chapter has almost closed
san francisco last night wassa dream
but i was too tired to knock it over the top
too much jazz!!!!!!!!!!!!
was inundated from the moment i arrived
i wassa smokin spliffs joints reefers pipes with kush
molecular redistributors hurling thc molecules
at yer fucking receptors like nobodies biz
i was tired
i was sad
i was emotional
it was the last show
n i was underwhelmed by myself
just like i guess when the day comes
that we really do our last ever show anywhere
itll be an empty feeling like this
a void
ah good
my olde mate rikki from the bjm rings to says hes comin over
n another friend waldo n his daughter
i gotta day in san fran to maybe buy some pressies
im afraid someones gonna leave before i can say goodbye
robby dicko….what can i say to that guy
what a pleasure
a real gentleman
a classic bona fide olde time film star type
long may you rock olde fruit
and so thats it really isnt it?
you may see me wandrin round san fran today
with presents for silly doodlegirls with wonky teeth
or ya may see me in aveggie restaurant
cryin crocodile tears into mah vegan burrito
or ya may see me smokin the rest of my sf jazz stash
(special thanks to lovely lady with red hair
n altoids tin containing 6 or 7 pre-made numbers
of v. high quality
we did a bit of clowning around at a shriek thing
we walked all the way there thru some bad bits of town
shame on the govts for letting san fran get like that
dirty shabby pissy grotty n nasty
the us aint gotta nuff dough to fix this mess up?
dont make me laugh
n yeah
im naive
i guess im not smart enuff to unnerstand
how a country can let its poor bits get so so so fuckin’ rundown
n if ya dont believe me
then drive into chicago the back way
cos theres concentric rings of poverty
holdin’ up the pretty bits in the middle
i just seen the tip of the iceberg
but as an australian…
and as a human
i was/am shocked at this tragic joke
the needless poverty
the need for socialism
the need to care for the down n outs
people, its no fun having money
when ya trippin’ over the corpses of the destitute
cmon america
take care of yer own
give em some fuckin hope
oh you cold hearted wretches who have wrought this misery
of poverty
i seen stuff thatd make ya weep
how can i sum ya up
i love ya so much
i m scared of ya so much
ya so misunderstood
but youre a fuckin goose too sometimes
get with it
we gotta do the whole thing
we gotta go the whole way
no wars nowhere for no reason
no poverty, we wont stand for it
vegetarianism, no more slaughter of anything
decriiminalise the dope you morons
let school reflect the aspirartions of art n humanity
not sausage machines churning out yes men
switch off the telly you lazy dolt
see the beauty of this amazing n terrible land
pray to god for sweet mercy
hang up that mobile phone…dyer really need it?
give it a shot
its the easiest n the hardest thing
think of me tonite
on that miserable jet flyin back home
to nk n mah other darlins
bye the u.s.
see ya round

sk san francisco 12 17
overcast n cool

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