posted on March 30, 2006 at 11:29 pm

good morning yall
ive already run outta time today
n its only 10 30
i need to go to bed later
get up earlier
and werk way harder
so many things passing across my desk
(as if i have a desk….)
i cant keep up
my email folder is a mass of unread n unanswered emails
for that i apollo jise
im neglectin’ everythin’
im gettin everyone angry w/ me

yesterday i got the very sad n alarming news
that one of my elder daughters
has been diagnosed with a rare condition
and must have a nasty operation
next wednesday
this is of course very fathers worst nitemare
come true
but im a lot more scared than she is
and after talking at length with her last nite
i am so proud of her courage
in the face of adversity
and by her cheerfulness n optimism
i dunno if i coulda accepted this
when i was 15
elekra im so proud of ya
and i love ya so much
sorry to get all misty on ya mah fiendss
this is a huge thing for me
i hope i can face it with the grace n courage
that elektra is showing
watch out peple
nothing is permanent here
not yer health
not yer family
nor youth, money, power
its all precarious n fragile
n ya GOTTA appreciate it
while it lasts
everything else seems a little frivolous now
i guess
i’ll bee back tomorrow

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